In 2020, ANI Initiated Over 240 Contravention Cases and Applied Fines in the Total Amount of Approximately Half a Million Lei
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In 2020, the Integrity Inspectorate of the National Integrity Authority (ANI) started 241 contravention cases. Based on these cases, 199 minutes were drawn up regarding the contravention, as a result of which sanctions were applied in a total amount of over 456 thousand lei.

Most lawsuits were filed for violation of the rules of the declaration of wealth and personal interests. Thus, integrity inspectors investigated 210 violations of these rules. As a result of these initiated infringement cases, 199 reports on contravention were drawn up. Integrity inspectors imposed fines for 9 deputies, 8 judges, 25 prosecutors, 2 district presidents, 20 mayors, 8 officials with special status within the MIA, etc.