Corrupted MPs and politics on Bac

Cornelia Cozonac

The year that has just begun, made us hopeless. The MPs made us understand that chaos will continue in Moldova and all of us, who pay taxes, will pay for the bills.

I do not use to label someone as a criminal until I have a court decision. The current situation and the way the MPs, who are paid from our money to work for citizens, do policy in their personal, group, party or oligarchs’ interests make me say that what officials do, is a crime and professional law bodies should punish them. In the absence of an independent judiciary, of some professional anti-corruption institutions, we can only make use of freedom to call a spade a spade and ask the competent institutions to do their job.

Three banks were stolen, billions disappeared in the country but the MPs pretend that they do not know anything. Moreover, they make parliamentary majorities and defy basic rules of democracy and parliamentary norms. The criminal bodies are responsible to decide whether the parliamentary majority must vote or not at the command of someone. 

Structure of the Parliament is the expression of the citizens’ vote in parliamentary elections. Any parliamentary majority created after the elections must be suspected of corruption and anti-corruption institutions must handle this case. Several local and international experts say the same. This arrangement is a very dangerous precedent. That means that anyone who has a lot of money can buy a parliamentary majority (!) to vote what one needs.  In the last two years more than 20 billion dollars from Russia were laundered through the Republic of Moldova. The billion (apparently there's not only one) was stolen from local banks and reached somewhere or is used for certain purposes. Repulsive. Stolen money is not used to do something for the country, people ... And all these parliamentary majorities set based on corruption, all these alliances do not work for the benefit of citizens and, especially, to make democratic laws.

If the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) comes to Moldova, I believe it will discover very fast the interests of the shadow architects of parliamentary majorities created lately in the Parliament in Chisinau would investigate the case of money and would say where the money is. Then, they will sue to law the criminals. Maybe, we should ask DNA to investigate the politicians with Romanian citizenship in Chisinau? They do all kinds of criminal schemes wherever they are, and this damages the image of Romania.

In the absence of professional anti-corruption structures in Chisinau, we can only hope that change will come sometime. But that does not mean you should give up, bow or run away. Everyone must do as much as possible not to let someone to steal the country and the future. This country is not theirs; it is of our children, grandchildren and great grand-children. 

Cornelia Cozonac
2016-01-05 12:01:00