Who are the winning candidates in uninominal constituencies Nb. 1-17

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Following the processing of almost 100% of the reports, 51 candidates in the uninominal constituencies will accede to the future legislative after the elections are validated. Reporters of the Anticorupţ portal compiled a profile about the candidates in uninominal constituencies and their property. 

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Zinaida Greceanii. Photo:

Constituency Nb. 1 - Briceni: ​Zinaida Greceanîi, PSRM. MP in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and leader of the PSRM, Greceanii’s activity was marked by a fulminating rise on the public hierarchy scale: from finance specialist in state structures to the seat of head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

In 2008 and 2009, the government led by Greceanii has illegally sealed a number of judgments on the allocation of public money, which were not state secrets. Most of the sealed decisions provided for the allocation of money from the Government's Reserve Fund.

An investigation conducted by the Center of Investigative Journalism in 2009 revealed that the allocations from the reserve fund of the Government favoured the Communist-led mayoralties, party representatives who promoted Zinaida Grecianii at that time.

Court of Auditors mentioned in its 2007-2009 reports that resources from the Reserve Fund are mismanaged. About other "blemishes" in the career of the PSRM candidate, read in a complex article carried by reporters of the Center of Investigative Journalism.

In the statement on assets and personal interests for the last two years, filed with the CEC, Zinaida Greceanii reported revenues of 283,000 lei from salary of MP, another 344,000 lei from allowances, pensions and indemnities, a rural land and a plot of 2,4 hectares, a house of 273 square meters valued at 1.1 million lei, two cars, one of which - into use.

Irina Lozovan. Photo:

Constituency No. 2 - Ocnița: Irina Lozovan, PSRM. She is a district councillor in Ocniţa district and town councillor in Otaci. In the 2014 elections she was Nb. 59 in the PSRM list.

Previously, the portal wrote that in the 2016 presidential campaign, Lozovan donated 35,000 lei to Igor Dodon. In the parliamentary elections from November 2014, the Ocniţa councillor donated 85,750 lei to the party.

According to the financial report of PSRM, published by CEC, Irina Lozovan donated 18,000 lei to the party in 2018. For the past two years, she declared income of 100,000 lei from PSRM, as well as compensations from Ocniţa District Council, amounting to 9,500 lei.

Lozovan reported two rural land plots, a 99.5 square meter house, and two cars purchased in 2006 and 2012 respectively, with 10,000 lei each.

Oleg Sirbu. Photo: CIJM

Constituency Nb.3 - Edineț: Oleg Sîrbu, PDM. Last year, he bought a few tens of land plots besides the 400 land plots which he owned. After he was elected MP, Sîrbu's companies received hundreds of contracts with state institutions. Oleg Sirbu is a member of the Democratic Party since 2007, and since March 2015 he has been chairman of the Edinet Territorial Organisation of the Democratic Party. He got his mandate of MP in 2009 and he served this post between 2011 -2014. Prior to joining Parliament, he held several senior positions in the private sector.

In January 2016, the portal wrote that 2 of the 9 companies owned by the MP were constant suppliers of food and fuel for three psycho-neurological hospitals in northern Moldova. All of them were managed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, that was headed by a PDM representative in 2013-2015.

In the statement submitted to the CEC (1 January 2017 - 27 December 2018) as electoral candidate, Sîrbu reported a cumulative income of 312,000 lei from the salary of the MP and 64,000 lei- the salary of his wife employed in Vlados Com, one of family’s businesses. During this time, 6.6 million Gloria Qvarc dividends came into the family budget. The statement also includes a profit of 4,650 lei from the sale of the cereal collection company in the Rediul Mare village.

Also, Sîrbu family received in 2017 -2018 an income of 660,000 lei from the rent of the auto transport division no. 12 in Edinet. More than 70 land plots are listed in the statement, out of which 48 were acquired over the past year, a house, 2 apartments and 9 cars, of which 2 minibuses, 6 buses and a Mercedes-Benz car, at very low price of 3,500 and 35,000 lei. In 2016, Sîrbu contracted a half-million-dollar loan, due to be paid until 2021, at 7.52% interest rate.

Vladimir Mizdrenco. Photo:

Constituency Nb.4 - Râșcani: Vladimir Mizdrenco, PSRM. He is the president of the Socialist faction in the Rascani district and the leader of the party's territorial organization. The portal has previously revealed that Mizdrenco is 30 years old and he is the economic adviser of Moldovan MP Alexandr Nesterovschi. In 2010-2016 she worked as a vice-director of the company Bonacta SRL in Râşcani, founded by her family. In the presidential election campaign in 2016, Mizdrenco donated 53,800 lei to Igor Dodon.

For 2017-2018, Vladimir Mizdrenco reported revenues of only 66,000 lei, from salary, indemnities and income from agricultural land. Mizdrenco reported four plots, obtained in 2017, whose value he did not mention. He does not own aby house or car, reads the statement on property.

Ion Leucă. Photo:

Constituency Nb.5 - Glodeni: Ion Leucă, PDM. He is the president of the Glodeni district and he was promoted by the Democratic Party in Moldova. According to the Moldova Curata Portal, after the military service, Leuca worked as a senior inspector at the Glodeni Police Division. Also, he served as head of the Vehicle Registration and Driver Qualification Section of the "CRIS Registru" State Enterprise, Balti branch.

In the statement on property and personal interests for the last 2 years, Ion Leuca reported income of 592,000 lei from his and his wife’s salary, a rural land plot, a house, a garage, an apartment valued at almost half a million lei and 2 cars with a total value of 265 thousand lei.

Corneliu Padnevici. Photo:

Constituency Nb.6 - Drochia: Corneliu Padnevici, PDM. He is the president of PDM's Drochia Territorial Organization. Before he acceded the Parliament in 2015, he was the manager of the ÎCS Codru SRL, that manages the hotel with the same name in the centre of Chisinau, about which the press wrote that it is owned by Plahotniuc. About the real estate affairs and controversial laws signed by Padnevici, read a complex article carried out by journalists of the Centre of Investigative Journalism.

In the statement on property for the last two years, presented to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), Corneliu Padnevici reported income of 302,000 lei from salary, another 1,3 million - from the sale of a real estate, over 3.000 lei from the lease of a plot, about 38,000 lei from allowances, and 5000 Euros - donations accumulated as a result of family events.

Padnevici also reported six plots, two flats, one of 117.5 square meters, valued at 52,500 Euros and another one of 71,9 square meters, which he owns with another 3 people. The Democrat MP has a Skoda Superb, bought in leasing in 2015.

Alla Pilipetcaia. Photo:

Constituency Nb.7 - Soroca: Alla Pilipețcaia, PSRM. She is the president of the PSRM Territorial Organization in the Soroca district and the director of the company Debut-Sor SRL in Soroca, specialized in the production of sausages. In the last 3 years and since Pilipeţcaia was elected a town councillor in the Soroca City Hall, the company managed by her, won 10 tenders worth over 800,000 lei in Soroca district.

Alla Pilipețcaia reported for the last two years income of 422,000 lei of her salary and of her husband’s salary and pension. More than half a million lei went into the family budget as dividends from the company Debut-Sor SRL. The Socialist MP also reported two rural plots, a house and 5 other dwellings, without any other details.

Eugeniu Nichiforciuc. Photo:

Constituency Nb.8 - Florești: Eugeniu Nichiforciuc, PDM. According to the profile of the Campaign for a Clean Parliament, he was previously a member of the Communist Party, then he joined the Moldova Unita Party, thus, he followed former communist MP Vladimir Turcan.

In the early parliamentary elections of November 28, 2010 he was candidate No. 62 on the list of the Moldova Unita Party. But after this faction did not pass the electoral threshold, in March 2011, Nichiforciuc joined the PDM.

According to the statement on property and personal interests for the past two years, the companies which were founded by Eugeniu Nichiforciuc - SRL Trans Agent Grup, SRL Construct Agent Grup and SRL Max Ball - are profitable, having dividends worth 2.5 million lei from their activity. To this income is added his salary and his wife’s salary and the allowances of over 522,000 lei from the seat of MP, as well as another 350,000 from the sale of a Land Rover Discovery car.

Nichiforciuc's wife received two large sums of money in the last two years - 50,000 Euros and 108,000 lei from family parties. As for real estate, Nichiforciuc indicated 3 apartments, one of which he owns, and the second one is residential.

The Democrat drives a car Audi Q5 by proxy, valued at 729,000 lei. He will repay by 2021 a 200,000 lei loan, contracted in 2016 at 7.48% interest rate.

Alexandr Usatii. Photo:

Constituency Nb.9 - Bălți: Alexandr Usatîi, PSRM. He is the director of the “Soluţia” charity fund in Balti. portal has previously written that Usatîi participated in May 2018 in the electoral race for mayor of Balti and accrued only 19.17% of the votes.

He was director of the School No. 12 in Balti for 30 years. Between 2007 and 2015, he was deputy mayor of Bălţi, between 2003 and 2007 and from 2015 to present- municipal councillor. From 2003 to April 2015, he represented the Party of Communists.

"He was dismissed from the post of deputy-mayor by the vote of the majority of communist councillors because he did not plan well the actions of celebrating the" liberation of the city by the fascist occupation ".

In fact, the change would have been linked to Usatii's closeness to the Party of Socialists, reads the local newspaper "Spros i predlojenie". In 2016, in the presidential elections, Usatii donated 32,000 lei to Igor Dodon.

For the past two years he declared income of 246,000 lei from his salary and his wife’s salary, indemnities and interest. Usatîi reported a rural plot, a house of 317.6 square meters, estimated at 5.4 million lei, an apartment of 52.8 square meters and a building of 51 square meters, owned in proportion of 1/5, a garage and an apartment that he inherited last year. Usatiii has two cars purchased in 2003 and 2015, respectively.

Alexandr Nesterovschi. Photo:

Constituency Nb.10 - Bălți: Alexandr Nesterovschi, PSRM. The MP came to Legislative, being No. 24 in the list of PSRM. To secure his seat as a deputy, Nesterovschi donated 82,450 lei to the party, almost three times as much as his two-year income, reads an investigation conducted by the Center of Investigative Journalism. In 2016, in the presidential election, the deputy donated 72,750 lei to Igor Dodon.

Another investigation, conducted by the CIJM reporters revealed that the MP's mandate enriched Nesterovschi, who was very poor when he came to the Legislative. "According to the statement on property for 2014, he had neither a house nor a car or money in the accounts.

A year later, the MP had already a car - a Mitsubishi Outlander, manufactured in 2004, for which he would have paid only 25,000 lei. In 2016, he also had an apartment of 53.9 square meters, which he received through a donation contract", said the reporters.

In the statement of Nesterovschi for the last 2 years submitted to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), he reported income of 552,000 lei, from salary and allowances. Another 25,000 he received from the incomes of the company founded by him - Fama Glamosa SRL. The statement does not include information about the apartment and the Mitsubishi car, without indicating a possible income from their sale. He reported another car, Ford, which he bought last year with 150,000 lei.

Oleg Savva. Photo:

Constituency Nb.11 - Fălești: Oleg Savva, PSRM. He is MP in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova in the PSRM faction. According to his CV published on the website of the Legislative, before he acceded the Parliament, he was a lawyer, president of the Territorial Organization of the PSRM, president of the Afghanistan War Veterans Union of Falesti, and in the 90s he worked as a controller in Falesti Town Hall. In the 2011 local elections, he competed for the seat of mayor of Falesti but he only accrued 201 votes, which is about 5% of the votes.

Portal has previously revealed that Oleg Savva acceded to Parliament with more than modest incomes. That did not prevent him from "helping" the party with thousands of lei, money he would have received himself as a donation. The performances in the Legislative of the Socialist MP are also modest.

Savva proposed several draft laws for war veterans, but they received a negative opinion from the government and were later withdrawn. About other "blemishes" in the career of the PSRM candidate, read a complex article carried out by reporters of the Center of Investigative Journalism.

Oleg Savva has reported for the past two years 322,000 lei in earnings from his salary and his wife’s salary, from allowances and compensations. He also reported a rural plot and a house with auxiliary construction.

Gheorghe Brasovschi. Photo:

Constituency Nb.12 - Sângerei: Gheorghe Brașovschi, PDM. According to the profile of the Campaign for a Clean Parliament, he has been a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union starting with 1988.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, he did not join any party, but he backed the PCRM. He worked as a manager of the canning plant in Singerei town between 2000 -2003. Subsequently, he served two consecutive mayoral mandates obtained in 2003 and 2007. In the parliamentary elections in April 2009 he ran on the lists of the Party of Communists (No. 61).

In November 2014, he ran for a new mandate of MP with Nb. 35 on the PDM list but he did not accede to the Parliament. In the summer of 2015, the PDM Territorial Organization proposed him for the seat of mayor of Sangerei.

During his activity as mayor in 2010, the Court of Auditors conducted an audit and identified a number of irregularities at the Sangerei Town Hall: ignoring legal tender procedures, irregular payments to capitalize on investments and capital repairs, and some expenses related to culture measures involved fraud risks.

The Court of Auditors presented the report in 2011, when Gheorghe Braşovschi had already left the post of mayor.

As MP, Braşovschi figured in the autumn of 2013 among the 47 deputies who asked the government to allocate a plot for the construction of a residential block. One square meter in such a home would cost 300 Euros, while the market value of the housing in Chisinau was 700 euro / m2.

In March 2014, this request became public and generated a scandal. Only two PL deputies withdrew from that list.

In the latest statement of assets and interests for 2017-2018 submitted to the CEC, Braşovschi indicates revenues of 462,000 lei from his salary and his wife’s salary and from plots leasing.

As for real estate, the candidate indicates 10 plots with a surface of 5.4 hectares, a rural plot and two apartments. He also reported a Viper-125 motorcycle and a Volvo XC 90 car, estimated at 210,000 lei, which he owns by proxy.

Eleonora Graur. Photo:

Constituency Nb.13 - Rezina: Eleonora Graur, PDM. She is the president of Rezina district. The profile within the Campaign for A Clean Parliament shows that in 2011, PDM submitted Eleonora Graur for the seat of the president of the Rezina district. She was born in the village of Cuizăuca.

In the local elections in 2015, she was again proposed by the Democrats and was voted by councillors for this seat. According to her CV, for a decade (1997-2007), Graur held several positions at the State Agrarian University of Moldova.

From 2008 to 2011, she worked at the Ministry of Education, as head of the Information Systems, Standards and Educational Registers Division.

Graur is vice-president of the Democratic Party, but also president of the PDM Territorial Organization in Rezina district. In 2010, while she was working at the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova, she donated 34,000 lei to the party.

According to the Financial Report of the PDM, for the referendum from 5 September 2010, her husband, representative of Danaomix SRL, donated 90,000 lei. Cumulatively, in that electoral campaign the Graur family donated 124,000 lei.

Eleonora Graur was targeted in journalistic investigations in the local and national press. At the beginning of 2018, the regional newspaper "Cuvântul" wrote about the involvement of the Rezina district leadership in the cover up of some modernization works of some school institutions in the district. In the statement on property for the past two years, Graur reported salary income in the amount of 279,000 lei. She also indicated 15 plots, a house, a construction, a rented apartment, and a Volvo XC60, bought in 2016 with 220,000 lei.

Maria Ciobanu. Photo:

Constituency Nb.14 - Telenești: Maria Ciobanu, Electoral Block ACUM. She is MP in the faction of PLDM in the Parliament. According to the profile of the Campaign for A Clean Parliament, until 2010, when she was elected to Parliament on the PLDM lists, Ciobanu worked for public education. According to her CV, published on the Parliament's website, since 1977, she served twice (1992-1994, 2007-2010) as Head of the Nisporeni Education, Youth and Sports Division.

Maria Ciobanu's political career started in 2007, when she became a member of the Social-Liberal Party (PSL), led by Oleg Serebrian. After PSL merged with PDM in February 2008, she joined the Liberal-Democratic Party of Moldova. Currently, she is a deputy chairperson of this party.

During the parliamentary activity, Ciobanu criticised the MPs who quitted the parties they came to the Parliament and joined PDM, thus they contributed to the set up of the parliamentary majority dominated by the PDM.

In February 2018, she announced that she had been threatened with physical abuse if she continued to tell her views. The MP lodged a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office in connection with this case.

In the statement on property for the past two years, Ciobanu reported income of 436,000 lei from the salary of MP, pension and indemnity, as well as a bank account with 170,000 lei. She also owns a plot, a house and an apartment.

Nicolae Ciubuc. Photo:

Constituency No. 15 - Călărași: Nicolae Ciubuc, PDM. He is the Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment starting with September 2018. According to the profile of the Campaign for a Clean Parliament, before he joined the Filip Government, Ciubuc was acting director of the Agency for Payments and Interventions in Agriculture (AIPA), structure subordinated to this Ministry.

After he graduated the faculty, in 2004 he started work at the Ministry of Agriculture. He was member of the PLDM team. In the 2015 local elections, he became a district councillor in Nisporeni on behalf of this party.

In 2015, the National Integrity Commission (the current National Integrity Authority) investigated into the property of Nicolae Ciubuc, following a petition filed by a person, who claimed that Nicolae Ciubuc did not report his house and his car. Then Nicolae Ciubuc was deputy head of AIPA.

According to CNI's statement, Ciubuc explained that, in the absence of his own house, he lives since 2014 in the house of his brother-in-law, settled in Italy. As a result of the checks, CNI found that Ciubuc did not report 5 salary bank accounts but closed the case by invoking "no intentional breach".

According to the statement of assets and personal interests for the past two years, the Democrat MP would have earned 777,000 lei of his salary and his wife’s salary, indemnities and dividends from incomes.

He has a rural plot, a home, a garage and a building, and a BMW car valued at five thousand euros. In 2017, he took two loans - one worth two thousand euros, which he has to pay back by 2020, and the second, worth 150,000 lei, to be paid back by 2019.

Ludmila Guzun. Photo:

Constituency Nb.16 - Ungheni: Ludmila Guzun, PDM. She is the president of Ungheni district. She was elected for this office after she was member of 3 parties in succession.

According to the profile carried out under the Campaign for a Clean Parliament, Guzun started working in 1983 at the Rozmiar canning factory, as chief economist.

In 2005, she became president of the Territorial Union of the Agroindsind Trade Union, and for two years she was promoted to the post of vice-president of the Ungheni district, on behalf of the Moldova Noastra Alliance Party. In 2011, she served as Deputy Mayor of Ungheni on behalf of PLDM. From 2012, when she was appointed Chief of Moldtelecom Ungheni SA, she joined the Democratic Party in Moldova.

According to the Moldova Curata portal, Guzun was involved in a scandal related to the election of the director of the Ungheni district hospital. Former director of the hospital, Lidia Crăciun, member of PLDM, accused Guzun of being a member of the contest committee, alongside former Health Minister Ruxanda Glavan and favoured a PDM candidate for this position. Then, the president of Ungheni district rejected the accusations.

In the statement of assets and personal interests for the past two years, the PDM candidate reports incomes amounting to about 621,000 lei of her salary and her husband’s salary, allowances and pensions. Guzun reported a plot of six acres, a 70-square-meter apartment and a car.

Vladimir Plahotniuc. Photo:

Constituency Nb.17 - Nisporeni: Vladimir Plahotniuc, PDM.

According to the profile carried out under the Campaign for a Clean Parliament, before he was elected MP, Plahotniuc served as Chairman of Victoriabank's Board of Directors and vice-president of “Petrom Moldova” Company.

He appeared in the political life of the Republic of Moldova in the early parliamentary elections of November 28, 2010. He held the mandate of deputy and deputy chairman of the Parliament for about two years, then gave up the seats in the Legislative for personal reasons.

In the 2014 elections, he was again elected on the PDM lists, but a year later, he again gave up his mandate. In December 2010, he was elected deputy chairman of the PDM, in December 2016 - chairman of PDM and in March 2017 – deputy-chairman of the Socialist International.

Though he is one of the richest people in the party, Plahotniuc officially donated only two times to the party's budget - in the 2014 parliamentary elections- nearly one million lei, and in local elections in 2011 - 300,000 lei.

In January 2016, the party proposed him to the post of PM, but his candidacy was rejected by the then president Nicolae Timofti.

Plahotniuc was target of a single control by the National Integrity Commission - in 2013, after he has already quitted his mandate, but was still subject to control. CNI started the checks after two articles were published in the press: one in, running that he would own indirectly several companies, but these are not included in his statement on property and the second on the portal, about the block where Plahotniuc and his family lived, as well as about a few companies owned by the politician. On 26 December 2013, the CNI closed the case, "in connection with the lack of violation of the legal status of income and statements on property ".

In September 2014, a communist MP and RISE Moldova published photos showing Plahotniuc with several people of his entourage at the gate of a house in Scez, France. The deputy claimed that Plahotniuc did not report the house / villa on the shores of Lake Geneva, registered on his wife’s name when he was MP. He filed a complaint with the National Integrity Commission to start a control, by presenting copies of documents that would prove the belonging to Plahotniuc's family. A few days later, CNI announced that it did not start a check because it did not receive the originals of the documents as attachments, but only the copies.

In September 2018, RISE Moldova wrote that the Plahotniuc family owned two villas directly or through companies, on the shores of Lake Leman, one on the Swiss shores of the lake and the other on the French bank. The first was bought in 2012 and the second was bought in 2008. The second property is the same which the Communist MP revealed in 2014. Another property in France, owned by a company whose beneficiary is the family of the leader of PDM is a cottage in the Alps, Les Houches. The property was bought in 2012. The last property revealed by RISE is a house in Bucharest. None of the properties owned abroad are included in the statements on property submitted in recent years by Vladimir Plahotniuc. The PDM leader did not comment on the RISE findings.

A study carried out by 4 civil society organizations - Transparency International, the Legal Resources Center, IDIS Viitorul and the ADEPT Center - titled " State Capture - the Case of the Republic of Moldova", shows that since Plahotniuc came to power in Moldova, he subordinated to himself all state institutions.

This article was written in the framework of the project “Promoting an informed and conscious vote in the parliamentary elections through a monitoring and information campaign "For a Clean Parliament 2018", implemented by ADEPT, API, CAPC and CIJM with the financial support of the Soros Foundation Moldova / Good Governance Department. The activities undertaken within the project are the responsibility of the implementers and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the Soros-Moldova Foundation.

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