EU approves €5 million in support of police sector reform

The European Commission has approved the disbursement of €5 million in budget support assistance to help the delivery of reforms in the police sector in the Republic of Moldova. The disbursement follows progress made in key reform areas in the law enforcement sector, including positive developments in safeguarding human rights,

Crina Dumitriu

The Ambassador donated $93,000 of personal protective equipment to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Justice


Six private companies were awarded by UNDP and National Anticorruption Centre for implementing business integrity standards


Media organizations and journalistic associations of Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Sweden express solidarity with colleagues from Belarus


UNDP and U.S. have donated equipment for a total value over US$73,000 to train the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


Moldova’s new draft Electoral Code diminishes democratic standards


Cristina Tarna claims that the authorities attempted to break in her e-mail after having made a statement about the General Prosecutor


World Bank Support Will Help Moldova Better Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic


The NGO media make call to authorities to provide complete and timely information on the epidemiological situation in the country


ANI will check the property of several prosecutors, targeted in an investigation by the Center of Investigative Journalism