Following the CIJM investigation//Clones of no longer accessible

The clones of, which were created after the closure of the original portal by the Information and Security Service (SIS), can no longer be accessed from within the Republic of Moldova. The decision was made after the Center for Investigative Journalism from Moldova (CIJM) uncovered the fact that, shortly after

Three Moldovan citizens - a woman and two minor children - died in the earthquake in Turkey


The European Union is intensifying its fight against Russian and Chinese disinformation and propaganda.


DOC// Financial irregularities, detected at a town hall that figured in a CIJM investigation


Natalia Gavrilița visits agro-industrial complex owned by director targeted in CIJM investigation on non-performing loans.


EU-Moldova: Commission proposes to increase Macro-financial Assistance for Moldova by up to €145 million


Why did the case filed against former Prime Minister Filat for money laundering get stuck in court. One witness has died and another refuses to come


A database of women experts in various fields was launched to facilitate the presence of women in mass media


Two websites blocked for promoting hateful and war-mongering content


Invitation to a new meeting of the Club of Investigative Journalists // We discuss gender balance in the mass-media