Vlad Filat face to face with Ilan Shor in the court. Former prime minister: "Shor lied"

Foto: unimedia.info, CIJM, colaj: CIJM

Mayor of Orhei Ilan Shor came on Wednesday, March 2 to Buiucani Court  to testify in the case of former liberal-democratic Prime Minister Vlad Filat. The controversial businessman did not make press statements as he promised at the beginning of the hearing. "Today, we do not make press statements", he said. Asked by journalists what Ilan Shor said at the trial, Filat said: "Lies, lies indeed".

UPDATE 17.40 Vlad Filat is still under remand in the Penitentiary No.13 in spite of the fact that 5 MPs of the Liberal-Democratic Party on March 2 submitted a requisition asking that former PM Vlad Filat should be released from remand detention under house arrest under their guarantee. The MPs were invited by judges to provide their relevant guarantees.  

Vadim Pistrinciuc explained that the requisition is only now, which is the tactics of defense. "Vlad Filat is not condemned; he has the right to spend time with his family. We used our legal rights. We ground this request by the fact that Filat does not pose a public danger and he cannot influence the investigation. We consider that the excessive guarding and other things form part of a process of exerting psychological pressure rather than of a legal process to discover the truth, including the fact that the trial is not public, as it was requested ", said the liberal-democrat Vadim Pistrinciuc.

Today, the former prime minister's lawyer requested the recusal of the prosecutor Adriana Betisor, who is responsible for this case, but the magistrates rejected Igor Popa’s statement.

Vlad Filat was detained on October15, 2015, following Ilan Shor’s self-denunciation. The businessman said that the circumstances relating to the company Le Bridge scandal forced him to ask Vlad Filat for help. He gave $ 500,000 bribe to end excessive checks, but also to win the trial. Shor said that Filat proposed him to redeem loans of BEM (Moldova Savings Bank) in the amount of a billion lei to resolve issues with customs and filling stations. The former prime minister has not honored his promise and he would not have returned the money to the businessman. In addition, Shor said in his denunciation that namely Vlad Filat forced him to take loans from BEM and subsequently transfer them on the accounts of some offshore companies, close to the leader of LDPM (Liberal-Democratic Party in Moldova).


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