"The US Embassy is proud to support the Republic of Moldova’s European path. //  Addres by  the US Ambassador to Chişinău, participant of the "European Moldova" Assembly

US Ambassador Kent D. Logsdon participated in the National Assembly "European Moldova", held on Sunday in Chisinau. “The U.S. Embassy is proud to support the Republic of Moldova’s European path. Ambassador Logsdon joined today’s gathering in Chisinau to demonstrate our commitment to work with Moldova to build a democratic, prosperous,

Cornelia Cozonac

The designated Prime Minister presented the new government team


OSCE, declaration of support for the Republic of Moldova in addressing security challenges


After the Serbs, it was the turn of the Montenegrins. A group of boxers, forced to make a return trip from Chisinau Airport


Football match, without spectators. Saboteurs from Serbia were going to arrive in the Republic of Moldova with a group of supporters


Ex-president Igor Dodon remains without a judge, as resignations at the Supreme Court of Justice have been occurring in succession


Moldovan magistrates have been left without a judicial self-administration body


Expert: "There is a perception that the SIS was controlled by the intelligence services of the Russian Federation"


Maia Sandu dots the i"s: "The status of neutrality does not mean that we should not defend ourselves"


Russian missiles volate the sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova"s airspace yet again