Electoral promises during new round of debates “You vote for you on ProTV”


If the Party of Development and Unity of Moldova enters Parliament, it will not form an alliance with parties that are against the European integration, the party’s leader Ion Chicu, former Prime Minister, promised in a new round of electoral debates “You vote for you on ProTV. The leader of the People Power Party Ruslan Codreanu said his party will plead for the development of education and modernization of the health system, while the representative of the Party “Democracy at Home” expressed his conviction that his party will contribute to forming a pro-European majority in the future Parliament, IPN reports.

PDCM leader Ion Chicu said the key priority of his party is to strengthen society and to encourage the Moldovans to remain at home. This objective can be achieved by creating jobs and an attractive environment for big investors. Chicu said his party will not form alliances with parties that do not support the European integration of the Republic of Moldova.

“We will form a coalition with the political parties that embrace the objectives stipulated in our program. First of all, we aim to reduce the tax burden on salaries, to ensure large investments in public infrastructure, roads, water, sewerage and to do the territorial-administrative reform. Here, I refer to the elimination of the second level of the local public administration – the 32 districts. We will surely not form a coalition with parties that openly say they take us to the Russia-Belarus Union as we realize that the Republic of Moldova has only the prospect of European integration,” Ion Chicu stated in the electoral debates “You vote for you on ProTV”.

In the debates, the representative of the Party “Democracy at Home” led by Vasile Costiuc denied the recent assertions of Pro Moldova leader Andrian Candu, who said that Costiuc received money from Vlad Plahotniuc for his political activity.

“Candu, Nichiforciuc, Rizea do nothing but attack those who pose a threat to their personal interests. By different acolytes, they attack the pro-European or Romanian parties that have the biggest chances of forming an anti-oligarchic, anti-system Government. If these political impostors make such statements, why don’t they provide evidence, as it is known that Plahotniuc filmed everyone taking bribe?” said Sergiu Burlacu, of the Party “Democracy at Home.

For his part, Ruslan Codreanu said his team is young and their electoral program was worked out following discussions with citizens from all Moldova’s settlements, who spoke about their problems.

“We founded the party two months ago and 80% of our mates hadn’t been involved in politics earlier. We are simple, sincere and different. We have three key priorities: the social block that includes education and healthcare; the sustainable development bloc that refers to the development of agriculture and small entrepreneurs, and the environment, which is the third priority,” stated Ruslan Codreanu, who runs for MP on behalf of the People Power Party.

The electoral debates “You vote for you on ProTV” are produced by ProTV Chisinau in cooperation with Promo-LEX Association, RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service, the portal Anticorupție.md, the online publication NewsMaker, IPN News Agency and the portal Privesc.eu.


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