DOC// Mihail Gofman, former deputy head of the NAС, wants to return to the system

Viorica Mija

Mihail Gofman, the former deputy head of the Service for preventing and combating money laundering at the National Anticorruption Center,  is known for the scandalous revelations surrounding the Laundromat files and the theft of the billion from the banking system.  He is fighting in court to cancel the order by which he was dismissed from office. However, the first court found that the claims submitted are not well-founded.

The administrative litigation action was submitted by Mihail Gofman against the Service for the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering.  It regards  the obligation to cancel several acts, including the decision of the disciplinary board of the NAC and the Order of the NAC regarding his release from office.

The action was declared unfounded by the magistrates of the Chisinau Court, Rîșcani office, on December 12. The decision can be challenged with an appeal to the Chisinau Court of Appeal within 30 days from the date of the pronouncement of the operative part of the decision.

Mihail Gofman entered the media spotlight, being called one of the richest employees of NAC. Before his dismission, his wealth was the subject of internal and media investigations. Gofman was released from his job on April 16, 2014, by the director of the NAC at the time, Viorel Chetrari, after which he made several revelations in the press.

In August 2016, in an interview given exclusively to the portal, Mihail Gofman, former deputy head of the Money Laundering Prevention and Combating Service within the National Anticorruption Center, revealed what was happening with the criminal investigation in the USA in the case theft from the Moldovan banking system. The former NAC employee mentioned which forces outside the Republic of Moldova would have been involved in this robbery. He also pointed out what connection exists between the Russian companies that received the concession of the Chisinau International Airport and the theft from the Moldovan banking system, and what would be the real reasons for which are accused former heads of the National Bank of Moldova.

Mihail Gofman's revelations were verified by the reporters of the Center for Investigative Journalism. The investigations revealed the role of Serghei Iaralov, the man in the shadow of Vlad Plahotniuc and the Moldovan politics, in the devastation of the banking system of the Republic of Moldova.

Viorica Mija

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