Gheorghe Brega, Moldova’s ad interim Prime Minister

Victoria Dodon

Liberal MP Gheorghe Brega, deputy prime minister for social issues in the Government Strelet, was appointed ad interim Prime Minister by the President on Friday, October 30. The decision was taken after the Parliament gave a non- confidence vote to the Cabinet of Ministers led by the Liberal Democrat Valeriu Strelet.

During 1989-2004, Brega was head of the Department of Urology and a surgeon-urologist after in a private health center. In 2009, he decided to enter politics, becoming MP on the lists of the Liberal Party and being elected deputy prime minister for social affairs in the Government of Strelet on July 30, 2015.

According to financial disclosure statement, in 2014 MP Gheorghe Brega raised a salary of over 155,000 lei and incomes estimated at 100,000 from allowances and pensions. The Liberal owns outside the built-up areas in Criuleni, Dubasari, a flat with a surface of ​​78 square meters, a garage and a car Opel Astra made in 1998.

Involved in many scandals

Brega's name figured in a scandal on the pharmaceutical market, reports. Thus, in summer 2012, the MP accused the Romanian pharmaceutical company Balkan Pharmaceuticals of producing poor quality drugs. According to him, the company is favored at registration of its medicines and wins tenders for the purchase of medicines in state health institutions, in spite of high prices. The company from Romania said that his accusations are groundless, implying that Brega himself has interests in the pharmaceutical market and protects certain drug companies.

In early 2013, MP Brega came with a controversial initiative to amend the Law on drugs, the Criminal Code and Contravention Code.  The daily newspaper "Adevarul" Moldova made reference to experts who said that Brega’s idea​​ is an obstacle to domestic production of medicines and provides a legal loophole to small traffickers of drugs and psychotropic substances and abolished them from criminal punishment.

The MP proposed that the law is supplemented by a new chapter – “Preventing and Combating Illicit Manufacturing and trafficking in doping substances with high risk "by inserting an annex of a few pages with “high-risk” substances, including marijuana, hashish and cocaine, which the MP claims that they can be used in healthcare. Both the Government and the National Anti-Corruption Centre rejected this bill, but the Liberal insisted on the document to be voted in Parliament.

In the same year, media wrote that in 2003 when he was head of Department at the Institute of Oncology, the newly interim prime minister assaulted a nurse on the halls of the institution. Brega hit the woman and caused an intracranial hemorrhage, wrote Adevarul. According to the newspaper, the director of the hospital in that period requested the dismissal of the doctor, but Gheorghe Brega challenged the order at the Court of Appeal getting a favorable judgment. Subsequently, the Supreme Court of Justice disqualified the conclusions of the judges and considered the decision of the Court of Appeal as illegal.

Victoria Dodon