"The US Embassy is proud to support the Republic of Moldova’s European path. //  Addres by  the US Ambassador to Chişinău, participant of the "European Moldova" Assembly

US Ambassador Kent D. Logsdon participated in the National Assembly "European Moldova", held on Sunday in Chisinau. “The U.S. Embassy is proud to support the Republic of Moldova’s European path. Ambassador Logsdon joined today’s gathering in Chisinau to demonstrate our commitment to work with Moldova to build a democratic, prosperous,

Cornelia Cozonac

Moldovan magistrates have been left without a judicial self-administration body


Expert: "There is a perception that the SIS was controlled by the intelligence services of the Russian Federation"


Maia Sandu dots the i"s: "The status of neutrality does not mean that we should not defend ourselves"


Russian missiles volate the sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova"s airspace yet again


The Minister of the Interior, Ana Revenco, points finger at Moscow: "Energy blackmail, false bomb alerts, and media propaganda aim to destabilize"


The doctor who allegedly claimed bribes from cancer patients demands money from journalists // The claims are in the millions


SIS confirms the statements of Volodymyr Zelenski: "Subversive activities have been identified with the aim of undermining the state of the Republic of Moldova"


The EU, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the USA reconfirm their support for judicial reform in Moldova to strengthen the rule of law


Three Moldovan citizens - a woman and two minor children - died in the earthquake in Turkey