"The US Embassy is proud to support the Republic of Moldova’s European path. //  Addres by  the US Ambassador to Chişinău, participant of the "European Moldova" Assembly

US Ambassador Kent D. Logsdon participated in the National Assembly "European Moldova", held on Sunday in Chisinau. “The U.S. Embassy is proud to support the Republic of Moldova’s European path. Ambassador Logsdon joined today’s gathering in Chisinau to demonstrate our commitment to work with Moldova to build a democratic, prosperous,

Cornelia Cozonac

Strong protest expressed to Moscow // The Foreign Minister of Moldova instructed the urgent summoning of the Russian ambassador to Chisinau


The Republic of Moldova, left in the dark, following the attacks launched by the Russians on the energy system in Ukraine


The Minister of the Interior, Ana Revenco, was attacked again by hackers. After Telegram, her Facebook account was also hacked


WikiLeaks from Moldova: The Telegram channel of Dumitru Alaiba was also hacked


"Periods of instability favor corruption" // What findings does the Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee, created by Maia Sandu, make in its first report


Sweden and UNDP support women from Moldova to launch climate-resilient businesses


The Republic of Moldova raises the level of alert at the border with Ukraine // Ministry of the Interior: "Moldova is exposed to the danger of missile strikes"


The author of the federalization plan for Moldova, congratulated by Igor Dodon: "He made a huge contribution to the development of the Moldovan-Russian partnership "


A Russian missile fell on the territory of the Republic of Moldova