President’s adviser Vlad Turcanu, resigns

Presidential adviser Vlad Turcanu informed that he resigned after he had misinformed the public opinion on 20 January. He said live for many TV channels that the ceremony of swearing in office of the Government Filip will be postponed.

"The president is informed of everything going on, and a decision on the completion of the exercise of swearing in office of the Government will be announced tomorrow (Thursday, January 21). The President will follow the provisions of the law and the Constitution and will respect legal procedures", said Vlad Turcanu for Jurnal TV by telephone.

However, the event was held on Wednesday, January 20, at about 23.00. "I made declarations on the postponing of the ceremony for another day and hour. This was the official stance of the presidential institution by 22.00. After 22:00, a decision was taken that the cabinet members take the oath, which actually happened. I misinformed the public opinion, which is something unacceptable and non-democratic ", said Vlad Turcan in a briefing.

Asked about the swearing in ceremony held late in the evening, Turcanu said: "Things have been discussed and this decision was taken. The president along with other officials took this decision", he said. He is confident that soon there will be an official position of the president on protests in Parliament.