DOC // Moldovan politician Valentina Buliga, the organizer of a violent protests movement in Germany? Former MP: "Someone’s bad deed"

Democrat MP Valentina Buliga is listed in the Impressum / Imprint register in Germany as a leader of a protests movement, "Ende Gelände" / "Enough, Stop it!" that is violently protesting against the coal extraction industry. The website of the organization Ende Gelande presents the politician Valentina Buliga, with

Ilie Gulca, Mădălin Necșuțu

Video // Criminal prosecution against magistrates, from law compliance to abuse. Viorel Morari: „If a judge does not trust own colleagues, what about a common citizen?”


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Vladimir Botnari, former chief policeman of Chisinau orders prosecution of a journalist from the Center for Investigative Journalism


The Position of the Media NGO-s Towards the Verbal Aggression against the Journalists by Certain Representatives of Political Parties


Prosecutors start criminal proceedings against Oleg Melniciuc, following a notification posted by Ion Diacov on Corruption Map and an investigation carried out by CIJM