Four persons close to Vlad Plahotniuc have second identity, statement

Moldovan deputy of the DA Platform group of the ACUM Bloc, Kiril Moțpan, ex-chairman of the parliamentary commission on national security, defense and public order, said he came into possession of documents showing that at least four persons close to the former leader of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plahotniuc have a double identity. He stated he has information about the name Haikin that was given to Sergey Yaralov and that became known from an order made by an anticorruption prosecutor that was published on portal, IPN reports.

“I also learned some other facts. There are at least four persons who obtained the second identity. There is also a person who changed only the patronymic. As long as the law does not allow me to publish these data, I cannot do it, but I can say that there are persons close to Plahotniuc who obtained the second identity in an unclear way,” stated Kiril Moțpan.

Earlier, there was mentioned the name Alexandru Reznic that was given to a person from the circle of Vladimir Plahotniuc, to which President Igor Dodon probably referred after the meeting of the Supreme Security Council at the start of last December, when he said that this is not a public figure and a party member.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office earlier announced that it took legal action over the illegalities committed by employees of the Public Services Agency, who issued documents with new identities to persons close to Plahotniuc. The Public Services Agency was then managed by Sergey Răilean, who was reportedly a relative of the current Democratic leader Pavel Filip.

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