Moldova combats the worst forms of child labor

The United States Department of Labor released its 2022 annual report on the Worst Forms of Child Labor, which credited Moldova with an improvement in its efforts in this area.  The report focuses on the efforts of countries and territories around the world to eliminate the worst forms of

Mihaela Cibotaru

"The US Embassy is proud to support the Republic of Moldova’s European path. //  Addres by  the US Ambassador to Chişinău, participant of the "European Moldova" Assembly


About 80 thousand people came to the "European Moldova" Grand Assembly, according to the Police


Resolution of the "European Moldova" Grand Assembly: "Accession to the EU is the path firmly chosen by the Republic of Moldova. May God help us"


The Moldovan diaspora from various countries stands in solidarity with the participants of the "European Moldova" National Assembly.


LIVE//TEXT//The "European Moldova" Assembly began in Chisinau. Maia Sandu stated, "Moldova will join the EU, and this must happen by 2030."


BREAKING NEWS// The Republic of Moldova initiates withdrawal procedure from the CIS. Igor Grosu: "We must distance ourselves from the source of evil and destruction"


The Parliament has voted: "MIR" leaves Moldova


CIJM DOSSIER//Who is Leonid Manakov, who is asking Moscow for more peacekeepers. The reaction of the Reintegration Policy Office


POLL//Grigorii Uzun, the favorite of the Gagauz people for the position of bashkan