Facebook and the money of the corrupt who make the law on social networks

Cornelia Cozonac

The team of the Anticoruptie.md portal of the Center for Investigative Journalism has been blocked on Facebook recently. No one can share anything from the portal. Facebook tells us that our posts have been reported as abusive, we've shared spam and material that allegedly violates "community standards." Now,  we cannot distribute the materials about corruption, stolen public money, issues of judicial integrity, how Shor's supporters are paid at protests or about the war in Ukraine. Facebook gives credence to the cronies and trolls of Dodon, Șor, Platon and others who run the corruption schemes in Moldova.

Moreover, groups of fake profiles attack and harass us on Facebook. These armies of fake profiles and trolls are run by several people, who probably have the same command center and the same financial sources. Among them is a lawyer, who defends one of the subjects in the criminal cases started based on journalistic investigations that were carried out by the team of the Center for  Investigative Journalism, an alleged defender of human rights, financed from very dubious sources, some leading to Platon, others close to Dodon and Şor, another alleged journalist and fighter for justice, but with corruption files, the wife of a prosecutor, also with a criminal file, and so on. We are also not exempt from the attacks of the alleged supporters of PAS, who act as if under orders, but who rather do a disservice to this party and the government leaders.

We have had fake profiles created for us to comment on behalf of our reporters. Though, we persistently report to Facebook,  nothing happens. Two fake profiles are still viral on Facebook while a real profile of a young female reporter from our team was deleted by Facebook.

Complaints to the police are useless, nor those submitted to the Lawyers' Union, but instead the police act quickly on complaints against journalists - three criminal trials have recently been initiated on complaints based on journalistic investigations carried out by our team, and recently a new instrument of pressure on investigative journalists was put into action, we will come up with details soon…

All this consumes our time, resources and nerves every day.

We would get even more results if we channeled these resources into investigating corruption schemes, some of which are still working.

So, someone is trying to keep us busy so that we don't have much time to investigate corruption schemes, to keep us blocked from Facebook, so that our materials do not reach as many readers as possible.

I filed complaints with the police but they keep asking me insistently how the verbal attacks on social networks have affected us.... I tell them like it is, but it's hard for them to understand, if no one hit us with a crowbar in the head or I didn't arrive at the hospital with a headache, a bruised eye or a fracture .... Because that's how our police are, they must have concrete and serious damage, otherwise, they don't see that the journalists who choose to do journalistic investigations into corruption schemes, some more effective than those of prosecutors or the police, are persistently prevented from doing their work.....

The Anticoruptie.md portal, launched in 2012 by the team of journalists of the Center for Investigative Journalism, is the first anti-corruption and investigative platform, with an interactive map where citizens can report cases of corruption, fraud and abuse committed by public officials.

Cornelia Cozonac
2022-09-27 21:24:00