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International reaction to the detention of Greek journalists at Chisinau International Airport // OSCE calls on Moldovan authorities to facilitate travel of foreign journalists from one country to another

OSCE Mission to the Republic of Moldova denounces the practices of the Moldovan authorities to ban foreign journalists from entering the Republic of Moldova. The OSCE reaction comes after on Wednesday, March 13, two Greek investigative journalists from the Greek Hotdoc portal were detained and questioned at the Chisinau [...] 2

15/03/2019 1545

Greek journalists, detained at Chisinau International Airport

Two Greek investigative journalists, Aggelos Provolisianos and Triantis Vangelis, were detained on Wednesday evening by Border Police at Chisinau International Airport. They were interrogated and then the police announced to the journalists that they were not allowed to enter our country because they did not have accreditation to carry [...] 2

13/03/2019 4583