"The US Embassy is proud to support the Republic of Moldova’s European path. //  Addres by  the US Ambassador to Chişinău, participant of the "European Moldova" Assembly

US Ambassador Kent D. Logsdon participated in the National Assembly "European Moldova", held on Sunday in Chisinau. “The U.S. Embassy is proud to support the Republic of Moldova’s European path. Ambassador Logsdon joined today’s gathering in Chisinau to demonstrate our commitment to work with Moldova to build a democratic, prosperous,

Cornelia Cozonac

SIS completes list of blocked websites


CIJM investigation: Petrov-Minnikhanov-Putin: the triad of Russian propaganda in Gagauzia


In the Republic of Moldova, a specialized structure will be created to combat propaganda and disinformation, following the model of several European Union countries


BREAKING NEWS // Maia Sandu: "I am waiting for you at the "Moldova European" National Assembly. Everyone's voice will cement our European path"


Tensions flare at CSJ as six Pre-vetting rejected judges face scrutiny in a single day


Following the CIJM investigation//Clones of Sputnik.md no longer accessible


The European institutions have clearly expressed their support for increasing the European aid offered to the Republic of Moldova.


Undercover police uncover Moscow-coordinated protests scheme in Chisinau


Russian affiliated with Wagner group denied entry at Moldova border