Delays in the Constantin Ţuţu files: Two criminal files in the name of the former democratic deputy could be merged into one

Two criminal files in which former democratic deputy Constantin Ţuţu is accused of illicit enrichment and influence peddling could potentially be merged into one. On Monday, Magistrate Petru Păun from the Chisinau District Court, in whose management the file for illicit enrichment is located, gave the go-ahead to the lawyers' request for the merging of the two files.

The next decision regarding the merging of the files will be made by Magistrate Valentina Garabagiu, who is in charge of the influence-peddling file. The court session is scheduled for February 2nd, and the examination of the influence peddling file will start from scratch, after the previous magistrate, Ion Morozan, retired.

The examination of the two criminal files has been ongoing in the Chisinau District Court for two and a half years and is currently at the stage of the preliminary hearing.

The first court hearing in the case of influence peddling was scheduled for June 2, 2020, but it was postponed. Since then, more than 40 meetings have been scheduled, but progress has been slow due to postponements requested by the defense and the defendant, or due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the few meetings in which all parties were able to attend, the court examined issues such as the extension of judicial control over the defendant, the release of agreements regarding his potential departure abroad, and requests for the recusal of the judge.

The second file in which Constantin Ţuţu is accused of illicit enrichment was under the management of Magistrate Petru Păun.

During the first court session on November 16, 2021, the magistrate attempted to transfer the file to Judge Ion Morozan, but the attempt was unsuccessful. The magistrate then scheduled a new hearing for March 3, however, it was canceled due to a state of emergency related to the war in Ukraine.

Additionally, the case in which Constantin Ţuţu is accused of the murder in Codrii Orheiului has been ongoing in the Chisinau Court of Appeal for almost eight years.

The trial began at the Orhei Court in 2013 and in May 2016 Constantin Ţuţu was acquitted. Only Ion Corcodel was convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison, but the execution of the sentence has been postponed.

For the past two and a half years, the court panel, chaired by Alexandru Spoială, has scheduled 22 court hearings, all of which have been postponed.

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