2015 – year of state criminals

Cornelia Cozonac
Foto: Mihai Marcuta

The year that ends was difficult; perhaps the most difficult since the Republic of Moldova got its independence.  Three governments have succeeded in just half a year; Parliament was broken in opportunistic alliances based on interests. Corruption scandals were largely made public in press but they were not materialized in criminal cases and punishment.

The theft of the century related to the three banks, from which some people enriched, left the country without money and impoverished two thirds of the population. While some officials increase their property and live in luxury, most of people hardly get some food for children while the old save the money which they get from the state.

Land- the most precious heritage of the country - continues to be divided by mayors. Instead of protecting the public patrimony, they orchestrate all kinds of criminal schemes and get high profit. They feel strong and great, because they have to back parties that currently protect them.

It is almost impossible to do honest business in this country. The few people who decide to invest in Moldova, to start businesses in their native country have to bear the pressure of tax bodies, control and customs, unfair competition and the game of big energy suppliers. The fluctuating rates of the banks that do not care about the rules put an end to their activity. Lack of clear rules on the business market, boundless corruption in state structures can scare even the bravest businessman. Prosperous in the business world are just those who know how to share the unreported income, pay on time fees to parties or bribes from public money.

Officials were appointed based on party criteria this year. Those who have been promoted by the party to public office have not taken into account the responsibility to the citizens or the law. They did what they were asked by the party.

Judges who enriched up from cases which they managed at command or favored people who had money, continued to follow their law in court. The system of random distribution of cases where much money was invested, including from international donors, proved to be inefficient and, like any other system created in recent years, with sufficient gaps to make justice at command.

But Citizens who work and pay taxes to the state from the little money they make, were humiliated. Salary halved due to currency depreciation, purchasing power decreased drastically and they can no longer cope with high prices. Pensions for most of the retirees are not enough to cover basic expenses.  Allowances and social benefits that is the only income source for many citizens is not enough even for half of the minimum consumption, which sets the poverty line.

Criminals at power, who have stolen and pillaged the country and impoverished population, must be punished under the law. Those who have passed laws in the interests of party and oligarchic groups, started cases at command must bear responsibility. Sooner or later, every crime must be punished.

The results of this year are very sad. But every new year brings new hope. The hope that we will have honest and integral people at power and will improve the situation, that we have professionals in law enforcement bodies and justice and will punish those who have enriched from their offices, who stole from the state and the citizens, who judged unfairly and humiliated people.

At the end of this year, I want to be optimistic and believe that the year to come will be the year of big changes for the country, for all of us.

Happy New Year!

Cornelia Cozonac
2015-12-31 00:00:00