Councilor-hunter who illegally opened a boar farm in Ialoveni, liable for contravention
Ferma de mistreţi din satul Ruseştii Noi. Foto: CIJM

Councilor in Ialoveni, who seized state land and opened a boar farm in Rusestii Noi, a case that was revealed by earlier this year, is liable for contravention. Also, the Ecological Inspectorate must file a civil action to the court to recover the damage caused by councilor Victor Gandrabur.

"We performed a control together with employees from the Ecological Inspectorate. The Inspectorate dew up a report on contravention liability. The amount of damage necessary to start criminal proceedings has not been set. We are monitoring the case ", said Ghenadie Parlii, deputy-head  of the Department of financial-economic investigations of the General Prosecutor’s office.

Councilor Victor Gandrabur was held accountable after reporters of the Center for Investigative Journalism in Moldova published earlier this year and investigation about the boar farm in Rusestii Noi, that was opened on a land in acacia forest in the locality. A committee created by the local Council determined that the land was fenced with concrete pillars and metal mesh.  The members of the commission have assumed that it is about three to four hectares as the exact surface was supposed to be determined by a specialist from the Cadaster.  Gandrabur admitted that he owned this farm and said that he was fond of hunting. Also, he said that the plot was fenced based on mayor’s consent. The mayor rejected the accusation.

Shortly after reported about this case, Environment Minister Valeriu Munteanu notified the General Prosecutor’s Office, that started investigations.  He asked the prosecutors to open an investigation and establish all circumstances, especially that “an illegal activity of boars’ growth is carried out” on this territory.

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