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Inspections in schools and kindergartens following a notification on child nutrition on the Corruption Map

Mayor of the capital Dorin Chirtoaca addressed the issue of children nutrition in schools and kindergartens in the weekly meeting of the City Hall, after a group of parents notified us last week on Corruption Map about the quality and quantity of food provided to children. The mayor [...] 2

29/02/2016 4388

Resignation of General Prosecutor, a hoax or a beginning

I opened the tablet to read on the latest information in our country, while I was abroad for medical treatment. Today, early in the morning, all media and socialization nets commented under the title of  BREAKING NEWS the information about the resignation of the General Prosecutor, Corneliu Gurin which [...] 3

26/02/2016 4183

Illegal businesses with Chisinau City Hall endanger the activity of the seismic station  

The construction of a 16-storey block of flats on a plot of only five acres near the central seismic station in Chisinau jeopardizes the work of this institution. Scientists warn that the construction work will disrupt the activity of seismologists. On the other hand, Chisinau City Hall, which authorized [...] 1

24/02/2016 9323

Court of Appeal obliged the Presidency to provide information to the Center for Investigative Journalism on the persons decorated with state awards

Magistrates of the Court of Appeal partly upheld the call of the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJM) by which it obliges the Presidency to provide information about the persons decorated with state awards by the presidents of the country from 2001 to present and acts by which the heads [...] 2

23/02/2016 4405

Secret Companies and Deals in Rezina

Three companies managed by the same person are the favourites of the authorities of the district of Rezina in terms of public procurements. Every second contract in the field of repairs and constructions was awarded during the period September 2013 - April 2015 to one of the three companies [...] 1

22/02/2016 10361

Drone filming // Democrat Constantin Botnari fenced illegally 40 acres of forest?

Democrat MP Constantin Botnari who accompanies the controversial businessman Vlad Plahotniuc in public, tendered his resignation last week. Officially, he has modest incomes, but in the period when he was MP, he built a luxury house in the forest near Durlesti, suburb of the capital. His house reminds of [...] 1

18/02/2016 48731

Illegal tenders (II)

In a system full of corruption and bribes, in the past two years, only one mayor was caught in the act and then given suspended sentence. He was charged of having frauded a public tender. Though, some tenders seem more than doubtful and the witnesses of some businessmen and [...] 1

18/02/2016 11005

Resolution // EU is concerned about lack of justice independence in Moldova and demands objective investigation over banking frauds

EU foreign ministers adopted on Monday, February 15 a resolution. The Council calls on the authorities of the Republic of Moldova to ensure that the cases of fraud that affected its banking system in 2014 are made subject to a thorough, impartial investigation, also with a view to recovering [...] 2

15/02/2016 2779

How the Local Government of Zîrnești Trifles the Public Money Away

The local government of Zîrnești, district of Cahul has compromised a lot of projects with public funds, worth millions of lei. Over one million was thrown away for road renovation, but apart from potholes, nothing can be seen. The House of Culture was renovated, but the roof leaks as [...] 1

15/02/2016 10055

17 US generals and admirals, in Chisinau

Seventeen newly selected generals and admirals and one civilian member of the senior executive service from the Department of Defense are visiting Chisinau from 12 to 16 February as part of a regional tour, announce the press service of the US Embassy in Chisinau. The group is a portion of the [...] 2

13/02/2016 6850

Illegal tenders (I)

In a system full of corruption and bribes, in the past two years, only one mayor was caught in the act and then given suspended sentence. He was charged of having frauded a public tender. Though, some tenders seem more than doubtful and the witnesses of some businessmen and [...] 1

11/02/2016 7034

Who dribbles the law in the file of the National Stadium?

The National Stadium situated in the centre of the capital city, where the most important football matches were played in former times, is derelict for almost ten years. In 2006, the Communist governance decided to renovate the sports arena and, without conducting any tender, the company Basconslux was designated [...] 1

10/02/2016 7486

Supreme Council of Magistracy fields Mihai Poalelungi for presidency of Supreme Court of Justice

After four years, the Supreme Council of Magistracy (CSM) nominated again Mihai Poalelungi as the chairman of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ).  The decision was taken at CSM meeting on February 9, by nine votes in favor. Council member Tatiana Raducanu was against, while Dumitru Visternicean did not participate in the deliberations. Poalelungi was [...] 2

09/02/2016 5235

Following an investigation of the Center for Investigative Journalism, Head of Public Procurement Agency is in the CNA’s attention

The National Anti-corruption Center (CNA) took notice of  the case of Viorel Mosneaga, head of the Public Procurement Agency  (AAP), after the Anticorruption portal of the Center for Investigative Journalism published on Thursday, January 14, an investigation carried out together with Ziarul  de Garda. The investigation reveals that the company [...] 6

06/02/2016 4955

Two MPs, cited by the National Anti-Corruption Center, after they made statements about corruption among MPs

Communist MP Elena Bodnarenco and Liberal-Democrat MP Maria Ciobanu were cited by National Anti-Corruption Centre (CNA) after they said that many MPs were proposed large sums of money or other benefits in exchange for voting for the Democratic candidate for the office of Prime Minister. Elena Bodnarenco says that [...] 6

05/02/2016 6122

A former mayor of Peticeni reaped a bakery at the expense of kindergarten children

A group of inhabitants of the village of Peticeni, district of Călăraşi have been struggling for more than a decade for the return of the canteen’s building back to the kindergarten, as, in their opinion, it was illegally alienated. The transaction was done with the consent of the former [...] 1

04/02/2016 7451

The echo of the theft of billions in Moldovan banks: a Latvian official resigns

Kristaps Zakulis, who for four years has headed Latvia's financial regulator the Financial and Capital Markets Commissions (FKTK) on Monday handed in his resignation amid mounting criticism that he was not tough enough on money-laundering in the country's boutique banking sector, according to Latvian Public Broadcasting English-language service.  "Since the chairmanship [...] 2

02/02/2016 5214

A Dubious Acquisition: How the Town of Cahul Has Got a Defective Snow Removal Machine

The abundant snow fell in the past weeks has disclosed a problematic public procurement made four years ago by the local government of Cahul. Then, the Communist mayor Petru Burlacu concluded, after a public tender, a contract for the purchase of a truck equipped with an anti-skid material spreader [...] 1

01/02/2016 6838