Doc// A new scandal has emerged involving the former director of the "Dinamo" sports club. How much money he must return to the state.

Viorica Mija
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The former director of the Central Sports Club "Dinamo," Arcadie Bostan, has been found guilty of abuse of office by the Court of Appeal. He has been ordered to return 75,000 lei to the state, which was received by the person he illegally hired without showing up for work. has revealed that the state is also attempting to recover over one hectare of land on the Dinamo basin territory, which, due to a lease agreement signed by the ex-administrator of the club, could end up in the hands of a company for an unlimited period. Several control institutions have warned of the potential risk of alienation of public property, which could cause damage of 58 million lei to the state treasury. The disputed land could suffer the same fate as other land properties that, through the application of dubious schemes, have fallen into the hands of economic agents who either use them at a low rental price or privatize them to develop lucrative real estate projects.

The appeal declared by Arcadie Bostan's lawyer has been rejected by the Chisinau Court of Appeal, thus upholding the decision of the first court that found him guilty of abuse of office. He was accused of fictitiously hiring a person in her husband's interest.

In court, the case prosecutor declared, "Bostan Arcadie, pursuing the interest of the third party Braghiș Dumitru, to increase his salary income, organized the fictitious employment of cit. Braghiș Iulia by giving verbal instructions to the head of the human resources and legal assistance section of the Central Sports Club "Dinamo" of the MAI, Donciu Rodica, to prepare the necessary formalities for the employment of cit. Braghiș Iulia in the position of inspector of the press and public relations service."

For June 2018, August 2018 to June 2019, and August 2019 to December 2019, the so-called employee was entered on the time sheets without showing up for work. The case materials indicate that this scheme was used as a method to arrange a salary increase for her husband.

Arcadie Bostan, through his defense attorney, stated that he does not recognize his guilt. However, after examining the evidence in the file, the Appeals Court decided to uphold the decision of the Chisinau Court, Buiucani headquarters, which imposed a fine of 75,000 lei on Arcadie Bostan and deprived him of the right to hold public positions with special status within the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its subordinate bodies for five years.

The decision is likely to be enforced from the moment of its adoption, but it can be appealed to the Supreme Court of Justices.

Viorica Mija

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