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Mariana Colun
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The self-denouncement of Ilan Shor made public by press, covers details about exorbitant bribes given to the Liberal Democrat Vlad Filat. Shor is accused of fraudulent management of the Savings Bank (Banca de Economii), Unibank and Social Bank (Banca Sociala) that under some estimates, ended in a loss of a billion of Euros. Also, the statement on property for the past 2 years filled by Shor during the electoral campaign for the office of mayor in Orhei reports that he has almost empty accounts and pockets.

According to the statement of income and property for 2013-2014, Ilan Shor raised a salary of 255,000 lei, about 10,000 lei per month. The businessman also declared two apartments with a total area of ​​almost 400 square meters, a house of 200 square meters, a plot of land and a construction of 48.6 square meters.

As for movable property, Shor declared four cars - a Bentley Continental, Gaz 2410, a Toyota Runner and a Chrysler 300 S. The mayor of Orhei has only 3 bank accounts on his name with a sum of 384.00 thousands lei and over 700 dollars. His wife Sara, known by her stage name Jasmin, has over 91,000 euro in bank accounts.

In the electoral run for the office of Mayor of Orhei, Ilan Show was financed by Dufremol SRL that has a company behind founded and managed by Ilona Shor, his stepmother. The company donated over one and a half million lei to the budget of the party Ravnopravie, for candidate Shor. In financial reports, Ilan Shor is a director of this company. Also, he got over one million lei from 23 employees at Dufremol SRL.

Other properties were not included in the income statement. The portal MoldStreet said that Ilan Shor is owner of the football team Milsami Orhei, of the hotel Klassik and of the company Moldklassika International. In addition, Shor owns a number of buildings and businesses in Russia and Kyrgyzstan. He inherited a part of the property from his father, Miron Shor.

In the self-denunciation signed in front of prosecutors, Ilan Shor points to details about sums of hundreds of millions of dollars which he paid through different methods to Vlad Filat. The mayor of Orhei said that conditions related to the scandal with the company Le Bridge forced him to ask for help to Filat and he paid a bribe of 500.000 dollars to end excessive checks and win the trial. Subsequently, Vlad Filat had allegedly asked for a bribe of one million dollars to allow duty-free trade with oil in the customs area of ​​the Republic of Moldova. Initially, he paid half a million, and the liberal democratic leader was supposed to get the rest of the money after he completes his promise. Shor has shown in his self-denunciation that Filat proposed to redeem credits from Savings Bank amounting one billion lei to solve the problems at the customs and filling stations. The former Prime Minister has not honored the promise, he did not return the money to the businessman. Mayor of Orhei said that he gave to Vlad Filat a sum of 20 million lei last on October 10, 2015 "for the needs of the party" at the headquarters of the LDPM on str. Bucharest in the capital. 

Financial experts claim that there are no businessmen in Moldova able to pay bribes worth 250 million dollars. In a comment posted on his blog, Gheorghe Constandache points that Shor has never dreamt to have such money.

“Based on all information, the capital inherited by him in 2009 totaled about 42 million dollars. According to accurate calculations, one needs to own a business of at least 4-4.5 billion dollars in Moldova to give a bribe of 250 million dollars. This business can be redeemed in at least 12-15 years. Moldova does not have such businessmen and will not have in the next 150 years ", said the expert.

In a survey carried out by the Center for Investigative Journalism in 2011, reporters showed that the properties of the Trade Unions were sold for nothing to the companies of Shor, which he pledged and took loans by 3-10 times higher than their value. Loans were taken from Savings Bank and Social Bank. 

Mariana Colun

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