Staircase wit of current MPs

Cornelia Cozonac

Current MPs want to remain MPs. They do not want to think of early elections, though they approach. For most of them, there is no other chance. In the next parliamentary elections, voters will charge the parties which lied and gave themselves out pro-European. As it happened to Iurie Rosca's party.

I do not understand why they dismissed the Government led by Valeriu Strelet, as they realized that it will not be easy to designate a new executive? I realize the fact that the current governors (rather figurants) will try to ascribe all their failures on this economic crisis, will this bring them benefits?  This situation was OK 10 years ago, when Rosca and Voronin reached the consensus that the protests organized by PPCD (Christian Democratic People’s Party) had it both ways. Vladimir Voronin explained in front of his electors that because of the advocates of PPCD, we cannot fulfill the promises of declaring the Russian language the second language of the state. Rosca, on his turn explained in front of his electorate that he cannot promote the lustration law and other promises, because the communists and a part of MPs from the party of Diacov and of Snegur were against. A lustration law was not convenient to anyone at power. We could remain without MPs or governors; I rephrase the statement of a politician. What chances can such a law provide—cleansing the rows of politicians, prosecutors, judges from elements that served secrete soviet services and by succession, to Russian ones. The parties of that time did not pass the electoral threshold in the next parliamentary scrutiny in April 2009. Three months later, in the elections from July 2009, PD returned in the Parliament because the party was headed by Marian Lupu who has just left the PCRM. Currently, such understandings, tricks and rebranding cannot happen anymore. The electorate is wiser, mature, they are disappointed with the last elections.  In the next elections, the voters will be embittered, angry and hopeless and will charge current politicians harshly if they dare to ask their votes.  Voters will hardly be convinced with the new promises. That is why, I believe and I want to hope that current MPs will finally react rationally and will not favor a man who wants to be PM or President, but they will promote a government that will work for this country on a knife edge, for people who do not believe in anything. The poor chance today will disappear tomorrow.

Cornelia Cozonac
2015-11-25 14:39:00