Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Three more judges and six prosecutors targeted by the National Integrity Authority

Irina Odobescu

The assets of six prosecutors and three judges are targeted by the National Integrity Authority (ANI), after the institution took act of the investigations of the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJM).

Six control procedures include prosecutors from the General Prosecutor's Office, prosecutors from Chisinau, Causeni and Ungheni. In the others, there are three judges, two of them from the Chisinau Court of Appeal and one from the Ungheni Court.

Of the nine officials subject to verification, ANI communicated to only the name of Ion Ghizdari, the magistrate from Ungheni. The name of the judge is referred to in the investigation of the Wealthy Sponsors of Magistrates. In the investigation, the journalists wrote about Ion Ghizdari, who last year benefited from donations worth over 100,000 lei from his parents.

On the name of one of the judges of the Chisinau Court of Appeal, in respect of which a control procedure on property was started, a contravention case was initiated for not filing the statement on assets and personal interests.

The portal published during the current year several investigations about the judges' property. In the investigation The favorite cars of the magistrates from the hierarchically superior courts, the Center of Investigative Journalism wrote about the cars that the judges bought in the pandemic year. Respectively, the magistrates from the courts of first instance took older cars, and those from the hierarchically superior courts preferred luxury cars.

The investigation The rich sponsors of the magistrates are about the expensive gifts and the amounts of tens of thousands of euros that the magistrates received through donations from parents, in-laws, brothers, sisters or other close relatives. Almost every fourth judge indicated donations of cars or real estate received from close people.

The investigation "Poor" prosecutors with apartments, houses and tens of thousands of euros donated by parents and relatives shows that every fourth prosecutor in the Republic of Moldova reported in his 2020 statement on property that he received donations from parents, in-laws, brothers, sisters or other close relatives.

Irina Odobescu

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