DOC // Moldovan politician Valentina Buliga, the organizer of a violent protests movement in Germany? Former MP: "Someone’s bad deed"

Democrat MP Valentina Buliga is listed in the Impressum / Imprint register in Germany as a leader of a protests movement, "Ende Gelände" / "Enough, Stop it!" that is violently protesting against the coal extraction industry. The website of the organization Ende Gelande presents the politician Valentina Buliga, with

Ilie Gulca, Mădălin Necșuțu

The attempt to limit foreign funding of NGOs endangers the functioning of democracy in Moldova and cannot, under any circumstances, be accepted


Fight against corruption // Viorel Morari: "See the conviction rate in courts". Mariana Kalughin: "Beware not to exceed 100% rate"


New provisions of the tourism bill, from criticism to interests. Rules set for guesthouses and tour guides


Portal, among media outlets to compete for Special Prize granted by One World Media


National Integrity Commission’s controls over Vladimir Cebotari and Mircea Maleca, unachievable. 80 cases will be archived


Socialist MP caught in the "trap" of bank loans and convicted twice in the past, might be appointed new ambassador of Moldova in Belarus


Discussions between authorities and civil society on judicial reform implementation: „We are on different sides of the fence, but we should come down on one”


CIJM wins the lawsuit at the Court of Appeal which businessman Thomas Moser initiated following a journalistic investigation into Giurgiulesti Port


CIJM investigation revealing a scheme by which a pond in Taraclia became private property, in the attention of prosecutors