DOC // Igor Dodon risks a new case. Over one million lei are undeclared

Viorica Mija
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The ex-president of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, risks a new case after the National Integrity Authority (ANI) detected non-conformities in the income taxe declaration  for three years. He would have violated the legal regime of the asset and interest declaration, a conclusion contained in the statement of findings issued on Friday by ANI. The authority began to investigate Igor Dodon in mid-2020, following journalistic investigations, and several official reports received from deputies from the previous legislature.

According to the integrity inspectors, Dodon allegedly hid an impressive income in 2017, 2018 and 2019, which led to the creation of substantial and unjustified differences, in the amount of 1,175,457.16 lei, between the acquired wealth and the income obtained.

According to the procedures, the statement of findings is submitted to the court, as well as the  request for collecting of the value of the unjustified property for the benefit of the state  .

The former head of ANI, Rodica Antoci, admitted, in an interview for, that in the case of Igor Dodon, it would have taken courage to start checks, as in the case of other dignitaries with important positions in the previous government. She also said that in the case of the former president, other institutions should also start checkings, since he was in public office for more than ten years.

Igor Dodon is accused on two counts of passive corruption, the episode in the video recording in which he receives the bag of money (kulyok) from oligarch Plahotniuc in order to make an alliance with the PDM, as well as the accusation of illicit financing of the Socialist Party.

The part of the file related to the accusations of illicit enrichment and treason remained in the management of the prosecutors.

The former president was detained on May 24 and is currently being investigated under judicial control.

The team of the Center for Investigative Journalism uncovered in journalistic investigations several corruption schemes in which Igor Dodon was involved while he held public positions. In 2008, investigative journalists showed that Igor Dodon, who then held the position of Minister of Economy, would have had interests in promoting a shell company in the procurement of electricity, a scheme that caused the state enormous damage. It was only in 2021 that two experts researched the data from the 2008 investigation and filed a complaint against Igor Dodon to the prosecutor's office. According to the prosecutors, Zinaida Grecianii, who  was head of the Cabinet of Ministers at that time, and  Vladimir Plahotniuc, who later became the leader of the PDM and vice-president of the Parliament, were also involved in the scheme with the intermediaries in the procurement of electricity.

Viorica Mija

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