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Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Prosecutor Mirandolina Suşiţcaia, forced to leave the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office

The anti-corruption prosecutor, Mirandolina Suşiţcaia, who ordered the removal from criminal prosecution of Moldovan judges involved in the Russian Laundromat and reported to her superiors that there was no evidence in the case, was delegated from the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office to another institution. Prosecutor Susitscaia's files containing Veaceslav Platon, [...] 6

15/10/2021 6741

„It is information of public interest”// Moldova Changes Law to End Secrecy Surrounding Offshores

Moldova’s pro-EU government amended the law on company ownership to end offshore secrecy and enforce maximum transparency about companies operating in or from Moldova.  By amending the Law on State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, the authorities announced that beneficial owners of all companies with founders in non-transparent [...] 2

14/10/2021 1555

EU-Moldova Human Rights Dialogue

Еhe European Union and the Republic of Moldova held, оn 13 September, the twelfth round of their annual Human Rights Dialogue by videoconference. The Dialogue reaffirmed the mutual commitment to the common values of democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, enshrined in the EU-Moldova Association [...] 2

14/10/2021 1115

Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Businessman Evgheny Kheyman admits involvement in financing the Socialists from Bahamas

Russian businessman Evgheny Kheyman has confirmed his involvement in the Bahamas schemes through which the Socialist Party and the former President Igor Dodon received millions for the election campaigns, which the Center for Investigative Journalism  published an investigation a week ago. Kheyman gave an interview to Jurnal TV, in [...] 6

12/10/2021 2483

Failure to enforce the recommendations of the corruption expertise when drafting legislative and normative acts has deprived the public budget of about 2.5 billion MDL

Due to the failure to apply the corruption expertise procedure and recommendations, the draft legislative and normative acts approved during 2019-2020 have deprived the national public budget of about 2.5 billion MDL. This is the conclusion of the authors of the “Corruption Expertise during 2019-2020: Efficiency, costs, impact” study, [...] 2

12/10/2021 1283

Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Five other prosecutors, targeted in the controls of the National Integrity Authority

The National Integrity Authority (ANI) acts following the investigations carried out by the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJM). Five other prosecutors were targeted by the institution, as a result of the investigation „Poor" prosecutors with apartments, houses and tens of thousands of euros donated by parents and relatives. ANI writes [...] 6

11/10/2021 2737

DOC // How ANI clears the deputy Prosecutor General, Ruslan Popov: His luxurious house overlooked and the business registered in his parents’ name, left to the Tax Office

The National Integrity Authority (ANI) did not find any discrepancies in the statements on property signed by prosecutor Ruslan Popov and ordered the termination of the control procedure after 20 months of checks. The ANI inspector overlooked the prosecutor's luxurious home, which he did not declare until 2015, justified [...] 6

11/10/2021 4768

Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Ruslan Popov, Deputy Prosecutor General, detained for illicit enrichment

Suspended Deputy Prosecutor General Ruslan Popov was detained on Saturday morning by anti-corruption prosecutors and Intelligence and Security Service officers. Ruslan Popov is suspected of illicit enrichment.  Prosecutors raided the luxury home of the prosecutor in the village of Milestii Mici, Ialoveni district, on Saturday morning. The interim prosecutor general Dumitru [...] 6

09/10/2021 21905

Stoianoglo Case: 30 Days of House Arrest for the Suspended General Prosecutor

The Chisinau court partially admitted the request of prosecutor Victor Furtună and placed Alexandr Stoianoglo under house arrest for 30 days. After the verdict was announced, Alexandr Stoianoglo stated that he would challenge the decision of the court of first instance. "The decision is not right. I did not do [...] 6

08/10/2021 1505

ANI acts again following the CIJM investigations. Property of two more prosecutors to be checked

The property of two prosecutors, from Glodeni and Drochia, will be verified by the National Integrity Authority (ANI), as a result of the journalistic investigation "Poor" prosecutors with apartments, houses and tens of thousands of euros donated by parents and relatives. The journalistic investigation reveals that every fourth prosecutor [...] 2

04/10/2021 1996