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Conveyor belt delays: star doctor with 500 thousand lei car mired in procrastination

Since September of last year, when the extension of the preventive measure was being considered, the case against the former head of the radiology department at the Chisinau Oncology Hospital, Virgiliu Urechi, accused of passive corruption, has not been moved forward. For half a year, all the meetings were [...] 6

24/03/2023 3038

The European institutions have clearly expressed their support for increasing the European aid offered to the Republic of Moldova.

Negotiations regarding the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union must commence as soon as possible, by the end of the year, after fulfilling the 9 recommendations, according to the statement adopted on Thursday during the 13th meeting of the Parliamentary Association Committee for the Republic [...] 2

23/03/2023 239

Former praetor of Buiucani sector awarded 100,000 lei in damages from Chisinau City Hall

The magistrates of the Chisinau Court, headquartered in the Centre, have partially granted the civil action filed by the former Praetor of the Buiucani sector in the municipality of Chisinau, Valeriu Nemerenco. As a result, the City Hall will be required to pay Nemerenco damages of 100,000 lei after [...] 6

23/03/2023 1475

The vendetta off former policeman Gheorghe Petic: 6 million in damages and a live-streamed trial

On Thursday, the civil court will examine the case of former policeman Gheorghe Petic, who was acquitted in a fabricated case of rape, and is now requesting moral and material damages from the state amounting to 6,000,000 lei. For the first time, the court has allowed the proceedings to [...] 6

23/03/2023 3719

Former deputy Prosecutor General Ruslan Popov tries to suppress evidence in illicit enrichment case until autumn hearing

The former Deputy General Prosecutor, Ruslan Popov, who is accused of illicit enrichment and making false public statements, has contested in court the act issued in his name by the National Integrity Authority (ANI) on September 30, 2021, which appears as evidence in the case. Both the criminal case [...] 6

19/03/2023 1144

Her chair swayed as Prosecutor Mirandolina Sușițcaia sat on the verge of suspension.

The Superior Council of Prosecutors (CSP) is currently examining three measures to suspend three prosecutors, including Sușițcaia who is under criminal investigation for illicit enrichment and abuse of office. She came under scrutiny following investigations by the Center Investigative Journalism, which revealed her involvement in the Laundromat file and [...] 6

17/03/2023 2005

Air Moldova, allegedly controlled by Ilan Shor, is mired in debt. Which companies help transport her clients

Air Moldova, the company behind fugitive politician Ilan Șor, will partner with three companies to address its operational difficulties. This solution was identified after several flights were canceled, and passengers had to look for alternative options. Air Moldova claims that it "has become the target of a premeditated smear [...] 6

17/03/2023 2177

"Matryoshkas" of Russian propaganda in the Republic of Moldova: puppets and puppeteers

More than one billion Russian rubles are spent annually by the Russian Federation solely from official sources for the activities of the "Russkii mir" Foundation. This foundation serves as a command and control center for a network of subsidiary organizations worldwide, including in the Republic of Moldova. Figures dedicated [...] 1

16/03/2023 3377

Postponements in the court proceedings against former deputy prosecutor general Ruslan Popov. Decision suggested by judge

The Chisinau District Court will examine the file of ex-deputy general prosecutor Ruslan Popov, accused, along with his wife, prosecutor Iulia Popov, of illicit enrichment in the absence of any defendants. The respective file was initiated following a series of investigations by the Center for Journalistic Investigations of Moldova [...] 6

13/03/2023 1165

Undercover police uncover Moscow-coordinated protests scheme in Chisinau

An undercover police operation has exposed a scheme to coordinate protests in Chisinau by a Russian citizen, according to the head of the General Police Inspectorate (IGP), Viorel Cernăuțeanu. Through an agent who infiltrated the group responsible for organizing the protests, the police identified the Russian citizen as the [...] 2

12/03/2023 1748

Russian affiliated with Wagner group denied entry at Moldova border

A potential provocateur believed to be part of the Russian military group Wagner was denied entry into the Republic of Moldova at the Chisinau International Airport checkpoint. During the current week, a total of 182 foreign citizens have been turned away from the state border. According to a press release [...] 2

12/03/2023 1247

The gap between Maia Sandu, Igor Dodon, and Ilan Șor is widening

According to the latest survey conducted by the community, President Maia Sandu is  the clear leader in the trust rankings. She is followed in the rankings by former President Igor Dodon and fugitive politician Ilan Shor. Data collection was carried out between February 24 and March 3, with [...] 2

09/03/2023 5026

Money for recruiting the protesters. Millions of lei were removed from the "couriers" of the Shor party

More than 2.5 million lei and 50,000 euros were recovered today during the searches of the "couriers" of the "Şor" party in the case regarding the party's illegal financing by an organized criminal group. The money was intended to pay for the transportation and remuneration of people participating in [...] 6

09/03/2023 1044

How former officials caused astronomical damages to the state budget through the Chisinau Airport concession

Eight former civil servants are alleged to have caused material damage to the state in the amount of more than 392 million lei. The Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office has concluded the criminal investigation into another segment of the investigation concerning the concession of the Chisinau International Airport State Enterprise. The [...] 6

09/03/2023 1629

The Romanian language at home in Moldova too: Socialists angered by PAS decision

The draft law proposed by PAS deputies, which suggests replacing the phrase "Moldovan language" with "Romanian language", was voted on in the first reading during Thursday's session of the Parliament. The project was supported by 56 deputies. However, the parliamentary opposition resorted to blocking the central tribune right when [...] 2

02/03/2023 2185

Solidarity test in Parliament. The project that dots the "i"s

The statement of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova regarding Russian Federation's aggression against Ukraine was approved at the Legislative session on Thursday, March 2nd. The document was voted on by 55 deputies of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS). The voting procedure took place in the absence [...] 2

02/03/2023 1714

The “9 lives” of TV channels of Shor and PSRM parties

Three of the six TV channels whose licenses were suspended by the Commission for Emergency Situations (CSE) for airing incorrect information about national events and the war in Ukraine, migrated to other TV channels, along with their teams and editorial policy for which they were charged. Patrons generously opened [...] 1

02/03/2023 7347