Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Five other prosecutors, targeted in the controls of the National Integrity Authority

The National Integrity Authority (ANI) acts following the investigations carried out by the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJM). Five other prosecutors were targeted by the institution, as a result of the investigation „Poor" prosecutors with apartments, houses and tens of thousands of euros donated by parents and relatives. ANI writes

Irina Odobescu

Three judges from the Supreme Court of Justice and a lawyer involved in a corruption case. Defender is accused and there is not enough evidence related to magistrates


Statement // Mihail Gofman and Sergiu Sagaidac would have been detained if they had appeared at the hearings. Viorel Morari: "Both of them were summoned as witnesses"


Vlad Filat, sentenced to 9 years in jail


Ilan Shor, detained for 72 hours


Prosecutors ask 19 years of imprisonment for former PM Vlad Filat


"Census 2014" // Prosecutors admit that dozens of persons are involved in the fraud of millions. Former director of the National Bureau of Statistics: "All expenditures were approved legally"


Officer of the National Anticorruption Center who might have asked 100,000 euro as bribe, arrested and tested at polygraph. Viorel Chetraru: "The number of suspects might be bigger"


Inquiry Commission in Parliament // MPs are late to submit the report on schemes with anabolic steroids described on the Corruption Map


Three Former Directors of the Press House, Sentenced to Six Years of Imprisonment for Laundering Millions