International reaction to the detention of Greek journalists at Chisinau International Airport // OSCE calls on Moldovan authorities to facilitate travel of foreign journalists from one country to another

OSCE Mission to the Republic of Moldova denounces the practices of the Moldovan authorities to ban foreign journalists from entering the Republic of Moldova. The OSCE reaction comes after on Wednesday, March 13, two Greek investigative journalists from the Greek Hotdoc portal were detained and questioned at the Chisinau International Airport by the Border Police. As a result, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Harlev Desir, called the Moldovan authorities to facilitate travels of journalists from one OSCE member country to another.

In a post on the Twitter social network, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Harlev Desir commented on the incident in Chisinau as follows: "After two Greek journalists were banned from entering Moldova on March 13, we again called on Moldovan authorities to facilitate the travels of foreign journalists from one OSCE member country to another".

We remind that the investigative journalists from Greece Aggelos Provolisianos and Triantis Vangelis, were detained on Wednesday evening by Border Police at Chisinau International Airport. They were interrogated and then the police announced to the journalists that they were not allowed to enter our country because they did not have accreditation to carry out journalistic activities. They were released only after the intervention of the Ambassador of Greece to Moldova with headquarters in Kiev.

The journalists said that during the passport check at the airport they were asked about the purpose of their arrival in the Republic of Moldova. “We replied that we are journalists and we came with a professional purpose. We were told that we did not have permission to enter the Republic of Moldova, that we need accreditation for carrying out journalistic activities. Then, we were invited to the office where we were detained for 30-40 minutes”, journalists told for

It was not until they contacted the Honorary Consul of the Consulate of Greece in Chisinau Gheorghe Duca, but also after they informed the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the incident, that Greek journalists were allowed to enter Moldova. Representatives of the Border Police at Chisinau Airport told that this was a routine check, during which the citizens of Greece were asked to answer a few questions.

Greek journalists participated on Thursday, March 15 in the Club of Investigative Journalists. They discussed about the impact of a journalistic investigation that revealed an international network of child abusers, an investigation conducted by journalists from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Greece.