Who are the winning candidates in uninominal constituencies Nb.18-34

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Author: Mariana Colun
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Following the processing of almost 100% of the reports, 51 candidates in the uninominal constituencies will accede to the future Legislative after the elections are validated. Reporters of the Anticorupţ portal compiled these candidates’ profile, their welfare and scandals targeting them.

About the winners in the constituencies Nb. 1-17, read here, and about the winners in the constituencies Nb.35-51, read here.

Ilan Shor. Photo:

Constituency Nb.18 - Orhei: Ilan Shor, Shor Party. Shor came to attention due to the problems with the law, the threats to the journalists and the opposition, as well as the praise of the achievements of Orhei Town Hall.

The candidate appears to be accused and indicted in at least two criminal cases related to bank fraud. The first one, on May 6, 2015, was set for abuse of power with serious consequences, and the second, on June 22, 2016 - for fraud in large proportions and money laundering.

In the first case, the investigation is still on the table of prosecutors, and in the second case, he has already been convicted by the Chişinău Court. The accusation of Mayor of Orhei has undergone changes along the way. The court re-assessed the "fraud in particularly large proportions" (punishable by 8-15 years imprisonment under the Criminal Code) in "causing damage through deception or abuse of trust of particularly high proportions, if the deed is not an appropriation "(for which the Penal Code provides for up to three years of imprisonment) and money laundering in particularly large proportions.

Finally, Shor was sentenced to seven and a half years of imprisonment in a semi-closed penitentiary. Currently, the file is at Cahul Court of Appeal.

According to his latest statement of assets for 2017-2018, submitted to the CEC in the context of the parliamentary elections, Shor owns a residential plot with a 201.8 square meter house and a garage, purchased in 2014 and evaluated at 4.8 million lei. He also owns three apartments: one of 158 square meters, purchased in 2000 with 942,000 lei, another of 239,4 square meters, purchased in 2013 with 824,000, and the third one of 57 square meters from 2002, with the value of 162,000 lei.

He reports 3 cars in his statement on property: a 2010 Bentley Continental, purchased in 2014 with 2.5 million lei, a GAZ 2410 from 1988, bought in 2014 by five thousand lei, and part of a Toyota Runner in 1997 inherited in 2006. As far as income is concerned, Shor reported the salary of the mayor amounted at 124,000 lei and his wife's incomes of almost 4 million roubles. 

Though, he keeps nearly half a million dollars, a thousand dollars and nine thousand euros in bank accounts, Shor has contracted several loans over the past years: 18 million lei in 2015, due to be paid by 2020, 349,000 lei in 2016, due to be paid by 2021. In 2016 and in 2017, he contracted two other loans worth 16 million lei, which he had to repay by 2021 and 2022, respectively. Last year, the mayor from Orhei has borrowed 20 million lei, due to be paid by 2023.

Marina Tauber. Photo:

Constituency Nb.19 - Ivancea: Marina Tauber, Shor Party. She is the mayor of Jora de Mijloc village, Orhei district, and the deputy chair-person of the Shor Party. The name of Marina Tauber, former chairman of the Moldovan Tennis Federation, appears in the Kroll 1 report on theft of a billion dollars from 3 devalued banks.

She is known for attacks to press. In August 2018, in a protest action held in Orhei, she attacked journalists from Radio Orhei, calling for violence and rage with the uncomfortable press.

The name of Marina Tauber is found in the Kroll 1 report, among the beneficiaries of the bank fraud. According to the report, Marina Tauber, together with other Unibank shareholders, would have acted concertedly for the benefit of Ilan Shor.

As proof, the investigators mention funding sources of a group of people who in 2012 became minority shareholders of the bank. Thus, a part of them borrowed money from 2 banks in Latvia to buy shares.

In an electoral debate, organized in April 2010 by Pro TV, Tauber confirmed that she had taken loans from the ABLV bank in Latvia. About other "blemishes" in Marina Tauber’s biography, read a complex article carried out by reporters of the Center of Investigative Journalism. In the statement on property for the past 2 years, Tauber showed incomes of only 78,000 lei from salary. She also reported her apartment with a 7/18 share. In 2017, the candidate of the Shor Party contracted a loan of 450,000 lei, due to be paid by 2020.

Pavel Filip. Photo: Alexandru Tarlev

Constituency Nb.20 - Strășeni: Pavel Filip, PDM. He was proposed to the post of Prime Minister by the former president Nicolae Timofti after Plahotniuc's candidacy was rejected. That same day he was appointed. Filip government was invested in the afternoon of January 20 at a special session of Parliament. Filip government was invested amid ample protests.

Pavel Filip became the Minister of Information Technology and Communications in 2011. He was the director of the Bucuria Factory between 2001 and 2008. Until then, for ten years, he held several positions in the same enterprise. Later, in 2008, he took over the management of Tutun-CTC enterprise until he was appointed minister.

Pavel Filip's name appeared in several investigations of the Center of Investigative Journalism, which revealed that the dignitary's family owned several companies and that the minister leased a forest area in the Danceni-Sociteni area. Ziarul de Garda wrote about the luxury house where the designated prime minister currently lives, a real estate registered on one of his son’s name.

Filip was targeted by the CNI after Ziarul National wrote that Pavel Filip sells a house at the price of 179,000 euros in Chisinau, registered on his wife’s name. This, in spite of the fact that in the declarations on property for 2012 and 2013, the official has indicated that the cadastral value of the house is about 943,000 lei. The Commission closed the case, noting that the official has not violated the law. According to the statement on property, the house was sold in 2014 at the price of three million lei.

According to the statement on property for 2017-2018, in the last two years, the politician had one million lei in earnings from his salary of PM and his wife’s salary. He also reports eight urban and two rural plots, a construction and two residential houses, one of 54 square meters and another one of 316 square meters, valued at 2.8 million lei. All real estate is in possession and into use. Starting with 2007, the PM owns a BMW X5, valued at 400,000 lei.

Lilian Carp. Photo:

Constituency Nb.21 - Criuleni: Lilian Carp, Electoral Block ACUM. He was a deputy of the faction of the Liberal Party. The profile of the Campaign for a Clean Parliament shows that Lilian Carp is a teacher.

He was head of the Cabinet of Chisinau Mayor's Office (2009-2014), a PL adviser in the Straseni District Council (2011-2014) and a member of the Administration Board of the Municipal Enterprise Apă-Canal Chişinău S.A. (2012-2014).

He was advisor of the mayor Dorin Chirtoaca. In the 2014 parliamentary elections, he was Nb.10 on the list of the Liberal Party. Also, he was on the electoral list of the PL in April 2009, July 2009 and November 2010 elections.

In April 2017, he withdrew from the parliamentary majority and criticized the merging of the PL with the PD at power. Shortly afterwards, he started working for the PAS.

For 2017-2018, Carp declared $ 626,000 in earnings from his salary and his wife’s salary. He reported an apartment with an area of 90.3 square meters, as well as 2 cars, whose total value amounts to 91.000.

Liviu Vovc. Photo:

Constituency Nb.22 - Ialoveni: Liviu Vovc, Electoral Block ACUM. Architect by profession and founder of the "Decid" Public Association. According to the profile of the Campaign for a Clean Parliament, he is deputy chairman of the Dignity and Truth Platform Party (PPDA) and one of the initiators of the 2015 protests.

He graduated the Political Academy "Friedrich Ebert Stiftung" and the ADEPT Young Political Leadership School. Currently, he is a PhD student in Political and Social Sciences at the State University of Moldova.

In the declaration on property for the last two years, the only income of the Vovc family came from his wife's salary, the doctoral scholarship and indemnities, in all, 101,000 lei. The candidate also reported two plots and one apartment.

Oleg Lipskii. Photo:

Constituency Nb.23 – Chișinău, Botanica: Oleg Lipskii, PSRM. He is a deputy in the Parliament and a vice-president of the Union of Transporters and Roadmen of Moldova. The Socialist is the author of several legislative initiatives qualified as problematic by the National Anti-Corruption Center.

In the expertise reports of these projects, the CNA determined that there was identified an increased risk of corruptibility, activity to the detriment of the state interest or violation of fundamental human rights enshrined in the Constitution, reads a complex article carried out under the Campaign For a Clean Parliament.

Oleg Lipskii is a member of the Party of Socialists since the party set up. Within the PSRM, he is a member of the Executive Committee and of the Republican Council. From November 2015, he is also president of the PSRM Territorial Organization Chisinau. Prior to the seat of MP, he worked as a director of several companies in auto transportation field.

On November 13, 2014, Lipskii donated 90.5 thousand lei to the electoral fund of PSRM, which is about half of the revenues declared in 2012-2013.

In the 2016 presidential elections, he donated 75.5 thousand lei or almost half of his revenues for 2016.

We mention that in 2016, Lipskii purchased a car for 57,645 lei. In the new local elections in 2018, Lipskii donated 12,900 lei.

The CNA opinion identifies corrupt risk factors in the draft law amending and supplementing the Road Transport Code (articles 6, 11, 27, etc.) drafted by Lipskii and countersigned by several Socialist MPs. The document proposes to simplify the procedures for obtaining and extending the license for the transportation of goods and passengers against the cost and removing the legal provision in the Road Transport Code, which prohibits the use of re-used vehicles in the transportation of passengers. According to CNA's expertise, these changes cause risks of abuse and corruption. The bill was adopted. We remind that Lipskii is a shareholder in several freight and passenger transport companies. About other legislative initiatives by Lipskii, read here.

Oleg Lipskii indicated for the past two years revenues of 522,000 lei of his salary and wages, allowances and leasing of computing and cars.

Also in 2018 he received a generous inheritance - he got half of an apartment, a garage, a car, and 23% of SA Neptun shares.

The total amount of the inheritance amounts to 484,000 lei. Except the inherited buildings, Lipskii reported an apartment and a garage.

In addition to the inherited car, the socialist reported a car Chevrolet bought in 2016 with 57,000 lei, a Volkswagen purchased in 2010 with 30,000 lei and a Ravon Nexia 3, bought in 2017 with about 140,000 lei.

Vasile Bolea. Photo:

Constituency Nb.24 - Chișinău, Botanica: Vasile Bolea, PSRM. According to the profile of the Campaign For a Clean Parliament, Bolea is part of the Legal Commission, Appointments and Immunities, and is General Secretary of the PSRM faction in Parliament. Before joining politics, Bolea was a performance rugby player. In 2013, he ran for the seat of president of the Moldovan Rugby Federation but he was not admitted to the competition on the grounds that he did not pay membership fees for several years.

He graduated the "Stefan cel Mare" Police Academy, Faculty of Law, specialty economic law. He also got his master's degree in this institution. He received the lawyer license in 2017.

According to the Center of Investigative Journalism, during the electoral campaign for the 2014 parliamentary elections, Bolea donated 83,000 lei to the political party, that is, half of the revenues he declared for 2012-2013. In 2015, during the local election campaign, Bolea donated 95,000 lei to the PSRM budget.

Bolea is one of the authors of the draft law that MPs with at least ten years of experience in law, should practice law without passing an exam. The initiative caused riots among lawyers. Subsequently, the draft was withdrawn from Parliament.

In the statement submitted to the CEC, in the electoral campaign in 2019, Bolea reported incomes of 677,000 lei and six thousand euros of his salary and his wife’s salary, indemnities and the collection of a debt.

As for properties, the MP reports a plot and 3 apartments. Bolea family owns 2 cars - a Kia Rio and a Chevrolet Aveo, of 300,000 lei and 700,000 lei respectively. Last year, Bolea contracted a 25,000-euro credit, due to be paid by 2023 at 0% interest rate.

Inga Grigoriu. Photo:

Constituency Nb.25 - Chișinău, Centru-Botanica: Inga Grigoriu, Electoral Block ACUM. She is Vice President of the Platform of Dignity and Truth Party and founder of the "Decid" Public Association. Starting with 2015, she is a civic activist. In the last 15 years, she served as manager in several SRLs.

In the statement on property for the past two years, Grigoriu reported income of 116,000 lei from salary and intellectual property rights. She reported 4 plots and 1 plot for construction, as well as two houses, one of which is not finished yet.

Iurie Reniță. Photo:

Constituency Nb.26 - Chișinău, Centru-Buiucani: Iurie Reniță, Electoral Block ACUM. Reniţa was Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Romania, Serbia and Montenegro during 2010-2015, and later, from 2016 until 2017, he was ambassador to Belgium and NATO. He is currently unemployed.

Over the past two years, Iurie Renita has raised 867,000 lei of salary, car sale, pension, indemnity and interest. He reported an apartment of 108.4 square meters, valued at over half a million lei, and two cars, one of which was bought in 2017 and sold in 2018.

Vladimir Bolea. Photo:

Constituency Nb.27 - Chișinău, Buiucani: Vladimir Bolea, Electoral Block ACUM. Bolea is the president of the Chisinau municipal organization of the Action and Solidarity Party. By profession, he is historian and lawyer. At present, he is the director of SC GFC Holboca SRL specialised in trade activities. He is also the founder of the company.

In his statement on property and personal interests for 2017-2018, Vladimir Bolea reported revenues of 33,000 RONI, 505,000 lei and 20,000 euros. The revenues came from his salary and his wife’s salary, car rent and the signing of a divorce agreement.

He also reported a Honda car, which would have been bought in 2014 with just 10,000 lei (!). According to the CEC document, Bolea does not own any plot or house.

Vlad Batrîncea. Photo:

Constituency Nb.28 - Chișinău, Râșcani: Vlad Batrîncea, PSRM. His activity was marked by hate speech against foreigners, ethnic minorities and the LGBT community.

Batrincea entered politics in his youth, as the secretary of the PCRM Territorial Organization and, after joining PSRM, he was appointed executive secretary of this party. Though he has indicated modest incomes in his statements on property, he has been one of the most generous sponsors of the PSRM over the years, with sums exceeding thousands of lei.

For example, in 2012-2013, he reported 55,000 lei incomes from the "main job", and he donated 90,000 lei for the 2014 election campaign.

Batrâncea’s activity was marked by aggressive behavior, chauvinistic and xenophobic words, especially against the Romanians. Similar situation was registered in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova when, on March 10, 2016, he tore the map of Romania, motivating that the history of Romania, not that of Moldova, is being studied in school.

About other "blemishes" in the PSRM candidate's biography, read a complex article carried out by reporters of the Center of Investigative Journalism.

According to his latest statement on property for 2017-2018, submitted to the CEC in the context of the parliamentary elections, Batrincea has received in the last two years 461,000 lei from the salary of MP and indemnities. The MP reported a 1/3 share of the 94.8 square meter apartment which he owns. The value of the building is not indicated.

Adrian Lebedinschi. Photo:

Constituency Nb.29 - Chișinău, Râșcani-Centru: Adrian Lebedinschi, PSRM. He came in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova in October 2015 after his party colleague, Ion Ceban, quitted the mandate of MP in favour of that of adviser.

At the local elections in Chisinau on June 14, 2015 he was elected councillor in the Municipal Council of Chisinau on behalf of PSRM. Starting with 2009, he worked as a lawyer, and previously, he was an investigator and deputy commissioner at several police commissariats in Chisinau. Lebedinschi is one of the socialists who owns Romanian citizenship.

Lebedinschi came to the attention of the journalists in October 2017, after he organised a political activity for the students at the "Mihai Viteazul" Lyceum in Chisinau.

During the discussions with children and teachers, the politician advocated the dismissal of mayor Dorin Chirtoaca in the referendum to be held on 19 November 2017.

Asked by the reporters from, the deputy said that the order of Chisinau Education, Youth and Sport Directorate issued just one day before, which would allow him, under certain conditions, to hold such meetings, is OK.

In the statement on assets and personal interests filed with the Central Electoral Commission over the last two years, Lebedinschi reported a cumulative income of 338,000 lei plus the salary of 216,000 lei of his wife. The deputy also reported 191,000 lei as a pension for soldiers and a 23,000 indemnity from the Interior Ministry.

The deputy also reported an income of 197,000 lei from the sale of ½ of the apartment and a similar amount of his wife for the other half of the apartment.

The document also contains 13,000 lei from the sale of a garage. Similarly, it includes the sale of a plot without specifying the price. Lebedinschi owns four plots, two rural bought in 2014, and two urban plots. As for buildings and constructions, he reported 3 apartments, two of them obtained by donation contracts in 2005 and 2014, the third being purchased in 2010 at the price of 40,000 lei. The statement includes two cars - Hyundai Santa Fe and Mercedes E 220.

Dan Perciun. Photo:

Constituency Nb.30 - Chișinău, Ciocana: Dan Perciun, Electoral Block ACUM. He is the vice-president of the Party of Action and Solidarity and the president of the youth organization of this party. According to the profile of the Campaign For A Clean Parliament, Perciun is a graduate of Political Science, Psychology and Sociology at Cambridge University, UK (2014).

He is currently a senior consultant at Civitta's international consulting and management company. According to his CV, the first job after graduation was at the Ministry of Education, headed by Maia Sandu.

Perciun was the head of the e-transformation Department of the Ministry of Education, responsible for the implementation of educational projects in IT field, the development of digital competence standards for students and teachers, ensuring the opening of ministerial data, etc.

He left office on 30 October 2015 and has held no public office since then. He has worked as an expert evaluator, consultant, in projects at UNICEF, UNDP, European Commission, etc.

In the last statements on assets for 2017 and 2018 submitted to CEC, the candidate indicates an apartment of 78 square meters worth 630,000 lei, bought in 2017.

Dan Perciun also reports a donation of 25,000 euros and a 402,000 lei income from Civitta Moldova, while his wife earned 267,000 lei and 8,460 dollars from 3 jobs in the past 2 years.

In 2017, Perciun took a 420,000 lei loan, due to be paid by 2027, at 11,47% interest rate.

Grigore Novac. Photo:

Constituency Nb.31 - Chișinău, Ciocana-Râșcani: Grigore Novac, PSRM. He is MP in the PSRM faction. In 2011-2013 he was a lawyer at the “Solutia” Charity Foundation, and between 2013 and 2014 – lawyer of the Socialist Party.

Novac is a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Inter-Ethnic Relations. He is the signatory of several draft laws and legislative initiatives, including the one on the denunciation of the Association Agreement with the European Union (2014).

He signed this project with other Socialist colleagues. The project was examined in first reading, then it was withdrawn. He also signed a bill to repeal the Equality Act, which was also withdrawn (2016).

According to the profile made by the reporters of the Moldova Curata portal, since he became MP, Novac made himself conspicuous through his behavior. In May 2015, at a meeting of the Municipal Council, a group of socialists, including Grigore Novac, fought with local elected representatives, demanding the withdrawal of some land projects from the agenda.

The MP was not sanctioned. In April 2016, he shook his fist at the leader of the Liberal Party, Mihai Ghimpu. He defended from the tribune the project that would empower the mayor with increased competencies. Novac was not sanctioned, the reason being the absence of the Code of Ethics in Parliament.

In 2011, when he was a lawyer at the “Soluţia” Foundation, Novac gained a three acre land in Stauceni commune. The income statement of the socialist includes this plot valued at 80,000 lei. The land is part of the over 300 plots offered for free in 2010 by the Stauceni Local Council to the young families, as well as to the disadvantaged ones, in order to build dwellings. wrote that the socialists Novac, Marina Rădvan and Vladimir Odnostalco would have obtained plots based on fictitious marriages.

In the statement on assets and personal interests for the past two years, the PSRM candidate reported incomes of about 555,000 lei of his salary and his wife’s salary and from allowances. Novac reported the 3 acres plot and a car bought in 2015 with 113,000 lei. According to the statement on property, Novac does not own any house.

Mihai Popșoi. Photo:

Constituency Nb.32 - Chișinău, Suburbii Nord: Mihail Popșoi, Electoral Block ACUM. He is the vice-president of the Action and Solidarity Party. According to the profile of the Campaign For a Clean Parliament, he was a political analyst at the Jamestown Foundation (USA), a project manager at the NATO Office in Moldova and a political analyst at the US Embassy in Moldova.

He studied at universities from Italy (Milano), Great Britain (York), Hungary (Budapest) and at Moldova State University.

According to his statements on assets and interests, filed with the CEC on December 26, 2018, in the last two years he signed servicing contracts in the amount of 179,000 lei.

The money came from several sources, such as the Foreign Policy Association (EPA), the Konrad Adenauer and Friedrich Ebert foundations and the Institute for Strategic Initiatives. He also indicated his wife’s income of 345,000 lei. The family also owns an urban plot of 12 acres acquired in 2006, with cadastral value of 135,939 lei.

Also in 2006, a house and constructions were purchased and demolished. In 2012, he purchased an apartment of 65 square meters, at the price of 405,000 lei through a sale-purchase contract. He also bought an apartment of 29.5 meters in 2016.

Andrei Năstase. Photo:

Constituency Nb.33 - Chisinau, Suburbii Sud: Andrei Năstase, Electoral Block ACUM. He officially entered politics on December 13, 2015, when he was elected chairman of the Platform of Dignity and Truth (PPDA) on the same day by taking over and renaming the People's Force Party.

Most of the leaders of the Civic Platform "Dignity and Truth" that appeared a year earlier, in February 2015, joined this new party. The Civic Platform and later the party led by Năstase organized several anti-government protests in Chisinau between 2015-2016.

Nastase had not participated in the 2016 presidential election when he withdrew in favor of Maia Sandu. Subsequently, in 2018 local elections, he was the joint candidate of PPDA, the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) and the Solidarity and Action Party (PAS), led by Maia Sandu.

Although he won the elections, Nastase did not get the mayor's mandate after Judge Rodica Berdilo decided to invalidate the election on the grounds that he was campaigning on election day.

Nastase lives in a house in Codru town. Officially, according to cadastral data, the building is worth 2.23 million lei and was put into operation in 2014. The house is registered on his mother’s name, Anna, 79, who lives in Mandreşti village, Teleneşti.

Although registered on his mother's name, Năstase reported the house in the statements on property presented to the authorized bodies during the electoral campaigns in which he participated. About other details from Năstase's biography, read the profile conducted by the journalists of the portal Moldova Curata in the Campaign For a Clean Parliament.

In the statement on property for the past two years, Năstase indicated that during the last two years he had no official income. Instead, his wife, who lives with Năstase’s children in Germany, had an annual income of nearly 68,000 euros (1.33 million lei) from a German company, the statement does not reveal the name of the company. Also, Năstase family received 14,04 thousand euro (300,000 lei) in the form of allowances for minor children, as well as 35,000 euros (700,000 lei) from the sale of a Mercedes S350.

Andrei Năstase reports 2 plots, a house in town Codru, a flat and several immovable properties received as inheritance in Mandreşti village, Teleneşti district. He reports a car, a Nissan Maxima, manufactured in 2004 and bought in 2005.

Alexandru Jizdan. Photo:

Constituency Nb.34 - Anenii Noi: Alexandru Jizdan, PDM. According to the profile of the Campaign For a Clean Parliament, Alexandru Jizdan graduated the "Stefan cel Mare" Police Academy in 1997, after which he started his career at the Interior Ministry.

According to the CV published on the official website of the institution, Alexandru Jizdan's first job was inspector in the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption of the General Police Inspectorate, Chisinau.

Five years later, he was promoted to the post of head of this department, a post he held for only a month. Subsequently, he was employed by the General Directorate of the Judicial Police, where he held various positions: Chief of Staff, Head of Section, Main Inspector for Emergencies.

In 2006, the PDM candidate is employed in the Operational Services Division of the Interior Ministry, which he managed in 2008-2010. From 2010 to 2014, he was head of the General Directorate for Operational Services of the Police Department. A year later, from 2015 to 2016, he served as Deputy Chief of the Intelligence and Security Service.

in January 2016, Jizdan returned to the Interior Ministry, as head of the Ministry.

Jizdan's career at the Interior Ministry has been marked by controversy. He resigned from the post of chief of the Operational Services Department of the Interior Ministry in the context of the "Padurea Domneasca" scandal. Alexandru Jizdan was suspected of forbidding the Falesti commissioner to report on the hunting incident involving several officials and which resulted in the death of a man.

In 2013, at the hearings of the parliamentary commission of inquiry instituted in this case, the politician rejected the allegations. He continued his activity at the Interior Ministry.

In 2015, when Alexandru Jizdan was nominated for the position of deputy director of SIS, RISE Moldova published several records showing that the suspended minister was a close friend of Renato Usatii, leader of Partidul Nostru. Renato Usatii said in a discussion with investigative journalists that he had paid Alexandru Jizdan for certain services. The recordings date back to June 2013 and were made public during the investigation into the documentary film "Legal Killer". Other details from the biography of Alexandru Jizdan, read here.

According to Alexandru Jizdan's statement on property sent to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), in 2017-2018, the politician had a salary of 604,000 lei and a pension of over 160,000 lei. His wife received a salary of 186,000 lei. Jizdan family owns two plots, a 331-square-meter house in the Codru suburb of Chisinau, which was put into use in 2015. The value of the house, indicated by Alexandru Jizdan, is over one million lei.

This article was written in the framework of the project “Promoting an informed and conscious vote in the parliamentary elections through a monitoring and information campaign "For a Clean Parliament 2018", implemented by ADEPT, API, CAPC and CIJM with the financial support of the Soros Foundation Moldova / Good Governance Department. The activities undertaken within the project are the responsibility of the implementers and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the Soros-Moldova Foundation.

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