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Veaceslav Platon detained in Ukraine

Businessman Veaceslav Platon accused in bank fraud case, was detained by Ukrainian prosecutors, shortly after the Moldovan authorities issued a warrant of arrest and he was declared internationally wanted.  The Prosecutor’s Office in Ukraine reports in a press release, without giving names, that the detained person owns both the [...] 6

26/07/2016 11273

Veaceslav Platon, about the US investigation over the theft from BEM, Vlad Plahotniuc’s role in banking frauds and Mihail Gofman’s disclosures

In an interview for the portal, businessman Veaceslav Platon commented on accusations filed by prosecutors on Monday, July 25, on his involvement in the theft from Banca de Economii (BEM). Platon explains on law institutions’ investigation against him, his involvement in the situation at BEM, Serghei Iaralov’s role [...] 12

25/07/2016 36874

Businessman Veaceslav Platon, charged in the file on theft of billion

Businessman Veaceslav Platon is charged by anti-corruption prosecutors in the file on the banking fraud. He was declared internationally wanted.  Meanwhile, the court of Buiucani sector issued a warrant of preventive arrest for 30 days for businessman Veaceslav Platon. Also, 2 decision makers from Moldindconbank were detained on suspicion that [...] 6

25/07/2016 10738

General Prosecutor’s Office announced about ongoing US criminal investigation into the theft of billion. What Acting Prosecutor General says

Frontier Solutions Company sent Thursday, July 21, to Eduard Harunjen, Acting Prosecutor General and Adriana Betisor, prosecutor at the Anti-Corruption Office  a letter  informing about the  initiation of a US investigation  into the theft  of billion in the banking system in Moldova, writes portal that took possession of this document. Eduard Harunjen claims [...] 2

24/07/2016 10772, proposed for the National Journalistic Ethics and Professional Deontology Award 2016 portal was proposed for National Journalistic Ethics and Professional Deontology Award 2016. This award was instituted by the Press Council of Moldova in 2015, and the winner is nominated based on a competition involving media consumers, experts and members of the Press Council. will compete together with other [...] 2

21/07/2016 6911

Three judges from the Supreme Court of Justice and a lawyer involved in a corruption case. Defender is accused and there is not enough evidence related to magistrates

Three judges from the Supreme Court of Justice, involved in a corruption case that was recently notified on the Corruption Map escape the investigation of prosecutors. The police claim that they do not have enough evidence to demand the magistrates to be deprived of immunity. The lawyer is the [...] 6

19/07/2016 10745

Statement // Mihail Gofman and Sergiu Sagaidac would have been detained if they had appeared at the hearings. Viorel Morari: "Both of them were summoned as witnesses"

Mihail Gofman, former Deputy-Head of the Office for Preventing and Combating of Money Laundering within National Anticorruption Center and Sergiu Sagaidac, former head of the Money Laundering Prevention and the Monitoring of Transactions Section from Banca Sociala would have been arrested if they had appeared at the hearings for [...] 6

19/07/2016 7790

Doc // Following several requests for information, reporter of the Center for Investigative Journalism was summoned by Police

Division of Corruption Fighting of the Internal Protection and  Anti-corruption Service of the Interior Ministry summoned a reporter of the Center for Investigative Journalism Center, after the journalist sent several requests for information. The reporter asked, among others, a comment on a possible corruption case of policemen in case [...] 2

13/07/2016 22033

Shadow man

All MPs from 2009 know him by sight. He acted discreetly at almost all parliamentary meetings over the past 7 years with the participation of deputy-chairman of the Democratic Party Vlad Plahotniuc. However, the name of Serghei Iaralov was first mentioned in the context of the fraud from the [...] 1

11/07/2016 78949

Councilor-landowner and scandal with plots in Colonita

The mandate of councilor made himself landowner in Colonita. Igor Luchian has recently got 3 plots sold based on a decision of the council which he voted. In addition, in that period he was part of the commission for public tenders. Councilors from the opposition request return of the [...] 1

07/07/2016 13759

The Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body GRECO calls on the Republic of Moldova to improve and to ensure the effective implementation of anti-corruption legislation

In a report published today, the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body GRECO calls on the Republic of Moldova to improve and to ensure the effective implementation of anti-corruption legislation in respect of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors. GRECO identifies as key problems the inconsistent application of anti-corruption laws and policies, and the weak capacities [...] 2

05/07/2016 4579

How was the state deprived of 30 million lei

The state paid 10 million lei for tons of equipment that languishes for years in the stock of an economic unit. The equipment was purchased for a treatment plant, which the authorities in Criuleni have been trying to build it for nearly a decade. The fate of the investment [...] 1

04/07/2016 10892

Minister of Justice and former director of the Civil Aviation Authority are in the attention of the National Integrity Commission, following an investigation on

National Integrity Commission (NIC) initiated Thursday, June 30, searches on Vladimir Cebotari, Justice Minister and Mircea Maleca ex-director of the Civil Aviation Authority. Employees of CNI will investigate on their full property statement for 2015 and conflicts of interest admitted in their activity. Searches were started following an investigation on [...] 2

01/07/2016 5499