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Andrei Nastase about funding of PPDA, US investigation into the bank fraud and the recent sentencing of  Viorel Topa

If the candidate of the Party Platform Dignity and Truth Andrei Nastase is elected president, he will not pardon businessmen Victor and Viorel Topa, convicted in several criminal cases. According to the politician, this would mean that the two businessmen admit their guilt. This was discussed in a debate [...] 2

29/09/2016 4526

“Sick” procurements in healthcare field

National Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AMDM) announces a public tender for supply with necessary medicines for hospitals in 2017. As much as about 500 million lei were earmarked for healthcare field. Center for Investigative Journalism showed in an investigation that, in previous years, public money intended for [...] 1

29/09/2016 12826

"Offshoreplaha" // President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, allegedly involved in criminal schemes in Moldova

Current president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was allegedly involved in criminal activities on the territory of the Republic of Moldova early in 2000. This is revealed by a note published on along with several documents signed by former head of Interpol Office in Moldova Valentina Litvinov, writes Ziarul National. According to the source, [...] 2

27/09/2016 5640

Iurie Leanca about oil business of magnate Anatol Stati: "He does not fund my party, otherwise, I would be very happy and honored"

Iurie Leanca, PPEM’s candidate in presidential elections claims that his party is not funded by the oil company Ascom Group of the billionaire Anatol Stati. The former prime minister served as vice president of this company in 2007-2009. The politician spoke about this in the first edition of the [...] 2

27/09/2016 4201

Iurie Leanca: "Plahotniuc has image problems.  He should rebuild credibility". The politician spoke about the relationship with the Democratic Party, Vlad Filat and Maia Sandu

If leader of PPEM Iurie Leanca is elected president of the country, he will not nominate Democrat Vlad Plahotniuc for the seat of PM, because the polls show that Vlad Plahotniuc has image problems.  The former PM made this statement at a press club under the Campaign "Transparent presidential [...] 2

26/09/2016 5195

Marian Lupu and Mihai Ghimpu refuse to participate in debates with investigative journalists

Center for Investigative Journalism Center launches Monday, September 26, a series of debates with candidates in presidential elections. Marian Lupu, Democrats’ candidate, Mihai Ghimpu, Liberal’s candidate and Iurie Leanca candidate of the European People’s Party were invited to the first press club. The candidates will answer to many tough [...] 2

26/09/2016 7033

CIJM launches first series of debates in Moldova - candidates are invited to discussions with investigative journalists

Center for Investigative Journalism in Moldova starts public debates in the campaign “Transparent Presidential Elections" with candidates in the elections dated October 30, 2016. The first debate will be held Monday, September 26 and will last about two hours (14.00-16.00). Based on the registration list compiled by the Central Election [...] 2

23/09/2016 3615

“Russian laundromat” schemes revealed by the Anti-corruption Prosecution

Anticorruption prosecutors have started 16 criminal cases against 16 judges and other four -against four judicial executors, all of them are investigated for complicity in the so-called Russian laundery. In all, the National Anticorruption Centre performed 51 searches. 18 people - 15 magistrates and three judicial executors are in [...] 6

21/09/2016 7482

List of former and current magistrates involved in “Russian laundromat”, in the attention of anti-corruption prosecutors

Portal made public the list of former and current magistrates and of the judicial executors who were detained following searches performed by anticorruption prosecutors and CNA officers in many courts in the country. One of the judges, Igor Vornicescu, was detained at Chisinau International Airport while trying to [...] 6

20/09/2016 8507

Member of Supreme Council of Magistrate: „Council agreed to prosecute 16 current and former judges, involved in «Russian laundromat»”

At the request of the acting general prosecutor Eduard Harunjen, Supreme Council of Magistrate (CSM) agreed to prosecute 16 current and former judges, involved in laundering about 18 billion dollars in the Russian Federation through the Moldovan judiciary.  This decision was taken in a closed- door meeting on Tuesday, [...] 6

20/09/2016 17840

Court of Appeal dismissed the application of Platform DA on canceling the registration of Democrats’ candidate Marian Lupu

The Court of Appeal rejected today in a public hearing, the application submitted by representatives of the Platform DA Party, on the CEC decision on canceling the registration of candidate of PDM, Marian Lupu in the presidential race, declaring it unfounded. Previously, experts of the Promo-Lex Association concluded that the [...] 2

19/09/2016 2614

Candidates for presidency revealed the names of the first donors. Who covered the expenses for collecting signatures in the favor of Marian Lupu

The candidates for presidency presented the first financial reports. The biggest donations and expenses had Marian Lupu, the candidate proposed by the Democratic Party in Moldova (PDM). For the collection in record time of the signatures for Lupu's registration, the initiative group spent 90.266 lei. Most of the money, 87.500, [...] 2

19/09/2016 2676

Modernization with criminal case at Moldova State University. Illegal tender or attempted political revenge?

Moldova State University (USM) and the construction company Lagmar-Impex SRL started a few years ago a large investment for infrastructure development of the educational institution that would end in 2018. Under the project, the company committed to renovating many dormitories for students and a classroom block. Instead, USM ceded [...] 1

19/09/2016 13696

Iurie Ciocan, member of CEC: „The propaganda, initiated by parties that nominated candidates for presidential elections, is not illegal”

The propaganda, initiated by parties that nominated candidates for presidential elections, is not illegal and should not create uproar in society. This statement was made by the member of CEC Iurie Ciocan in a public discussion, part of a campaign of presidential elections monitoring, organized by the Center for [...] 2

15/09/2016 2330

Journalists encouraged to monitor the presidential campaign. “Much transparency is needed"

Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJM), Ziarul de Garda (ZdG), Center for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption (CAPC), in partnership with Freedom House, launch a wide campaign to monitor the presidential elections and candidates running in the race. Under the campaign for transparent presidential elections, journalists from CIJM and Ziarul [...] 2

15/09/2016 3878

„Democratic” fund for energy efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Fund (FEE) was founded in summer,2012 to ensure efficient energy expenses by fundingsome localprojects of energy consumption reduction and use renewable energy. In the past three years, FEE approved funding worth nearly half of billion lei for thermal insulation, replacing windows and doors and installing public [...] 1

13/09/2016 14659

Indication // Advertisement for „Edelweiss” Foundation, “mandatory” in all post offices

The post offices from the country have displayed, at the indication of Serghei Nastas, general director of "Posta Moldovei" advertisement content for the Foundation of the democrat Vlad Plahotniuc, "Edelweiss". Serghei Nastas sent a letter to the CEOs of all branches, informing them that through the Transportation and Mail [...] 2

13/09/2016 14133

Property of Veaceslav Platon’s parents, sequestered. What the businessman says about the US investigation over the theft of billion

Lawyers of the controversial businessman Veaceslav Platon filed Monday, September 12, four requests for recusal of the judge Ghenadie Pavliuc, who will examine complaints of businessman against several violations admitted by prosecutor Andrew Baesu. Platon demanded change of the judge, after the magistrate approved a request of the prosecutor [...] 6

12/09/2016 5952

Investigative journalists are monitoring the presidential elections. Electoral violations can be reported on a hot line

Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJM), Ziarul de Garda (ZdG), Center for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption (CAPC) in partnership with Freedom House launch the „Initiative for transparent presidential elections”.  During the electoral campaign, the journalists from CIJM will monitor the candidates for the presidential elections and will report on [...] 2

12/09/2016 4174

Presidential elections with a record number of independent candidates. First electoral candidate officially registered

Central Election Commission registered 24 initiative groups to collect signatures in favor of potential candidates for presidential elections in Moldova. Deadline for registration of initiative groups was yesterday. If all initiative groups collect 15 thousand signatures necessary for registration in the presidential elections from October 30, 2016, we will [...] 2

10/09/2016 2637

Surprise-candidate at presidential elections on the last day of submitting documents: "I decided it was time to come back"

Former Prime Minister Vasile Tarlev decided to try his luck in the presidential election this year. Tarlev came today at the Central Election Commission accompanied by several colleagues. He said that he would run independently, but he has the support of "a long list" of NGOs specialized in business, [...] 2

09/09/2016 5944

Ion Sturza to  Maia Sandu: „A piece of advice – you matter if you form alliance with Andrei Nastase”. Leader of PAS replies

Businessman Ion Sturza, former prime minister of Moldova suggests to Maia Sandu, president of the Party Action and Solidarity to make alliance with Andrei Nastase, leader of the Party Dignity and Truth. The businessman writes on his Facebook account  that  the leader of PAS believes that she will reach [...] 2

07/09/2016 3734

CIJM invites journalists to public debates about the presidential election campaign

Center for Investigative Journalism and Freedom House invite media representatives to a public debate on: „Transparent presidential elections: strengthening journalists’ skills to monitor the 2016 election campaign for presidential elections”. During the event, participants will discuss practices in elections’ monitoring, documentation sources, interaction with electoral candidates and the Central Election [...] 2

07/09/2016 3915

Endless tenders for a project worth 8 million lei

Residents in two villages in district Straseni risk losing a project worth eight million lei, money that was earmarked for the construction of an aqueduct. The tender for selecting the company in charge with works was already organized four times and each time it was challenged by several companies. [...] 1

05/09/2016 6314

Democrats of Moldova suspected of illegally collecting signatures for candidate Marian Lupu. CEC comes up with comments

Several candidates in presidential elections from 30 October suspect of illegally collecting signatures for candidate Marian Lupu. The Democratic Party collected 29,000 signatures in support of Marian Lupu in just 24 hours after receiving the lists. While Democrats argue that it is about a good organization of collectors of [...] 2

05/09/2016 3310

Party of Communists boycotts the presidential elections. We call on citizens not to vote

The Party of Communists in the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) will not participate at the presidential elections on October 30. The statement was made by the communist leader Vladimir Voronin after a 4-hour-long debate of the Executive Political Committee of the party. "We boycott these elections because they are illegal [...] 2

03/09/2016 3929

Other 6 candidates kick off presidential campaign

Other 6 candidates for presidential elections requested to the Central Electoral Commission registration of initiative groups in their support in elections due on October 30, 2016. Most of them are independent candidates. portal continues to present profiles of candidates in presidential elections. Valeriu Ghiletchi, independent candidate Valeriu Ghiletchi was the [...] 2

02/09/2016 3462

Illegal transactions with real estate and public lands in Rezina damage the local budget

Authorities in town Rezina have authorized illegal transactions with land or public non- residential areas and several buildings over the past years. These "businesses" harmed the local budget. Police and prosecutors have been informed repeatedly but they did not investigate the cases, some of them were closed on grounds [...] 1

01/09/2016 8076