Free legal services are becoming more accessible in four regions of the Republic of Moldova

Women and men residing in four regions of Moldova may access free of charge the legal assistance services of five more paralegals and 70 lawyers, recently contracted/engaged in the territorial offices of the National Legal Aid Council (NLAC). The paralegals will also contribute to the better information of the

ANI inspectors have been checking the property of Deputy Prosecutor General Ruslan Popov for more than a year. What are the reasons for the delay


Reaction to the CIJM investigation into Vasile Botnari


General Prosecutor's Office reacts to the article of about the PCCOCS’s party // An investigation was started


Impact of an investigation on the portal: ANI files a complaint against the PSRM deputy


Moldova is in the Top Ten by the Number of Applications at the ECtHR Compared to the Country's Population


EU approves €5 million in support of police sector reform


Unjustified property: Head of the " Green Spaces Association" targeted by ANI. For what amount the official cannot be held accountable


International Anti-corruption Day // Portal, awarded for investigations which served as basis for National Integrity Authority to act


Impact of an investigation by CJM: ANI will check the property of the deputy chief of the Chisinau Prosecutor