Nicolae Timofti rejects candidacy of Vlad Plahotniuc for the post of PM
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The president of the state Nicolae Timofti rejects the candidacy of Vladimir Plahotniuc proposed by PD for the post of PM, writes a press release of the Presidency. “Making use of his constitutional right to assess the qualities, competence, experience and capacity of the candidate for premiership, the head of state informs the parliamentary majority and the public opinion about his decision to reject the candidacy of Vlad Plahotniuc for the post of PM”, writes the press release.

The President Timofti explains that he took his decision based on the Constitution’s provisions and the Constitutional Court’s decision of April 22, 2013, which stipulates that “any political mandate must be based on high integrity standards and the appointment of persons suspected of lacking integrity to administrative posts is against the rule of law principles”.

“The head of state considers that there are reasonable suspicions that Vlad Plahotniuc does not meet the integrity criteria required for being named as Prime Minister, given also the fact that by Parliament Decision No.5 dated 15.02.2013 published in the Official Gazette, a no-confidence vote was given to Vlad Plahotniuc as First Deputy Speaker, he being accused of involvement in illegal activities that can affect the image of Parliament and of  the Republic of Moldova", runs the press release.

President Nicolae Timofti suggests that the parliamentary majority finds another candidate for the office of prime minister, able to meet the above-mentioned integrity criteria. Nicolae Timofti proposed identifying another candidate for premiership by January 14, 12 noon.

A few weeks ago, the president Nicolae Timofti refused to designate Vlad Plahotniuc for the post of PM. In a previous press release, the Presidency hinted that the president Nicolae Timofti is pressed to appoint Vlad Plahotniuc as PM of the Republic of Moldova. The President designated Ion Sturza for the post of PM. The government program proposed by the businessman, who set his living in Romania, was not discussed in Parliament for lack of quorum.

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