Reaction to an investigation carried out by CIJM // Maia Sandu requests that the security of the state institutions be subordinated to the Interior Ministry

Prime Minister Maia Sandu requested on Thursday the Interior Minister and the Justice Ministers to issue a draft law on ensuring the security of state institutions exclusively by the subdivisions of the Interior Ministry. "It is inadmissible for the state institutions to be “defended” by the military or paramilitary

Julieta Savițchi

Socialist MP Oleg Savva has not publicly apologized to the journalist whom he verbally attacked, as the Non-Discrimination Council requested// What follows


Oleg Savva case // Ombudsman investigates the actions of the law enforcement following the notification of the journalist, verbally attacked by the Socialist MP


Freedom of the media witnesses continuous deterioration


International reaction to the detention of Greek journalists at Chisinau International Airport // OSCE calls on Moldovan authorities to facilitate travel of foreign journalists from one country to another


Greek journalists, detained at Chisinau International Airport


Equality Council urges Socialist MP Oleg Savva to apologize publicly to the investigative journalist whom he verbally attacked


Cornelia Cozonac: If NIA had worked very well, a large part of candidates wouldn’t have entered electoral race


Complaints against the socialist MP Oleg Savva, who verbally attacked on a social network a reporter of the Center of Investigative Journalism


Billion bank fraud, tax facilities at Giurgiulesti port and the magistrates’ businesses with apartments. Top of the most read investigations carried out by the Center for Investigative Journalism in 2018