DOC//Grandfather's money and inheritance list: former chief prosecutor of the Ialoveni district, Vladislav Cojocaru, defends his wealth at the CSJ

Viorica Mija
Colaj CIJM

The former chief prosecutor of the Ialoveni district, Vladislav Cojocaru, has filed an appeal against the decision of the appellate court, which rejected his request against the National Integrity Authority (ANI). The former accuser requested the annulment of the finding document from February 2023, by which it was established that "he would have received donations totaling over 1.7 million lei, in the period 2017-2022, and that he owns 44 plots of land with an area of about 25 hectares and real estate with an area of about 330 square meters", assets that would be in contradiction with the declared income. The Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJM) revealed, in 2021, the fact that Vladislav Cojocaru benefited from substantial donations over several years and has an impressive fortune, which comes from his grandparents and other close relatives. After the revelations of CIJM reporters, which had a great resonance in society, the accuser was scrutinized closely by ANI.

The integrity inspector established that Vladislav Cojocaru submitted several declarations of wealth and personal interests/income and property declarations for the period 2013-2022, the last declaration being upon release from office. The integrity inspector certified the declaration of exorbitant donations obtained from relatives and an impressive list of assets that he owns, which are to be the subject of verification.

In his explanations, the ex-prosecutor stated that the donations came from his grandfather, grandmother, and wife's sister, the latter being an employee of a hospital in Israel, and this "financial aid" was offered to cover "the needs of the Cojocaru family and the education and upbringing of the nieces".

Vladislav Cojocaru was also investigated by CIJM reporters, who counted his "countless" assets. Thus, in 2021, the prosecutor owned a house that he inherited in 2015. Four years prior, the prosecutor's family inherited another building, with an area of 117.5 square meters. In 2015, the Cojacaru family became co-owners of a 40.7 share of another building, with an area of 126.7 square meters.

In 2016, Vladislav Cojocaru purchased an apartment with an area of 118.5 square meters, for which he spent 807,172 lei. A year later, the prosecutor made another purchase, a brand new Skoda Superb car. The lawman reported that the car, fresh from the factory, was given to him for free possession. In 2018, the Cojocaru family bought 11 agricultural plots, with a total area of over 7 hectares. The land was leased to Diamax-Agro for 6000 lei.

Vladislav Cojocaru was appointed as head of the Ialoveni Prosecutor's Office in June 2021. Although he had a 5-year mandate, on March 21, 2022, he submitted his resignation request, of his own initiative.

Viorica Mija

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