Official // Maia Sandu is the mutual candidate of PPDA, PAS and PLDM: „Joint efforts will bring victory”

Maia Sandu is the joint candidate of the Party Action and Solidarity, Platform Dignity and Truth and of the Liberal Democratic Party in Moldova for presidential elections from October 30.

This was announced by Maia Sandu in a briefing, after yesterday evening, the representatives of the 3 factions convened to analyze the results of the second poll of IRI and take a final decision. „ The polls showed that I most likely will pass the first round and I will have a chance to win over the Socialist candidate Igor Dodon  in the second round”,  said Maia Sandu.

The candidate thanked the representatives of other 2 parties for trust and support and appreciated wisdom and courage of Andrei Nastase to withdraw. „One should love much the country in order to take such a decision”, said Maia Sandu.

In a few days, PLDM and PPDA will call forth executive bodies to take a final decision. It is not yet clear whether the agreement between the three parties include other issues, such as putting forward Andrei Nastase for the seat of prime minister if there is a chance or to participate together in the parliamentary elections.

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