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The myth of water quality in the Dniester River. Beneficiaries of pollution

● The Dniester river is very polluted and presents a danger to human health; it contains drugs, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. ● The Ukrainian and Moldovan authorities do not constantly check the water quality of the river. ● The Wastewater Treatment Plant of Apa-Canal Chisinau is the largest pollution source of [...] 1

20/01/2020 4397


An exclusive document obtained by the Center for Investigative Journalism in Moldova (CIJM) reveals that the former leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) readied his early leave from Moldova and the exit with his family to the West. Plahotniuc and his family are declared undesirable persons in [...] 1

14/01/2020 10550

More organizations to benefit from 2% mechanism in 2020 //CIJM is among the beneficiaries

The Public Services Agency made public the list of beneficiaries of the 2% mechanism for 2020. The list includes 844 public organizations, foundations, private institutions and religious entities, by 15% more than in 2019.  Starting with 2020, the Centre of Investigative Journalism is also the beneficiary of the 2% mechanism [...] 2

03/01/2020 3620

People's Advocate condemns actions of intimidation of journalists from the CIJM

People's Advocate Mihail Cotorobai condemns the intimidating actions against the journalists Cornelia Cozonac and Mariana Colun from the Center of Investigative Journalism (CIJM) and asked the authorities to identify the perpetrators and to hold them liable in accordance with the law.  People's Advocate reacted after the CIJM journalists submitted [...] 2

02/01/2020 3648

TOP 10 Journalistic Investigations by the CIJM in 2019

The Centre for Investigative Journalism in Moldova (CIJM) monitored in 2019 illegal schemes by which officials and people at power continued to fill their pockets from public money. The CIJM reporters managed to get to the places forbidden for common citizens, to disclose documents and facts hidden by corrupt [...] 2

01/01/2020 6101