POLL//Grigorii Uzun, the favorite of the Gagauz people for the position of bashkan

Tatiana Gherța
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Grigorii Uzun, the independent candidate for the position of bashkan of UTA Gagauz-YERI, supported by the Socialist Party and the former president, Igor Dodon, leads the preferences of voters in Gagauzia. 15.1% of voters (or 20.5% of those who decided) would vote for him. Uzun is followed in the ranking by the candidate of the Shor party, Evghenia Guțul, for whom 13.5% of voters would vote (18.3% of those who decided). The data were collected and processed in an opinion survey initiated by the company Date Inteligente SRL. The Center for Journalistic Investigations (CIJM) presented the profiles of the 8 candidates registered and accepted in the electoral race for the post of bashkan of Gagauzia, as well as the pro-Russian messages promoted by them.

According to the poll, the next independent candidate with a good chance for the 2nd round is Dmitrii Croitor. The authors of the survey mention that "this candidate is especially supported by those who sympathize with the current Basque - Irina Vlah, although the image transfer is only a partial one, unlike the candidates Uzun and Guțul who benefit more from the image transfer from the national leaders ". 11.2% of the total sample would vote for Croitor (15.2% of those who decided).

In the list of candidates who could be in the 2nd round is also the independent candidate, Victor Petrov. 9.4% (12.7 out of deciles) would vote for it. With a lower position, more precisely with a percentage in the minus, we find Nicolae Dudoglo, he would accumulate 8.2% (11.1% of the decisions).

At the bottom of the ranking are the former bashkan, Mihail Formuzal, who would collect 7.7% (10.4% of the decided), Serghei Cimpoeș supported by a little over 6% of the respondents (8.3% of the decided) and Serghei Cernev, for whom he would only 2.6% vote (3.5% of those decided).

The authors of the survey specify that the share of those who did not mention a voting option is 26.2%, either because they have not made a decision, or because they will not vote, or because they do not want to communicate with whom they will vote.

The same source also asked respondents about their expectations for the new bashkan. More than 80% of those interviewed mentioned that they wish you:

-Improving the quality of medical services (84%);

-Increasing salaries and pensions (82%);

-Road repair (81%);

-Protection of the Gagauz language and culture (81%).

Among the preferences of 38% of Gagauzians is the construction of an airport in Comrat, as well as the construction of factories and plants (63%).

The survey is part of the project "Socio-political analysis of the population of the Republic of Moldova in the context of the 2023 local elections", initiated by Data Inteligente SRL with funding from its own sources. The authors did not mention the sample and the period in which the survey was conducted.

Tatiana Gherța

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