Protest action against energy bills. It was not without detentions
PRO TV Chişinău

On Sunday, several hundred people participated in a protest march where they asked the government to pay their energy bills for this winter. The protest was organized by the Movement for the People, which consists of the Șor Party, the Acasă Construim Europa Party (PACE) led by fugitive Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, the Centered Union of former presidential advisor Mihai Petrache, the Communist Party, and civic activists.

The protesters displayed a long placard resembling an invoice in front of the column. On it was written, "Invoice from Maia Sandu - The biggest invoice in the world."

The "heavy piece" of the protest was deputy and vice-president of the Shore Party, Marina Tauber, who led the column in the National Opera square. She used a megaphone to start the slogans chanted by the protesters, including "Down with Maia Sandu," "They have millions, we are dying of hunger," "Moldova," "Recean should pay the bill," "We are the people," and "Sign and pay," among others.

At the same time, a group of 30 people protested against the Șor Party and the protest action organized by the group at the monument of Stephen the Great and the Holy.

The police detained six young protesters with an athletic constitution for suspicious behavior. One of them was found with a knife.

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