Socialist MP Oleg Savva cyberbullies a reporter of the Center for Investigative Journalism

Reporter of the Center for Investigative Journalism Mariana Colun was verbally attacked on a social network by socialist deputy Oleg Savva. The MP appeared to be unhappy with an article targeting him, naming the reporter "liar", "raff," and "illiterate girl." Savva also threatened the journalist with a trial and

This could have been a news about the launch of the Democratic Party's election campaign. CIJM team boycotted the event


CEC, forced to release party donor data. Chisinau Court turned down the institution


Civic Initiative "For a Clean Parliament 2018" will monitor candidates for the MP post office


Center for Investigative Journalism, awarded at the European Union Awards Gala for Civil Society


US Embassy regards the decision of invalidation of Andrei Nastase’s mandate as a “troubling development that is even now eroding Moldovan citizen’s confidence in the democratic process”


A delegation of the EP’s Foreign Affairs Committee, led by MEP Laima Andrikienė, visited Moldova and Ukraine on 3-6 April, to take stock of the implementations of European reforms


EU report: the Republic of Moldova advances in reform implementation but considerably more progress is needed


CIJM investigation leads to starting a criminal case on the illegal use of the lake in Tomai village


New group of journalists and civic activists from Moldova attend a training on Justice