„It is information of public interest”// Moldova Changes Law to End Secrecy Surrounding Offshores

Moldova’s pro-EU government amended the law on company ownership to end offshore secrecy and enforce maximum transparency about companies operating in or from Moldova.  By amending the Law on State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, the authorities announced that beneficial owners of all companies with founders in non-transparent

Irina Odobescu

Impact of an investigation by the Center of Investigative Journalism in Moldova: Integrity inspectors to decide on the control into the property of the councilor from Hancesti


ANI acts following a CIJM investigation which screens the property of all prosecutors 


Electoral promises: Liquidation of NAC, jail terms for corruption and outlawing of Shor Party


Impact of an investigation of the Center of Investigative Journalism: The property of two anti-corruption prosecutors in check by ANI


Study in Gagauzia: Reducing gender-based violence depends directly on women


COVID-19 // Over 100,000 vaccine doses donated by Romania delivered to Moldova


€10m donation from Germany to be distributed to hospitals


Impact of an investigation by the Center for Investigative Journalism: ANI takes note of the case of judges


Impact of an investigation by CIJM: ANI issued findings against two prosecutors of PCCOCS