Maia Sandu: „Plahotniuc plays as he knows, dirty tricks. By pretending to support me, he hopes to scare my electorate”. Democrats’ reaction
Maia Sandu. Foto: CIJM

Vlad Plahotniuc aims to scare the electorate of the joint candidate of PAS, PLDM and PPDA, by withdrawing the Democrats’ candidate Marian Lupu from presidential elections. Thus, he aims to strengthen chances of Igor Dodon, chairman of PSRM.  This statement was made by Maia Sandu in a press conference, shortly after Marian Lupu and Plahotniuc said that they supported her in presidential elections in order to "strengthen the balance on the political stage."

"Plahotniuc plays as he knows, dirty tricks, but I do not need his support. I respect the law and the law clearly says that Plahotniuc and thieves like him must be imprisoned. Abuse of power, misinforming people using his media, Plahotniuc should stay behind bars. His objective is not my victory, but consolidation of his power. For this, he needs a president out of sight out of mind like Igor Dodon. While he pretends   to back me, he hopes to scare my electorate, "said Maia Sandu

Press conference. Video source

Shortly, PD issued a press release and pointed that Maia Sandu misrepresented  the Democrats’ decision. "We believe it is an emotive and inappropriate reaction that sends an aggressive message to the PD electorate. We hope that our electorate will treat it appropriately and will vote on Sunday in favor of European path of Moldova”, reads the press release.

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