The MP business: who are the converts ready to vote for the PD candidate for premiership

Cei 14 deputați au făcut anunțul într-o conferință de presă. Sursa foto: Moldpres
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14 MPs quitted PCRM late last year, announcing that they no longer want to make the games of this faction.  The runners (defectors) gathered in the social-democratic Platform "For Moldova" and they had the first official meeting with Plahotniuc. He returned to politics to become the candidate of PD for the post of prime minister. All 14 MPs helped to the creation of the parliamentary majority, they are ready to vote with the controversial businessman for the office of premiership.  It is curious the fact that legislators, along with their colleagues that remained in PCRM and the Liberal Democrats, voted in February 2013 to liquidate the position of first deputy chairman of parliament, a post occupied by Plahotniuc. Also at the end of the year, former communists have asked the Constitutional Court to annul the decree of President Nicolae Timofti designating the candidacy of Ion Sturza for the seat of Prime Minister, and they did not attend the meeting where the government program proposed by him was supposed to be debated. carried out the profiles of defectors from PCRM, their ascent in politics, their businesses and property, criminal cases with the involvement of some of them or their close people.

Alexandr Bannicov

Alexandr Bannicov is one of the declared millionaires in the Parliament. In 2014, the MP had an income estimated at about 1.5 million lei. The MP is a partner in three companies with a share of 25% in each of them. Tina SRL is one of them that owns a network of shops of home appliances and crockery. Curiously, this firm is the founder of 20 other companies.

Center for Investigative Journalism wrote earlier that Betalan Company founded by Bannicov’s wife and children rents 30 hectares of land in Ghidighici Forest Fund. This land is not registered in the income and property statement of the

MP. Moldsilva database has a fixed phone number at the rubric contacts of persons who rent the woods of Ghidighici.  Employees of the company Tina answered at this phone number, not of Betalan, which Moldsilva signed the lease agreement with, according to an investigation from CIJM.

Alexandr Bannicov has been MP since 2010 and is a member of the Commission for agriculture and food industry in the Parliament. Previously, during the Government Tarlev and Grecianii, he was director of the Department of Privatization and director of the Agency for Land and Cadaster. Many years ago, the Court of Accounts found that during 2004-2006, the institution led by Bannicov has not performed an appropriate control on ensuring the integrity of the public patrimony.  Thus, the property under management amounted to 20.5 million lei on 24 November 2006, while on 2 July 2007 its value decreased to 10.8 million lei. In 2007, Alexandru Bannicov was criticized by  Vasile Tarlev because he has not performed an effective central control of land use, including agricultural land, with all forms of ownership. For these reasons, the MP was included in 2010 in the black list of candidates for the seat of MP, drawn up by the Civic Initiative for a Clean Parliament, which the Centre for Investigative Journalism is part of.

MP seems to be blackmailed with a criminal case on the name of his son, Alexandr Bannicov. In June 2014,  the 27-year old man, together with another man, were detained by employees of the Police Brigade of Special Purpose "Fulger" and prosecutors on suspicion of trafficking in narcotics. "It's a complicated case, because it's a big network of people involved. The identity of some of them yet to be determined. Alexandr Bannicov, along with other persons, has the status of the accused", said prosecutor Artur Sarcu.

 The MP owns two apartments and villa totaling over two million lei and land. He said that he has three cars worth over 300,000 lei. In the parliamentary elections of November 2014, the MP has donated 50,000 lei to the PCRM, also his father, Ivan Bannicov. In 2008, when he served as Director of the Agency for Land and Cadaster, Vladimir Voronin, the country's then president, decorated him the medal "Civic merit".

Anatolie Zagorodnii

In the parliamentary elections from 2009 and 2010, the name of Anatolie Zagorodnii was included in the list of candidates with integrity problems, made public by the Civic Initiative for a Clean Parliament (ICPC).

Zagorodnii was included in the blacklist because he used his official duties for personal or party interests. "Though the state allocated him two plots of land for construction, he got a large dwelling space in a hostel for budgetary employees who do not have housing. He helped close relatives to obtain benefits. During the 2007 local elections, he asked local authorities to provide material aid from the Reserve Fund to individuals who were not disadvantaged. MP A. Zagorodnii signed and promoted bills which were regarded by specialists as at risk of corruptibility and may harm the public interest. According to the findings of ICPC, these include the privatization of Air Moldova, Codru hotel complex, canteen of the Government and CETs (Thermo-power plants) ".

In 2009, reporters of the Center for Investigative Journalism have shown that the Communist MP Anatolie Zagorodnii has built a house in European style with four rooms and all amenities in the dormitory of the district Council Hincesti,  Street Chisinaului, 17,  with a surface of about 100 square meters. At least two or three of the 70 families of young professionals in the public sector would have lived in this house, which at that time were on the waiting lists of the district council to receive housing. District Council has allocated a plot in Hancesti for construction of the house, which the MP sold at market price. He favored relatives to get material aid from Forestry Enterprise "Hincesti-Silva".

In January 2013, communist Zagorodnii led the parliamentary committee that investigated the murder case of businessman Sorin Paciu, injured to death in the hunting in December 2012 with the participation of many public officials, close to the Democratic Party. The hunting, which MAI declared as illegal, generated conflicts between leaders of the ruling alliance and the resignation of several officials, including the Attorney General Valeriu Zubko. Since 2005, when Anatolie Zagorodnii was elected MP, he got incomes from the salary of MP.  In the property statement for 2012, Anatolie Zagorodnii declared a car Mercedes 320 with a value of 10,000 lei (about 500 dollars), value below the market price of this car.

Boris Golovin

Boris Golovin is a first-term MP, previously Deputy Minister of Health in the Government of Grecianii and municipal councilor. Boris Golovin was leader of the faction of PCRM in Chisinau Municipal Council.

In May 2010, the National Anti-Corruption Center opened a criminal case on the name of Boris Golovin. When he served as Deputy Minister of Health, he authorized the fraudulent purchase of digital radiology equipment in eight medical

institutions in Moldova. Anti-corruption officers found that the devices did not meet the parameters listed in the documents used to conclude the transaction.  The damage to the budget announced by law people was estimated at 35 million lei.

Also in February 2010, according to information of CCECC (current CNA) one more criminal case was opened to this effect, on the name of the company that supplied the equipment, S & T Mold SRL. The case was started "on the illicit acquisition of goods of another person by fraud and breach of trust to achieve radiological installations with three jobs DuoDiagnostic Digital, which harmed the budget considerably". A year later, on 24 February 2011, Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office concluded that the firm's decision makers have not committed anything that would meet the elements of an offense and ordered the suspension of criminal proceedings.

Similarly, the case against decision makers of the Health Ministry failed to produce results. Boris Golovin was initially acquitted. Subsequently, according to an informative note of the National Anti-Corruption Center on 30 November 2011 by an ordinance of the prosecutor, it was ordered "suspension of prosecution on the case, as the accused was not identified". Legal experts argue that such reasons may be invoked to suspend the criminal prosecution only if the person suspected of the offense died.

Currently, the MP is professor at the National College of Medicine and Pharmacy and at the University of Medicine and Pharmaceutics „Nicolae Testemiţanu”. Also, he leads the Diabetic Association „Prodiab”.  When he served as municipal councilor, Boris Golovin was criticized and accused that he orchestrated the reform in hospitals in municipality Chisinau and he has some personal interests to merging some hospitals in Chisinau. His faction voted several times decisions in conflicts of interests, by which the Diabetic Association got a facility on  str. Vlaicu Parcalab, 55 (former building of the radio station Antena C), and facilities on str. Vasile Alecsandri 103 lit. A (basement, 1 floor). Also, Boris Golovin favored the setup of the Municipal Diabetes Care Center based on the enlarged hospital „Sf. Arhanghel Mihail”. The faction led by Boris Golovin allied several times with PL when they made transactions, such as allocation of the facility on str. N. Iorga, 15 for the central office of PL and for the Communist Party to privatize the plot afferent to the central office from str. N. Iorga, 11. Councilors from PLDM claimed that by these decisions, they committed a raider attack over the municipal property. CNA and the Anti-corruption Prosecution announced that they started criminal cases, but their evolution is not known yet.

At the end of 2015, Boris Golovin was elected, following a contest with just one competitor, organized by the Ministry of Health,  for the seat of director of the National Center for Prehospital Emergency Medicine.  The creation of the new institution in July 2015 as part of reforming the Emergency Service of Moldova was criticized by independent experts in health care policy. Boris Golovin will replace a member of the Democratic Party, Iurie Crasiuc who served as interim of this post until the Center was opened. This is the only institution in the country that takes over and manages medical emergency calls.

In 2008, Golovin was decorated by President Voronin the medal "Civic Merit" for merits in development of healthcare, contribution to improving the curative and prophylactic process and prodigious organizational methodical activity. Boris Golovin says he owns an apartment in Chisinau, a garage and a villa in Rezina, and two plots. He has a car Volkswagen Sharan 2008 and banking accounts with over 190,000 lei and 1,000 euros. He is partner in the company with dental profile Amdent-BV SRL. In the last two years (2013-2014),  the income of the MP was estimated at 124,000 lei. In the 2014 election campaign, Boris Golovin donated 27,000 lei, according to the financial report of the Communist Party.

Anatolie Gorila

Anatolie Gorila is one of the MPs who officially has enriched when he got the mandate of MP. In recent years, he has bought a villa, an apartment and two cars. Anatolie Gorila ran for the first time in parliamentary elections on the list of PCRM in elections on April 5, 2009, he was No. 42 on the list. In that period, he was district councilor in Cahul having previously served as deputy director of the Border Service. In the elections from July 2009, he was  No.53 and in early elections in 2010 has climbed to No. 25 on the list. In 2014, he moved to No. 17 on the electoral list of the Communist Party.


In the income statement for 2014, the MP showed that together with his wife, they have an annual income of about 470,000 lei, money from salaries, bank deposits and awards. In addition to salary, Anatolie Gorila has a monthly pension of 8,000 lei from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The income statements show that most of investments in movable and immovable property were made by MP in 2012-2013. Thus, in 2012, the family got a car and an apartment. A year later, in 2013, Anatolie Gorila has bought a villa with a surface of 56 square meters, a plot and another car.

Thus, at present, family Gorila has 2 apartments, a villa and a plot of land with a surface of 0, 0678 hectares. Except this, the MP has 2 cars- a BMW 2002 and a Mitsubishi Pagero 2007. Anatolie Gorila bought the car BMW in 2012 at the price of 100.000 lei and a car Mitsubishi in 2013 at the price of 5.000 lei, though the market price is some thousands of euros.

When he entered politics, the MP indicated an income of 96,000 lei, money from the salary of district councilor, bank deposits and pension. In 2010, the family had a two-room apartment with an area of 80 square meters, estimated at 400,000 lei. The statements made in the following years show that Anatolie Gorila had an apartment in Chisinau, purchased in 2008.

Though, according to the income statement, he owns 2 apartments and a villa, Anatolie Gorila is one of the 49 MPs who demanded in 2013„examination of the possibility to identify a plot to build a construction for ensuring the MPs with housing ”. Together with other party MPs, Anatolie Gorila initiated the draft decision on celebrating the 655 anniversary since the Moldovan State set up, a project that was rejected by the parliamentary majority. Also, together with other MPs, they submitted many censure motions for the Ministry of Education, headed by Maia Sandu and for the Ministry of the Interior. Together with other colleagues from the Communist Party, he demanded the resignation of the Government Strelet.

Igor Vremea

Igor Vremea ran for the first time in the elections from April 5, 2009 and was No. 27 on the list. In the elections from July 2009, he was No. 21 on the list and in the elections from 2010- No. 45 on the list. Under the electoral run from


November 2014, he was included in the list with number 14. He was presidential adviser on legal issues of the Republic of Moldova in the period of the communist leadership. In the Executive, he was deputy chairman of the Legal Committee for appointments and immunities, then Chairman of the Commission for National Security, Defense and Public Order. For several months, he was a member of the Central Election Commission.

In his income statements for 2011-2012, Igor Vremea shows his salary of MP and from didactic activity (304.000 de lei), the salary of his wife  (about  55.000 lei), and some properties. In the period 2013-2014, total incomes of the family constituted over 600.000 de lei. The MP has a car Nisan X Trail estimated at 12.500 euro, purchased before he came in the Parliament–in 2007. Also, the statement shows a house under construction with a surface of 198 square meters and a plot of 4 acres purchased in 2004. In  the statement for 2014, Igor Vremea showed that he took a credit in lei which he was supposed to pay back within a year.  The name of Igor Vremea was on the list filed by Parliament to Chisinau City Hall, wherein he demanded a plot of land for building a construction for the MPs.

Corneliu Mihalache

Corneliu Mihalache is suspected of political partisanship favoring the Communist Party throughout all his activity. He is a political analyst, but over the years he has led various media outlets close to communists. He was editor of the newspaper "Puls" that was considered the press structure of the Communist Youth Union of Moldova. In 2006, at the age of 34, Mihalache is elected president of the Broadcasting Coordinating Council, by a vote of six out of nine members of BCC. The press wrote that Mihalache had to renounce on membership of the Communist Party. In less than a year, he was dismissed by his colleagues on charges of concealed official information and political statements in favor of PCRM. He remained a member of the BCC by November 2012. In autumn 2010, Mihalache was part of the Coalition for Civic Control, close to the Communist Party and was a clone of the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections. Mihalache is suspected that in all six years, when he was a member of BCC, he made political partisanship, voted decisions with interest and  at the end of the mandate he was about to be sacked for political statements, but the initiative launched by a liberal MP was not accepted in the Parliament.

Photo: Radio Chişinău

Corneliu Mihalache has been editor in chief of the newspaper “Nezavisimaia Moldova” before he became MP after the elections from November 2014.  In the income statement filed to the Central Election Commission, he showed that over the last 2 years he received a salary estimated at over 111.000  lei. He sold a plot at the price of 80.000 lei. He received unemployment benefit- over 10.000  lei. One year ago, Mihalache confirmed for Clean Moldova that he was unemployed for some months- after he quitted BCC and until he was employed at „Nezavisimaia Moldova”. In the statement filed to the CEC, he hid the fact that he has a house and bank assets. These appear in the declaration submitted at the validation of the mandate of MP. He shows a salary of 14.000 lei from „Nezavisimaia Moldova”, an unemployment benefit from CTAS Ciocana estimated at over 12.600 lei and a unique indemnity from BCC estimated at 4.900 lei, as well as a house in municipality Chisinau with a surface of 71, 1 square meters that was bought in 2010 and is owned as private property in 2 shares, with a cadastral value of 979, 2 lei each. Close sources to Mihalache say that he has a house in town Vadul-lui-Voda as his resident visa is registered in this town. The same statement shows symbolic banking assets of 10 dollars, 3 or 53 lei as of 2007.

The property statement for 2014 covers the income of his wife- an annual salary of 8.165 lei from the Division for children’s rights protection in district Rascani of the capital and his salary of MP estimated at over 40.000 lei. Mihalache also showed banking credit estimated at 6.799 lei, with an interest of 12% that expires in May 2015.  In all property statements, Mihalache reports that he does not have a car.  Though his incomes seem to be modest, Mihalache is among the sponsors in the PCRM campaign for local elections from June 2015. He donated 10.000 lei, shows the financial report of the faction.

As for the parliamentary activity, Mihalache showed a passive participation. In a meeting, he was caught by a photographer that he was playing a mobile game Clash of Clans, instead of participating in debates, as well as an exchange of retorts during the election of the BCC members, with the socialist Vlad Batrincea, who accused Mihalache that he became the lawyer of the dictators, and when he quitted PCRM and joined the Social-Democratic Platform „For Moldova”. So far, Mihalache has initiated 8 legislative projects, including the censure Motion to dismiss Strelet Government.

Galina Balmos


Galina Balmos was elected MP of PCRM in 2005 and she was appointed Secretary of the Legal Committee for appointments and immunities. Currently, she is a member of the Commission on Human Rights and Inter-ethnic Relations. She is former Romanian language teacher at a high school in Straseni. In 2007-2009, she was Minister of Social Protection, Family and Child in cabinets Vasile Tarlev 2 and Zinaida Greceanii.

Galina Balmos owned a 2 room flat in town Straseni by 2010. She reported in 2013 an apartment with a surface of 67 square meters, bought one year earlier and a Toyota Corolla 2005, which he drives by bailment from the same year. In 2014, Balmos got about 290.000 lei from the activity of MP and owns a banking account. In a report of the Center for Investigative Journalism, the reporters revealed that during the election campaign for the parliamentary elections dated November 2014, Balmos donated a sum of 30.000 lei to PCRM.

Sergiu Stati

Doctor of History and former Ambassador Sergiu Stati is MP of the Communist Party since 2010 and Vice President of the  Commission for Foreign Policy and European

integration. Previously, he was MP in the Legislature 2005-2009, as well as representative of PCRM, and in 2008, Vladimir Voronin, the then president, employed him as political advisor. In 2006-2008, he was Moldovan ambassador to Ukraine, and in May-November 2009 he was ambassador to Turkey. From 2005 to 2007, he was a member of the Moldovan Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

On May 30 2013, under the parliamentary meeting to elect the President of the Legislative, Stati was fielded as a candidate of the Communist faction, while the Democratic Party faction had proposed Igor Corman. In 2010, he was a candidate for MP and he was confident that he would remain in the team of PCRM. "I have a very clear position.  I was and  I will remain in the team of the Communist Party, which is a great team", said the MP for

Over the years, Stati included in his property statements just an apartment with a surface of 50 square meters in Chisinau that was bought in 1997 and has a cadastral value of almost 278.000 lei.  In his statements, the income from the activity of MP increased slowly up to 226.653 lei in 2014. Otherwise, Stati was regarded by press as the poorest MP in the Parliament.

Elena Gudumac

Elena Gudumac was born in Glodeni and is a teacher by profession. Previously, she was manager in the field of public administration, former assistant of an MP and prime-secretary of the district Committee of PCRM in Glodeni. She is MP, after in February 2015, Ion Tomai renounced on the mandate and activates as president of the district Ocnita. If we compare the income and interest statements submitted previously at the Central Election Commission to the recent statements filed at the National Integrity Commission, we find out that Elena Gudumac has considerably increased her property and forgot to report on some details. In the statement for 2008-2009, filed at the CEC before the parliamentary elections in 2010, Elena reports just one house in Glodeni and one car Toyota Avensis  2004, in the next declaration for 2012 submitted to CNI, the MP showed 6 plots, all of them registered on the name of Oleg Gudumac-  2 built-up areas, purchased in 1990 and 2011.


Year 2011 was profitable for family Gudumac.  Thus, except the built-up area, in 2011, based on donation agreements, couple Gudumac received other plots with a cadastral value of about 30.000 lei and a house with a surface of 82,7 square meters estimated at 28.000 lei. Also, the statement for 2012 covers a facility of 18 square meters with a cadastral value of 10.000 lei, bought in 1990 which Elena Gudumac forgot to include in the previous income statement.  The income declaration does not report about the car Toyota Avensis, included in the previous declaration, without showing eventual incomes from selling it. The income statement for 2012 includes another car, Volkswagen Passat, purchased in 2011 at the price of 81.000 lei. As for incomes, in 2012, family Gudumac received about 45 thousands lei from their jobs.

The incomes have doubled in 2013 when couple Gudumac received from their jobs a cumulative sum of 100.000 lei and a sum of 50.000 lei, received by Elena Gudumac from the district Council Glodeni-indemnity of councilor and from the State Chancellor’s Office- based on the decision of the court, as compensation for forced labor. A new car was reported. The old car and eventual incomes from the car sale are not reported in the statement. Thus, the property statement for 2013 covers a car  Mitsubishi Outlander 2007, purchased in 2013 at the price of 97.000 lei, the salaries of couple Gudumac for a year.

In the declaration submitted to CEC before the parliamentary elections in 2014, Elena Gudumac reported incomes from salaries from the last 2 years estimated at 110.000 lei, a house, a garage and a plot. Also, the MP says that she owns a car Mitsubishi Outlander 2008, not 2007 like in the previous declaration. In the income statement from 2014, handed to CNI, Elena Gudumac shows the same car, from 2010 and the year of owning it- 2014, though this car is included in the 2013 income statement. This time, the sum used to purchase this car is 135.000 lei – though in 2014, couple Gudumac had total incomes estimated at only 112.000  lei.

Elena Gudumac’a husband, Oleg Gudumac, founded in 1994, the individual enterprise “Ovidiu Gudumac” specialized in trade. This company is not included in the income and interest statements of the MP. Though it was liquidated on July 30, 2015, the company was still subject to declaration when the statements were completed. Another company, Licorent-Agro SRL, where Oleg Gudumac works as Agronomist consultant, won two tenders organized by schools in the districts Riscani and Drochia, worth 110,000 lei, for supply of sunflower seeds.

Petru Porcescu

Petru Porcescu is a cadastral engineer and he studied at the Agricultural Institute in the town Lvov, Ukraine. He became MP after he ran in the parliamentary elections in November 2014 with the No. 13 on the list of PCRM. In fact, Porcescu was up for MP in 2009, then in 2010 and was registered with No. 44 on the electoral list of PCRM. Then, Porcescu renounced on his mandate in favor of the office of deputy-chairman of district Straseni.


The most controversial information about the activity of Porcescu relate the period when he was director of Tutun-CTC, which he served as of March 2002. Though he managed this complex for less than a year, Petru Porcescu built a house in the town Straseni. Jurnal de Chisinau said that some of his employees worked to build the house. Over this period of time, Porcescu received a salary estimated at 52.000 lei. This is the reason why Petru Porcescu was included in a report of the Court of Accounts, as he received an unjustified salary, contrary to the Regulation on salary payment of heads of state enterprises. 

Porcescu was dismissed from Tutun-CTC on February 10 2003 because the enterprise registered enormous losses.  Ten days before the dismissal, Petru Porcescu organized a great party on the occasion of his 50 year jubilee and the head of the Trade Unionists from Tutun-CTC  gave him the keys from a three room flat in the capital. This in conditions when the shareholders did not get their dividends and the workers did not receive their salaries.

Moreover, Petru Popescu was named Businessman of the Year 2002. Vladimir Voronin, the then president employed Petru Porcescu  as prefect of Chisinau, which he served before he returned to districts. Later, Petru Porcescu  worked in Straseni District Council. However, Vladimir Voronin did not forget the "merits" of Porcescu and in 2008 he decorated him with the medal "Civic Merit" "for prodigious work in the agro-industrial complex and in structures of local public administration and contribution to socio-economic development of the district Straseni".

According to the income statement, Petru Porcescu  gets salary and pension. In his income statement for 2009, he showed an annual income of  93.000 lei from salary. Also, he reported 2 apartments in Chisinau, one with a surface of 87 square meters and another one with a surface of 21 square meters, 2 cars and a plot of 6 acre in town Straseni. In 2014, Petru Porcescu showed the same income estimated at 93.000 lei, a pension of 72.000 lei and two apartments in Chisinau. The MP declared just one car from 2 and one small tractor. The MP said that in 2014, he purchased a plot with a surface of 10 acres and he opened a bank account with a sum of 111.000 lei. Though the press wrote that he owns a house in Straseni, this is not included in the property statement.

In 2015, MP Porcescu is co-author of ten legislative initiatives, 4 of them refer to the agricultural system. The former deputy chairman of the district Straseni, who became an MP, exempted from customs fees two imported water treatment plants under the project „Construction of the water treatment plant at the summer camp for children «Codru», Special school and the hostel in district Straseni ”. Petru Porcescu is one of the official sponsors of PCRM in the electoral run from 2014 and he donated 20.000 lei.

Victor Mindru

Political ascension of Victor Mindru started in 2001 when he became MP of PCRM. He was born in village Boscana, district Criuleni. In 1981, he graduates the faculty of electro physics of the Technical University in Chisinau and he has been working for 19 years at the factory „Signal” in the capital. He was promoted for the seat of deputy-director. Victor Mindru was an active member of PCRM and in 2004,   he is elected member of the Central Committee (CC) of PCRM, in 2008- Executive Secretary of CC PCRM and in 2007, he was appointed head of the Central Committee Apparatus of PCRM.

Victor Mindru served many important public offices. In 2001, he was appointed first deputy chairman of the National House of Social Insurance and in 2003; he was elected head of the Territorial Office Chisinau of the State Chancellor’s

Office where he has been working for 2 years. In the 2005 parliamentary elections, he was included with the number 42 on the list of PCRM, but he served his mandate for some months and he was elected deputy minister of Health and Social Protection.  In 2009, Victor Mindru is elected again MP in PCRM. Also, in the same year, President Vladimir Voronin awards him the order „Labor Glory”.

In the parliamentary elections from 2014, Victor Mindru is the 12th candidate on the list of the PCRM. Mindru is fielded as member of the Parliamentary Commission for agriculture and food industry and member of the Delegation of EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee. As of 2011, the MP Victor Mindru is author of 38 legislative initiatives, of them 6 censure motions over the Government, many simple censure motions over some ministers, including the former minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta and former Minister of Education, Maia Sandu.

The parliamentary activity had a positive impact on the financial situation of the MP. Victor Mindru reported in his property statement for 2009, 2 apartments in Chisinau with a surface of 72, 3 and 81, 2 square meters respectively, a plot of 12 acres in the sector of villas in village Varnita, district Anenii Noi, a garage with a surface of 12 square meters and a car Volga 1981. Mindru also showed that he owns a SRL Proiect-09, that did not activate in that period. In the 2014 income statement, Victor Mindru showed again 2 apartments in municipality Chisinau, one with a total surface of 72 square meters and another one of 71 square meters, whose cadastral value is 17.000 lei and 33.000 lei respectively. The car Volga was not included in the income statement of Mindru, but he shows that he owns a car Citroen, purchased in 1999 and a car Toyota, which he bought in 2011 at the price of 10.000 euros. Victor Mindru declared some bank accounts:  in  2009 -  10.000 dollars, in 2010 -  100.000  lei, 2011 -  100.000  lei,  and in 2012- 2 bank accounts of 100.000  lei  and 5.000 lei respectively. As for incomes, Victor Mindru shows the salary of MP worth 205.876 lei, his wife’s salary - 5.425  lei, pension worth 18.300  lei and incomes from bank deposits estimated at 27.000 lei and 500 dollars. Victor Mindru donated 4.500 lei to PCRM in the local elections in 2015.

Violeta Ivanov

Violeta Ivanov was president of faction of PCRM. She studied environment, protection and rational use of water resources. In 2008, she was appointed Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, based on a decree of Vladimir Voronin. For the activity at the Ministry, the former minister was included in 2010 in the black list compiled by the Civic Initiative for a Clean Environment.  Violeta Ivanov favored mayoralties led by representatives of communists at distribution of money from the National Ecological Fund to the disadvantage of other localities.

Before she was elected MP, the former Minister declared that between January 1 2007 – 31 December 2008 she received an income worth 182.109  lei. Also, Violeta Ivanov owns, as personal property, an apartment with a surface of 76 square meters, a house in municipality Chisinau and a vehicle BMW1999. 

She came in the Parliament in 2009 and led the Commission for environment and climate changes. Currently, she is member of the Commission of foreign policy and European Integration. According to recent income statements, Violeta Ivanov owns the same house with a surface of 66, 8 square meters based on donation agreement and an apartment with a surface of over 70 square meters with a cadastral value of 374.000 lei, which she bought in 1995. Also, the MP owns a plot for construction of 571 square meters purchased in 2010. Actually, according to the same document, in 2014, the family of Violeta Ivanov started the construction of a new house. The MP reported that she owns 2 motorbikes BMW, 1999 and 2008, a car BMW 2007 which she uses by bailment.

If we believe the income statements, Violeta Ivanov is the only one who maintains the whole family. In 2014, the MP received a salary worth 170.000 lei, while her husband received only 42.000  lei. Serghei Ivanov is employed at an individual enterprise– „Ionel Ivanov” – that manages a parking on str. Valea Crucii, Botanica district.  „It is the only job he has. Stop with all your aberrations”, answered the MP when we asked her how she manages to maintain her family. Based on a decision of the State Fiscal Service in 2003, this company was exempted from VAT. Also, Raisa Spinovschi, former MP in PCRM was accountant at the Individual Enterprise “Ionel Ivanov” in the period 2001-2002.

Artur Resetnicov

Artur Resetnicov has always been one of the closer people to the chairman of PCRM, Vladimir Voronin. He graduated the Faculty of Law of the Moldova State University, then he was a professor at this institution and lawyer. In November 2007, based on the vote of communist and Cristian-democratic MPs, Artur Resetnicov was appointed director of the Service of Information and Security (SIS) for a period of 5 years. Like other his colleagues, he was included in the black list of the candidates for the office of MP compiled by the civic initiative ICPC.

“In 2010, the leadership of the SIS issued a press release running that during the activity of the former director of SIS, Artur Resetnicov ordered to liquidate a part of the operative information on the events from April 7 2009 and this is an

obstacle for exhaustive assessment of the activity of SIS during the events. These documents made impossible to find out the truth about the people charged for the serious violations of human rights committed during the violent actions in April 2009 ”,  shows the release of ICPC.

According to the information from the same release, Artur Resetnicov is included in the list issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Iurie Leanca to former officials from leadership of PCRM who has not returned the diplomatic passport after they quitted their offices, and this is a violation of the law.

Artur Resetnicov has been MP as of 2010 and was member of the Commission of national security, defense and public order. Officially, he can be considered one of the richest MPs. In 2014, he raised a salary estimated at 150.000 lei from the activity of MP and his wife Ala Resetnicov, who is a notary, received over 900.000 lei. Ala Resetnicov gained 260.000 lei based on a leasing agreement.

Family Resetnicov owns a plot for construction with a surface of 615 acres, a house with a surface of 189 square meters with a cadastral value of over 600.000 lei, and an apartment with a surface of over 100 square meters, with a cadastral value of 600.000  lei. Also, the family Resetnicov owns 2 facilities with a total surface of over 100 square meters and with a cadastral value of over 2 million lei. Artur and Ala Resetnicov have a car Land Rover Freelander 2, estimated at over half of million lei. Ala Resetnicov  is a partner with a share of 50%  at company Cansur-Com SRL and she owns a tourism agency.

In November 2010, Artur Resetnicov was aggressed by an unknown group. "I was kidnapped in the city center, beaten, got in the car and handcuffed. They tortured me to give compromising information about Vladimir Voronin. They left me blindfold in the street ", said Reshetnikov in the hospital. While he was hospitalized in serious condition, the finality of the criminal case is not known.

Vladimir Vitiuc

Vladimir Vitiuc, economist by profession, is MP since 2005. In 2015, he was elected deputy chairman of the Legislative. According to the income statement for 2014, the MP  is a partner in 2 companies, SRL „Aurant” (99%) and SRL „Solar Engineering” (10%), and owns 3 cars: 2 cars Mercedes and one BMW. At  SRL „Aurant”, Vladimir Vitiuc is partner with his wife Iana and the company is headed by Igor Vitiuc’ nephew. According to the statement, family Vitiuc does not own any apartment, though SRL „Aurant”, founded by couple Vitiuc, is registered on str. Fiodor Dostoievski no. 2, its official office.

Also, according to the information provided by the representatives of the National Integrity Commission (CNI) the officials are not forced to declare the goods owned by a declared company. Also, the law does not oblige Vladimir Vitiuc to declare the income of his relatives, of nephew Igor Vitiuc who manages the company SRL “Aurant” and he is founder of other 4 companies, which residents of Balti say that these companies are owned by the MP: „Dastilius”, that owns the Club Platinum in Balti, „Germes Nord”, that on its turn owns Radio 7, „Dialog-Media” and „V.V.V Comerţ Service”, that manages the publication

Vladimir Vitiuc is in the black list of ICPC. „In the period 2004-2007, the territorial organization Balti of PCRM headed by V. Vitiuc, used offices from public property without paying for the leasing. The candidate is the author and initiator of many draft laws sensitive to corruption, which according to the Center for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption, contravene to other current laws, are against public interests and promote dubious privatizations”, reports the release of ICPC. In 2011, Vladimir Vitiuc sued to court the independent newspaper from Balti ESP and demanded a prejudice estimated at 1,5 million lei as this newspaper harmed his dignity and honor when it published stories related to his activity and businesses when he was not candidate on the lists of PCRM.

MPs included in 2010 in the black list, compiled by the Civic Initiative for a Clean Parliament

This investigation was carried out within the Campaign "Journalists for Transparency in Public Funds Management" organized by the Center for Investigative Journalism, with the support of the Good Governance Program of Soros Foundation Moldova. The financing institution does not influence in any way the subject and content of published investigations.

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