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Grants for investigative journalists

Freedom House and the Center for Investigative Journalism provide to journalists small grants to carry out complex journalistic investigations on corruption at national, cross-border or regional level. Financial support is provided under the project "Shining a Light on Corruption in Moldova", organized by Freedom House in partnership with the [...] 2

26/09/2015 10118

How the “Kickbacks” from the Public Procurements Fatten the Budgets of the Political Parties in Election Campaigns

The campaign of the political parties for the local election held in last June was copiously financed, likewise the one for the legislative election of last November, by employees of companies which had concluded fat contracts with the State over the past years. The analysis of the financial reports [...] 1

24/09/2015 20526

Maia Sandu: “The interest in reforms of the current governance is very low”

The ex-minister of education Maia Sandu, credited now with the biggest trust by the citizens, is willing to return to the Moldovan politics if “impediments are removed for integral people who want to contribute to changes.” In an interview given for the portal, the former official opens the [...] 12

21/09/2015 18276

The judges “with nine lives”

In the documents remitted to the SCM, Vladimir Voronin, Marian Lupu, Mihai Ghimpu and Nicolae Timofti have cautioned that those rejected do not have a place in the judiciary because they discredit Justice, are not objective, have unjustified wealth, have integrity issues, relations with businessmen conducting shady businesses. Most [...] 1

17/09/2015 17862

Bait in the legal profession. How the guild was fooled

Around 300 lawyers were tricked by some individuals who, pretending to represent a law firm, promised to include them in the so-called the honorary book of lawyers, in exchange for several thousand lei each. Next to the former and current management of the Lawyers Union, controversial individuals made it [...] 1

16/09/2015 9119

The Press House without Press

The Press House is used as premises for companies that provide different kind of services – from legal and notary services and business consulting to tourism, trade and public catering. There is even a dentist’s office located here. This institution could rather be called a business center than the [...] 1

06/09/2015 7880