Deputy Director of the National Anti-corruption Center, Cristina Tarna: "Shor might be arrested again if there are new suspicions of corruption"
FOTO: Cristina Ţărnă // CIJM

Mayor of town Orhei Ilan Shor might be arrested again if there is new information about corruption offenses committed by him, whom he hid, said the deputy director of the National Anti-Corruption Center, Cristina Tarna.

“For example, this can happened if someone comes and says that he has committed other corrupt actions and proves them. We must consider that Shor presented evidence on everything he declared so far ", said Tarna within the Winter School for experience exchange in investigative cross-border journalism MUTE @ Corruption, held in Odessa by the Center for  Investigative Journalism in Moldova.

Thus, in corruption case on giving 250 million dollars in bribes, Shor escapes punishment until new evidence appears.  "He was not arrested because he participated in the electoral campaign. Ilan Shor's lawyers found this legal detail - to be released from house arrest, he announced that he would run for mayor of town Orhei. Central Election Commission said that they could not accept the violation of the presumption of innocence and does not prohibit participation in elections. Therefore, the measure of his arrest stopped ", said deputy director of CNA.

However, Shor continues to be investigated on the embezzlement of  Banca de Economii (Bank of Savings). "If he is not in custody, this does not mean that he is not under investigation. Unfortunately, there is the perception that a person is investigated only when he is arrested. These two concepts should not be confused", said Cristina Tarna.

Earlier, in the special parliamentary meeting on the frauds in the banking system, General Prosecutor Corneliu Gurin said that all members of the Board of BEM, including Ilan Shor have the status of accuse,  in the file open for fraudulent management of  Banca de Economii.

"They were presented to the court for pre-trial detention. Initially, the court applied them house arrest, and later changed it to judicial control. The decisions were appealed, but the Court of Appeal upheld them. Meanwhile, his cooperation with the investigation bodies must be considered. For example, some acts which we ask through rogatory commission and we wait for half an year, we got them with the help of Shor.  But that does not mean that he is exempted from liability. He has the status of the accused and he must be held accountable ", said Gurin in the legislative forum.

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