Veaceslav Platon, about the US investigation over the theft from BEM, Vlad Plahotniuc’s role in banking frauds and Mihail Gofman’s disclosures

Mariana Rață
2016-07-25 15:02:00
Veaceslav Platon. Foto:

In an interview for the portal, businessman Veaceslav Platon commented on accusations filed by prosecutors on Monday, July 25, on his involvement in the theft from Banca de Economii (BEM). Platon explains on law institutions’ investigation against him, his involvement in the situation at BEM, Serghei Iaralov’s role and fears of Vladimir Plahotniuc. Viorel Morari, head of Anti-corruption prosecution announced today that a criminal case was started in your name. You are charged with involvement in „the theft of billion”.  What is your opinion?

Veaceslav Platon: I cannot accuse prosecutor Viorel Morari for his allegations, because he is Vlad Plahotniuc’s tool.

Also, it is known that you bought shares from Banca de Economii several years ago.

It is true, I and my partners purchased shares from BEM. I bought these shares from Vlad Plahotniuc, including the shares which he seized from Topa (Victor and Viorel Topa ), and then I sold them  to Shor in 2013. I sold these shares, because I and my partners were pressed, the government and the law bodies put pressures on us. We were forced to sell them.

Viorel Morari  says that companies close to you contracted bad credits amounted at 800 million lei from BEM. Is it true?  

Never, either my companies or I did not take any credit from BEM.

How do you comment over the statements of the head of the Anti-corruption Prosecution that there are interconnections between you and the theft from the banking system, the so-called “Russian laundery”?

I do not know anything about this connection. If Mr. Morari knows something, it is OK. I know very well that I am not involved in the theft of billion and if Morari charges me,  he is pressed by someone to do it.

Everyone knows that Plahotniuc is behind the theft of the billion. I was ready to give depositions over this case to external law enforcement bodies. I own data about how and why the theft happened. I wanted to officially declare this information to investigative bodies from other countries and I will do it. Prosecutors’ actions now aim to prevent and impede my testimony. Do you see how quick the prosecutors were?  Nobody invited me to Prosecutor’s Office; nobody summoned me or phoned me.  They got a court order that bans me to go abroad and speak to European prosecutors and investigative bodies.

Do you mean US investigative bodies? Is it true that a criminal case into the theft of the billion in the Moldovan banking system was started in the US?

Including US investigative bodies.  You should know that both investigative bodies from US and from a range of European states are concerned with the personality of Mr. Plahotniuc. To my knowledge, yes there is a US investigation into the theft of the billion in Moldovan banking system.

Do you know anything about Serghei Iaralov’s involvement in the theft of the billion?

I know that Iaralov directly participated in it. He did not invent anything; he is not the "brain" of the robbery. He works for Plahotniuc, he is his manager and does whatever he is told .Currently, Iaralov is in Moldova.

You said that you own some documents about the theft in the banking system. Do these documents prove Plahotniuc’s involvement in the theft?

There is so much indirect evidence. People who did all sorts of things in his name, state officials, such as former leadership of the National Bank, the heads of some state enterprises were forced to transfer deposits to BEM two weeks before the bankruptcy of the bank. All these show directly or indirectly on Plahotniuc’s involvement. Now his attempt to blame some people is a show, understandable to anyone who has rational thinking.  Plahotniuc’s most important concern at present is to find a loyal person to him for the seat of president of the country and be at power for 2 years.  That’s all.

Do you know Mihail Gofman? Some people say that he acts on your behalf.

All persecutions against me are  caused by this conviction of theirs that I am behind Gofman’s disclosures,  that I direct these revelations.

Do you have any connections with these disclosures?

I will organize a press conference soon and I will explain everything. Of course, the conference will not take place in the Republic of Moldova.

Hot autumn is expected in Chisinau…

I do not know what will happen in autumn, but I can tell you that in any country in the world, even in African countries, people would not allow to be ruled by such a dictator, a so immoral man. People should not expect autumn to remove such a government.

Is your family pressed?

Of course. My son is in the Republic of Moldova. Vlad Plahotniuc always said that he had a moral principle, not to settle accounts with family members. Yet, he respects this principle. We will see further actions.

Thank you!


Mariana Rață
2016-07-25 15:02:00