Our approach is to modernize the army and not to increase the personnel or technical ceiling

The State Secretary of Defense, Valeriu Mija, spoke in an interview for the foreign policy newsletter about the plans of the Republic of Moldova regarding the army modernization. While for more than 30 years the military has been neglected due to lack of vision or carelessness, things are about

Mădălin Necșuțu

The Moldovan army has mobility, but what needs to be developed is the enemy contact fire capability


INTERVIEW// Vladimir Socor, foreign policy analyst, Jamestown Foundation: „Russia will not invade Ukraine, and if it does make a minor incursion, that will aim at Ukraine’s domestic policy”


INTERVIEW// Cornelia Cozonac: I believed then Moldova will develop very quickly and move at the same pace as the Baltic states


INTERVIEW// Iulian CIocan: I didn


INTERVIEW// Vasile Soimaru: We hoped to get rid of the Soviet power, but this did not happen because the ‘Empire’ was in us


INTERVIEW// Iulian Fota: Russian troops in the Transnistrian region are relevant only to the Republic of Moldova


INTERVIEW// Leonid Litra: „The increase of the Russian presence in the Black Sea is guaranteed in the coming years”


Pirkka Tapiola, Head of the European Union Delegation to Moldova: “The country passed through periods of political instability and crisis. This has forced us also to look at the situation with more prudence”


Veaceslav Platon, about the US investigation over the theft from BEM, Vlad Plahotniuc’s role in banking frauds and Mihail Gofman’s disclosures


Doug Squires, anti-corruption expert in US: "Anyone who puts money in pocket illegally, hurts the society"


Maia Sandu: “The interest in reforms of the current governance is very low”


Pirkka Tapiola, Head of the European Union Delegation to Moldova: “There is no real political will to reform Justice sector”


Minister of Education Maia Sandu, about the conviction of ex chief of finance, Kroll report, 2015 Baccalaureate, and corruption in Education


Daniel Morar, former head of the Romanian National Anticorruption Division, about the fight against highly corrupt: “If there is no internal political will, you can’t do anything”