Following the CIJM investigation//Clones of no longer accessible

The clones of, which were created after the closure of the original portal by the Information and Security Service (SIS), can no longer be accessed from within the Republic of Moldova. The decision was made after the Center for Investigative Journalism from Moldova (CIJM) uncovered the fact that, shortly after

Switzerland contributes US$6.67 million to Moldova’s Energy Vulnerability Reduction Fund


Liliana Vițu: All TV stations with licenses suspended violated the law and manipulated  the public concerning the war in Ukraine


The justice system - more accessible to people thanks to partnerships between public institutions and civil society representatives


Sweden grants over US$4.5 million for enhancing export capacities of entrepreneurs from both banks of the Nistru river


CIJM journalist, Julieta Savițchi, awarded for resonant investigations


Magnitsky Law of Moldova. How will it be possible to take over the goods placed under international sanctions


Anti-corruption expert, about the ex-civil servants’ businesses worth millions : "The competent bodies should deal with it"


Moldova and Georgia, common front against disinformation


With scandal and closed microphones, Russia has been declared a terrorist state by the Chisinau Municipal Council. Who are the councilors who did not sign the resolution