CNI targets Tudor Balitchi following an investigation published by the Center for Investigative Journalism

Members of the National Integrity Commission (CNI) will investigate the property of the head of the Customs Service Tudor Balitchi following a report developed in partnership with Ziarul de Garda and published by the Anticorruption portal of the Center for Investigative Journalism on Thursday, October 29. The investigation focused on businesses and property of Balitchi family.

The report reveals that Tudor Balitchi lives in an apartment with a surface of 200 square meters, registered on the name of his sister. In recent years, his sister who lives in the US, and his mother, doctor by profession, now retired, have become owners of many plots of land for construction worth millions of lei at the outskirts of Chisinau.  Balitchi’s mother founded in 2015 together with the director of the factory Rogob a company that has declared activities in constructions.  

Tudor Balitchi and his wife are also the founders of companies, though the Law on customs service forbids him to «exercise a business activity personally or through a third part " and obliges him to "convey trust management on his quota (shares) in the statutory fund of the commercial organization to another person during his mandate at the customs service". 

CNI will examine the case under the aspect of possible violation of the legal regime of declaring incomes and property for 2014, admitted by the head of Customs Service".

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