Caravan of political Circus

Elena Moldoveanu

Recent political events in our country seem to be a bad and monstrous dream. I wonder what madness of the last days resembles to, and I thought of the absurd theater of Eugene Ionesco where crazy kings and delusional characters are populating the stage. Then, I thought about a nondescript circus where roles are changing daily, there is no beginning and no end.

They forgot about the country, this is a show!

The leaders have always offered to people grotesque, pompous and frightening plays, to pacify and control people. Our politicians are doing the same during campaigns- meet along the runway where they encourage those on the arena with slogans that look so much like each other ... As people are increasingly dissatisfied, our politicians have decided to offer circus outside the campaign ... no matter which side of the ring you are - left or right ... lying slogans are the same and the characters in the arena do not change. People gather slowly in the stands. They want to see action, movement, lights and blood ... everyone is present ... the show can begin!

Dogs bark, the caravan moves on!

Tired camels open the show by pulling partisan caravans. Occasionally, camels spit in the face ... however caravans do not change their paths. Do those from caravans think of serious problems of the country, unemployment, poverty, the country's security, future? The answer is NO. The caravans move on and the dogs bark ... that’s all!

Matador stabs in the back

Matador enters. We expect the matador to be a handsome character, tall, well-dressed peeping in the stands. But we see a small and uninteresting matador... We wonder how could he defeat the bull representing dissatisfied people? What we know is that the fight is not the correct one ... little matador stabs the bull in the back when he's not careful, so a confrontation that used to be correct and face to face, turned into a sordid and soulless attack. To show his "good intentions", the arena is not enough for the matador and he seizes all TV channels, trying to fool people ...

Hydra bits everything it grabs

The hilarious circus ends with the appearance of a creature with many heads (maybe it's the same matador with face changed to lead the scenario to the end), hydra that eats everything it grabs. A warrior sent in the last moment on the arena is trying to cut off the heads but as he cuts them others more hungry heads appear... Where should it be hit as corrupt politicians to no longer multiply mandates and abomination? What is the use of all these clowning of the so-called “representatives of people"?

Horizon is empty

It was a time when politicians were worth this name. They had ideas, ideals for the future in the service of those who elect them. The politician was a reference, a pillar of opinions. Decreased quality of politicians is directly reflected in the almost total disappearance of democracy, which is compromised by corruption, backstage games scandals. These people lack credibility and skills to govern a country. The so-called democratic process becomes an exercise to manipulate information and institutions for their own account.

The current system must be reviewed in depth. A politician cannot say one thing and do differently endlessly. Choosing a politician should be worth contract between voters and the person concerned. Only then, the interests of the majority can be represented. We are now witnessing exactly the opposite of this basic democratic principle. Opportunistic, incompetent, dishonest, individuals who represent only their own interests and of closed people, are elected. We would like to have competent, honest, selfless and trustworthy politicians at the horizon.

We watch the horizon daily and unfortunately, we see nothing (!) ... except a thick, gray, heavy, mist suffocating our lives.

Elena Moldoveanu
2016-01-15 21:25:00