DOC//The PACE party, "expelled" from the banking system. Why can"t they use the money allocated following the local elections

Viorica Mija

They were allocated over 248,000 lei following the local elections in November 2023, but they cannot use the resources from the state budget. The PACE party, whose leader - Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, is in Great Britain, sued the banking institution on the grounds that it refused to open a bank account. The Chisinau Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of the PACE party, upholding the decision of the first court, which considered the group's request unfounded. The portal debunked the fact that, although he founded several companies in the old Albion, Cavcaliuc does not appear as a director in any of them, because he preferred to pass them on to the management of other people from his entourage. This happened after he was mentioned in the list of sanctions of the Council of Europe in May 2023.

This January, the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) approved the amount of allocations from the state budget made available to political parties for the year 2024. In total, almost 54 million lei were allocated to political formations.

The CEC allocated the amount of 53,985,000 lei for the current year. The money was distributed according to the performance criteria obtained following the electoral polls, namely the presidential elections of November 2020, the anticipated parliamentary elections of July 2021, and the general local elections of November 2023.

According to the approved document, most resources will go to the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), which will receive over 26 million lei from the state budget, i.e., almost 8 million lei more than in 2023.

The Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) is in second place on the list. The formation will receive approximately three times less money, benefiting from almost 9 million lei. It is a result lower by almost one million lei than last year when it benefited from approximately 10 million lei.

Partidul Nostru is in third place after the money allocated, which will be able to spend over 3 million 600 thousand lei in 2024, a score of about 300 thousand lei better than last year.

The Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) follows in the list, which will benefit from allocations of over 2 million 600 thousand lei.

The European Social Democratic Party (PSDE) will receive over 2 million 200 thousand lei.

The other parties on the list approved by the CEC will cumulatively receive another 10 million lei, of which the MAN party - over 1 million 500 thousand lei, the PLDM - over 1 million 100 thousand lei, the Renaștere party - over 735 thousand lei, the Democrația Acasă party - almost 430 thousand lei, the PACE party - over 248 thousand lei.

Viorica Mija

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