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The share capital of Avia Invest has been seized

Avia Invest temporarily lost control over its share capital due to a decision by the Chisinau Court of Appeal. The court ordered the seizure of nearly 217 thousand euros as an insurance measure requested by the Government of the Republic of Moldova. This request was made in the process [...] 6

29/09/2023 1090

EXCLUSIVE // Avia Invest company, affiliated with Ilan Shor, requested a fine of 100 thousand lei for Mircea Eșanu. What are the comments of ASP director

Avia Invest, the former concessionaire of the Chisinau International Airport and controlled by Ilan Shor, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his involvement in a bank fraud case, has filed a complaint in court seeking an administrative sanction against Mircea Eșanu, the director of the Public [...] 6

28/09/2023 1414

The former deputy of the ousted general prosecutor, Mircea Roșioru, a certified lawyer

The former deputy to the  General prosecutor, who was dismissed by President Maia Sandu on Tuesday, is now free to pursue a career in law. In a recent court ruling, Mircea Roșioru emerged victorious in a legal dispute against the Union of Lawyers of the Republic of Moldova (UAM), [...] 6

27/09/2023 1930

Restart in the Energocom case. Former President Igor Dodon expected in court

Judge Angela Catană is set to resume the examination of the Energocom case on Monday, September 25, in which former President Igor Dodon is involved. The court session on September 19 was interrupted at the defense's request. Three meetings have been scheduled for the month of September. Dodon is [...] 6

25/09/2023 2029

DOC//The Ice Has Broken: Government Gets Green Light in Trials Against Ilan Shor Affiliated Companies Komaksavia Airport and Avia Invest

The civil, commercial, and administrative litigation panel of the Chisinau Court of Appeal has accepted the Republic of Moldova Government's request against the Cyprus offshore company Komaksavia Airport Invest Ltd, which owns 95% of Avia Invest shares. Both these companies are affiliated with Ilan Shor. The Government is seeking [...] 6

23/09/2023 10972

Together against disinformation// New collaborative relationships between CIJM journalists and their colleagues Ukraine

The Center for Journalistic Investigations (CIJM) team recently met with a group of Ukrainian journalists who have temporarily relocated to Romania due to the Russian Federation's war in Ukraine. During the meeting, they discussed common problems in both countries and potential areas of collaboration between Moldovan and Ukrainian journalists. [...] 2

21/09/2023 1494

Candidate "with russian background" in Bălți: Socialists are no longer considering ex-minister Voicu

Although it was previously rumored that PSRM was preparing former minister Pavel Voicu to propose him as a candidate for the position of mayor of Bălți, things have taken a different turn. Maxim Moroshan, the leader of the "I am from Bălți" Association, who was elected as the president [...] 2

19/09/2023 1612

DOC// Ex-prosecutor Igor Popa, accused of illicit enrichment, moves to Străseni

The complaint of the former deputy general prosecutor, Igor Popa, who is accused of illicit enrichment, will be examined by the Străseni Court. The decision to relocate the case was approved by the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ). The file in which Igor Popa is accused of illicit enrichment [...] 6

19/09/2023 3468

Media NGOs call on Prime Minister Recean to sanction Minister Bolea for publicly swearing at a journalist

Seven non-governmental media organizations, including the Center for Investigative Journalism(CIJM), are condemning the unacceptable behavior of the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Vladimir Bolea, towards a journalist who posed questions during a press conference on Thursday, September 14. The journalist was verbally abused by the dignitary. In a statement [...] 2

15/09/2023 1870

EBRD lends €4.6 million to Moldovan city of Balti

EBRD loan to expand Balti’s trolleybus fleet and modernise street lighting infrastructure Loan to be complemented by a €2.4 million grant from the E5P Fund, where the EU is the largest contributor Project, under the EBRD Green Cities programme, to promote resource efficiency and reduce pollution   The European Bank for Reconstruction and [...] 2

15/09/2023 1144

The minister of agriculture, Vladimir Bolea, swore at a journalist during a press conference

The Minister of Agriculture, Vladimir Bolea, swore at a journalist during a press conference last Thursday, following discussions with farmers. The official turned off the microphone in front of him but forgot that the microphones of several television stations were still active. Two hours after the incident, Vladimir Bolea [...] 2

14/09/2023 2633

The U.S. Government and UNDP Moldova launch new project to support justice reform

The U.S. Government and UNDP will support the Ministry of Justice to strengthen its institutional and operational capacities to achieve its mandate and promote justice sector reform in line with best practices and European standards. The support will be provided under a new project, entitled " Strengthening the capacities of [...] 2

13/09/2023 474

The Pre-Vetting Commission initiates the integrity evaluation of civil society representatives selected by the Government for a position in the SCP

Two civil society representatives, chosen by the Government to fill a vacant position in the Superior Council of Prosecutors (SCP), will undergo the evaluation of the Pre-Vetting Commission in the coming period. These candidates are Radu MÎRZA, expert in justice, rule of law and human rights, and Mihail SORBALO, [...] 2

13/09/2023 598

Expert: Moldova has significant untapped potential in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency

Sun Dă-i Fest 2023—the most-awaited festival of sustainability in the Republic of Moldova—took place on 10 September in the Public Garden "Stefan cel Mare și Sfânt". The event left behind unforgettable memories and inspired thousands of people to tackle environmental issues and use alternative energy sources with more determination. Now [...] 2

11/09/2023 970

New fines for TV channels with "nine lives" of Ilan Shor... on the horizon

The Audiovisual Council imposed fines during its meeting on Friday, September 8. Eleven fines, amounting to a total of 75,000 lei, were levied against Orizont TV for broadcasting advertisements with concealed content in favor of Ilan Shor, a political actor who initiated the "Ș.O.R." Political Bloc. These advertisements were [...] 2

08/09/2023 1532

Investigative journalism: Balancing risk and cultivating impactful investigations

What investigative journalism means, how a hypothesis can be formulated, and what sources can be used to obtain unique information—these were just a few aspects that 27 journalists, members of the Network of Investigative Journalists from Moldova, delved into during a training program dedicated to investigative journalism. This training [...] 2

08/09/2023 1426