A suspect in the theft case of BEM, owner of radio and television station "Vocea Basarabiei"

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Igor Cijov, manager of the company "Caravita" which belongs to Vladimir Rusu, nephew of the former Liberal-Democrat PM Vlad Filat is the official owner of the radio and TV station "Vocea Basarabiei". This information results from the Declaration on the transparency of ownership filed at the Broadcasting Coordinating Council. Igor Cijov is arrested and he is charged in fraud cases at BEM.

Igor Cijov owns the entire quota at the enterprise "Channel X" SRL, the company that officially took over the license of the radio station "Vocea Basarabiei ". Officially, the station (licensee – SRL "EMICO") was assigned based on a decision of BCC dated February 10, 2014 to the company "Canal-X". The transfer took place based on an application by the administrator of the station Veaceslav Tibuleac, accompanied by document of the General Assembly of "EMICO" SRL, confirmed by the signatures of four associates with 75% of stock". On January 7, 2015 "Canal X" SRL launches the TV channel "Vocea Basarabiei".

Former MP and president of the Union of Journalists in Moldova Valeriu Saharneanu, who founded the radio station "Vocea Basarabiei ", accused repeatedly Vlad Filat of taking up the station through a raider attack. Saharneanu says that his name is missing from the list of signatories and that this document is a fake because the General Assembly did not take place. "Shareholders were ignored or deceived and the signatures under his document, apart from the dishonest manager V. Tibuleac, are counterfeited by the manager. This, except the undersigned, is confirmed by at least two shareholders with a share of 27.5% and 10% respectively", wrote Valeriu Saharneanu on his blog.

Furthermore, he said that he filed two complaints to the General Prosecutor’s Office (the first on 31 March, 2015 and the second on 20 May, 2015) and another complaint (on 9 June, 2015) to the National Anti-Corruption Center. Both the General Prosecutor and the CNA considered groundless the complaints of Saharneanu.

The radio station "Vocea Basarabiei " appeared in Nisporeni in 2000 and was founded based on a program of developing local radio stations initiated by the Soros Moldova Foundation, that provided equipment for studio and with the support of the Foundation Iosif Constantin Dragan in Milan, that provided broadcasting equipment.

Igor Cijov is investigated in custody on the case of money laundering at "Caravita". Ion Rusu, brother in law and god son of the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat was sentenced to 5 years in prison, after signing an agreement with prosecutors to plead guilty on this case.

The new amendments to the Broadcasting Code obliges private radio and TV stations to publicize the name of the owner / owner-beneficiary,  data on one’s stock of social capital,and other public information. Statements were supposed to be submitted by November 10. As many broadcasters have submitted incomplete files or did not send any file, BCC extended this term. 

The statements made so far show that the owner of most radio and TV stations in Moldova is the democrat MP Vlad Plahotniuc. He manages Publika TV, Prime TV, Canal 2 and Canal 3, Publika FM, Muz FM and Maestro FM. He is followed by Liberal-Democrat Chiril Lucinschi, with two TV channels: TV 7 and Bravo TV.


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