From Lucinschi to Dodon? A socialist MP wants license to retransmit Russian NTV

Anastasia Nani
Dacă CCA va satisface cererea Exclusiv Media, buletinele de știri difuzate de NTV din Rusia ar putea să revină pe micile ecrane din Republica Moldova. Foto:

Socialist MPs consolidate their media group which they would control. The company Exclusiv Media, whose official founder is MP of PSRM Corneliu Furculita requested from the Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC) a broadcasting license for NTV Moldova that will air NTV programs from Russia, a channel close to Kremlin, retransmitted currently on the territory of Moldova by TV 7, a channel that belongs to the Liberal-Democrat MP Chiril Lucinschi. The TV channel from Moscow gave retransmission rights to the company of Corneliu Furculita based on agreement. On Thursday, December 3, BCC rejected the project but the authors have promised to file a better concept.

The authors of the project aim to make a generalist TV channel.  Unlike policies promoted by PSRM and by NTV in Russia, it will focus on European values.

"NTV Moldova is a generalist TV channel, which promotes European values, ensures the observation of fundamental human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of expression of the media, freedom of the public to be informed and political-social pluralism",  runs the project.

The authors argue that "the broadcast will consist of local programs,  purchased  TV programs and an insignificant volume of retransmission of  programs from the Telecompania NTV in the Russian Federation", which is known to be close to Kremlin.

"The main concept of the TV channel is achieving general goals: to contribute directly to public education and to understanding of social and political processes in the country and abroad", the authors write in the draft submitted to the BCC.

They want to launch several programs of analysis, one of them with the name "Politics Live". "Mr. Dodon, I was surprised to learn that you want to steal the name of my show and place it on the same timeslot. It's shameful. Even more shameful is that you pretend that you have no connection with this TV channel. Were you not the one boasting to everyone that you signed the agreement with NTV? “wrote on Facebook journalist Natalia Morari,  producer of the show "Politics” aired by TV7.

"I noticed that a dozen of propagandists of the right try to insinuate that I would be a media magnate. My dear, calm down, nobody is going to compete with the real media magnates of PDM and PLDM. I am not owner or sponsor of any of media projects that appear or will appear on the Moldovan market. But I will always encourage the appearance of new media sources, unlike some blue of green media magnates that block directly the media development in the Republic of Moldova ", commented PSRM leader Igor Dodon on Facebook, while he was in Moscow.

BCC rejected the draft with five of nine votes. The four members who approved it are Dinu Ciocan, Dragos Vicol, Artur Cozma and Olga Barbalata. "I see that the broadcasting rights of NTV were taken from TV7 and were transferred to Mr. Furculita. Whatever the decision we take, we will be criticized either by the right or left. We have a problem and it is more complicated than it seems at first sight ", said Nicolae Damaschin in the meeting of the Council.

So far, NTV’s programs were re- transmitted by TV 7 owned by the Liberal-Democrat MP Chiril Lucinschi. TV 7 does not retransmit newscasts of NTV since 1 May 2015. According to the draft submitted by the Socialists, these programs were to reappear in Moldova.

The only founder of Exclusiv Media SRL is MP of PSRM Corneliu Furculita. This company also publishes Russian-language newspaper "Argumenty i Fakti". The Center for Investigative Journalism revealed in a report carried out in partnership with Ziarul de Garda that a year ago, the only founder of the company was Veaceslav Anghel, born in village Sadova, Calarasi, home town of the leader of PSRM.

Both, Galina, Igor Dodon’s wife and Ludmila, Corneliu Furculita’s wife work for Exclusiv Media SRL. Ludmila donated a sum of over 165 thousands lei to PSRM in the parliamentary elections held one year ago. It is curious the fact that though one year ago the company was registered on the name of  Veaceslav Agache,  the company had its headquarters in an apartment of the couple Furculita on str. Asachi in Chisinau.

Now, the company has its headquarters in Chisinau on Str. Ion Neculce.

Anastasia Nani

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