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Streleț Government: interests, business and assets

The government led by Valeriu Strelet voted for by liberal democrats, democrats and liberals, is made up of several new names, but which are not unaffiliated to politics. Most new-old ministers were featured in previous investigations of the Center for Investigative Journalism which revealed hidden interests and businesses run [...] 1

30/07/2015 17709

Pirkka Tapiola, Head of the European Union Delegation to Moldova: “There is no real political will to reform Justice sector”

Pirkka Tapiola, Head of EU Delegation to Moldova, commented in an interview for Anticoruptie portal the recent announcement according to which the EU has blocked the budget support to our country. The ambassador said that this is not a punishment and that the decision was taken in accordance with [...] 12

16/07/2015 24715

“Hooliganism” – the cudgel in prosecutors’ hands or how to prove you haven’t been “extremely naughty”

A remaining gap in legislation is used by law enforcement as a cudgel against inconvenient people, but also as an instrument of pressure on suspects. It’s about the fact that Article 287 of the Criminal Code and Article 354 of the Code of Administrative Offences provide Criminalties for hooliganism, [...] 1

09/07/2015 20598